First Ever “Like a Boss” Award

Every week here at SeeYouInOctober our editorial staff will be selecting our ‘Like a Boss’ award for the NFL.

This week’s candidates both come from the AFC East.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick: The quarter back for the Buffalo Bills commanded the offense on Sunday to a 41-7 blowout of the Kansas City Chiefs on the road. Fitzy threw for 208 yards and four touch downs while completing 68% of his passes. By the way, he watched the fourth quarter from the sidelines.

2. Tom Brady: Mr. Brady set a Monday Night Football and Patriots franchise record throwing for 517 yards including a 99 yard score to Wes Welker. He threw for three more touch downs, but saw his streak of 358 regular season passes snapped on a screen attempt in the third quarter.

And the award goes to…

Mr. Brady! While our hearts were with Fitzy, it’s tough to compete with a historically great performance in the national spotlight. Plus

did you see the way Mr. Brady looked in the pocket? Gisele is one lucky lady. I’m not going to say that Brady played as well as he did

because he wanted this award and he knew Fitzy had it but I’m not going to say that he didn’t. I’m also not going to say that this award means as much to him as his two NFL MVPs or the Super Bowl MVP but then again who am I to make that decisi

Think we got it wrong? Did somebody else deserve a nomination? Let us know on Twitter @seeuinoctober or in the comments.

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