Big win for Big Blue

Victor Cruz. No puns.

The New York Football Giants went into Lincoln Financial Stadium yesterday as 8 point road dogs and left victorious. Eli Manning threw four touch downs and made Nnamdi Asomugha, this offseason’s belle of the free agent ball, look like he would have to compete for a starting job on the Giants beleaguered secondary. For the G-men Victor Cruz moved from his position at slot receiver to an outside receiver and had a huge game with 2 TDs and more than 100 yards including a nice contested catch over the aforementioned Asomugha. Ahmad “Son of Terry” Bradshaw had a big day with 86 yards on the ground and 53 through the air including a touch down reception. The run sets up the pass in the NFL and it worked to perfection yesterday as Manning completed 70% of his passes and almost made me forget the ducks he threw against the Rams last week.

Defensively they pushed around the Eagles’ offensive line and made Vick extremely uncomfortable inside and outside the pocket. The Giants pass rush? JPP is tied for the league lead with 4.5 sacks. The key to this victory was tackling. The Eagles can lay claim to the league’s most explosive offense with playmakers like DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy. (Since when was he nicknamed “Shady” McCoy? I’d never heard it before today, but if you’ve watched any ESPN today you’d think it was his government.) Last season the Giants did a nice job of containing Vick, but gave up big plays to the other offensive weapons. Yesterday they came prepared. Jeremy Maclin caught a ball for 23 yards, but right behind him was safety Kenny Phillips and CB Corey Webster to make the tackle. Big Blue did a better job of tackling than the Eagles and kept their offense in check and out of the end zone. What do they say about twice is a coincidence and three times is a trend? If the Giants continue their success in the red zone next week we’re going to have to give credit to the defense and stop criticizing opposing coaching staffs.

That being said, I would like to join in on the parade of critics jumping on Andy Reid. Reid has been a successful coach in this league for a long time now and as a Giants fan I’ve been on the losing end of many of his victories. Because of that, and because I listen to a little too much for Colin Cowherd, who has shrines of Reid and Bellichick in his basement, I have great respect for what he has done in this league. What I saw yesterday and the week before on Sunday Night Football troubles me. Well, to be honest it, excites me. They are trying to turn Vick into a pocket passer.  Vick is the most elusive mobile QB in the history of the league and can create big gains out of seemingly chaotic broken plays, but they are taking away his biggest asset. Vick can make throws, but, as he himself admitted, has trouble reading defenses. It takes him longer to get through his progressions and has the Giants front 7 licking their chops. Coughlin out coached Reid by preventing the big play, utilizing the running game and giving Manning high percentage passes. This is a solid win and has fans of Big Blue  feeling a little more confident. Although, I’ll hold my official judgment until after next week when the first quarter of the season comes to a close.



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