Week 1 Impressions

Who knew they made flags that big?

The Bills wrecked last year’s AFC West champs with Ryan Fitzpatrick channeling his inner Dan Marino throwing four touchdown passes, the Giants fans were treated to a number of awesome Manning faces, the Jets stunned the Cowboys in the Meadowlands and the Patriots take their talents to South Beach to highlight a weekend of action for the Northeast football teams.

Buffalo Bills 41 Chiefs 7

Erik- Most surprising game of the week by far.

Phil- I thought you’d be more surprised about the Ravens just annihilating the Steelers who you have so fervently supported. I believe an apology is in order.

Erik- I may have to withdraw my dissent from last week’s power ranking. However, I refuse to apologize. Quickly moving on. How about the Bills. Ryan Fitzpatrick had a great game throwing four touchdowns. Although Chiefs safety Eric Berry was injured and is likely out for the season, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, weakening the Chiefs secondary. So were the Bills really this good or are the Chiefs this bad?

Phil- Did Schefter then point out that the Cheifs will obviously need help in the secondary in his award winning commentary? No one else is thinking that, where does he come up with that?

Ryan Fitzpatrick is on pace for 48 touchdown passes this season. Wait what? (Pete Aiken/ Getty Images)

I think the Chiefs are that bad. The Bills don’t go from horrendous last year to posting 40 point victories against legitimate playoff teams. The Patriots do that minus the being horrendous the year before.  I think the rib injury was really affecting Cassel, he underthrew on a lot of throws, especially trying to get it downfield to Dwayne Bowe. I’m sure many fantasy owners were super excited about Bowe’s 2 reception 17 yard performance. I know I was.

The Bills do deserve some credit. The defense did a good job taking away the run (Jamaal Charles fantasy owners can nod in agreement here) and forcing Cassel to make plays with the banged up ribs. The Bills offense was also really aggressive running a number of five wide receiver sets, which is surprising considering I don’t think the Bills actually have five wide receivers. I think coach Chan Gailey is showing a lot of confidence in Fitzpatrick running those sets. Fred Jackson also added balance and the Bills showed that they are at least going to be tough this season.

Erik- Tough enough to challenge for a playoff spot?

Phil- Well let’s not get ridiculous only two teams are making the playoffs out of the Northeast, because your Giants looked god awful.

Washington Redskin 28 Giants 14

Erik- The defense and secondary looked porous as expected. I mean when Rex Grossman is dissecting your defense like he was you know something is wrong. Like I said expected with the injuries.

What I wasn’t expecting was how terrible the offense was. As far as controlling the football that didn’t happen and we didn’t commit to the running game. I think there are two issues here that aren’t being addressed. It’s a lot easier to just say ‘Oh it’s just injuries’ (Looking at you ESPN) First off the offensive line. There was a lot of shuffling around last season. It was pretty much if you had pads you could play on the line. So there’s no familiarity there. The second thing, which I’ve been screaming for years, is that Kevin Gilbride is one of the worst play callers in the NFL. There’s no excitement in the play calls considering our talent. If he throws on first he’s

I guess Coughlin didn't pick up Rex Grossman in fantasy this week

throwing on second and third as well. The Giants aren’t getting manageable third downs and sustaining drives and I will leave it at that.

Phil- So Eli Manning yesterday would you say cemented himself as in a league of his own or still down with the mortals like Tom Brady?

Erik- He played a heck of a lot better than Brady did yesterday.

Phil- I don’t know I heard there was a mean game of table football on the plane down to Miami and we all know Brady is a beast at that, or at least he will be now that I started this rumor.

Erik- We would be remiss not to mention the great job the NFL did in honoring the victims of 9/11. The Jets did so by treating a national audience to what was perhaps the best game of the week. How you feeling about my Super Bowl pick Gang Green now?

New York Jets 27 Dallas Cowboys 24

Phil- Relax, the Cowboys practically asked the Jets to win and they were barely able to. That fourth quarter was just each team fighting over who gets to lose. I think all the time on the Golf Network has made Romo forget that the winner has the most points not the least.

Erik- One thing I didn’t like about the Jets was zero running game. You don’t have a top tier quarterback, no offense Mr. Sanchez, and you have a good running back. The team had 16 attempts for 45 yards for a team that ran it almost too much last year. In the end they looked smart after my man Plax dominated in the second half.  I was happy to see him back and it was déjà vu when he caught that back shoulder touchdown pass. Like I said in our NFL preview he is going to be a prominent part of this offense especially in the red zone.

Phil- Despite his success on the field he continues to have trouble off the field. What is up with that visor? Visors were cool when I was eight and kids wore them backwards and upside down. He wears it almost completely flat and cocked way over to the side. He looks like a rapper that couldn’t make it in 1994. Is he serious with that? That has always bothered me.

Erik was glad to see Plaxico back.Phil is still perplexed by his off field headgear selection.

Erik- Never really noticed that. I’m not David Stern I don’t worry about what players wear off the field. So Patriots play at Miami tonight I’m thinking Patriots pull it out by a field goal what about you?

Phil- I’m thinking if it isn’t 56-0 by halftime the Patriots sat Brady for the first half. Patriots in a blowout.

Erik- We’ll see you also thought Kansas City would roll over Buffalo instead of just rolling over like they did.

Phil- Says the guy who still thinks the Steelers are a Top 5 team.


3 thoughts on “Week 1 Impressions

  1. tyler perrillo says:

    This is awesome. I was actually yelling at the T.V. at the top of my lungs because of the lack of rushing attempts by the Jets. That’s our game!!! Luckily good ole’ dependable Tony “Chokemaster” Romo saved the day with that fumble and perfect completion to Revis Island.

    Keep up the good work, I am thoroughly entertained at work.

  2. Very nice. I do disagree the the Chiefs were just that bad and thats the only reason the Bills won. But other than that you guys rock so far. Keep it up

  3. John Geller says:

    All I can say about the Giants game is…KAREEM MCKENZIE!! If he makes that block and stops the guy from raising his arms, the game is pretty much over in my opinion. Defense needs to improve mightily as well.

    Also, good for the bills. The excitement will probably not last much longer so fans of the team should enjoy the solid victory for one week at least lol.

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