MLB Postseason Wrap- AL Cy Young

How Nasty Was This Guy? Triple Crown And Then Some.

In the first half of the season it was a competition, but he was always in first. CC Sabathia had one more win, and he played on a better team, and Jered Weaver had a lower ERA, but there was something about this guy. Perhaps it was the no hitter in May, or maybe it was his electric stuff and high strike out total. Whatever it was he made sure he was the best in all categories.

Justin Verlander is this year’s Cy Young award winner and, if we’re being honest, it ain’t even close. Verlander won the traditional triple crown for pitchers with the most wins (24), strike outs (250) and lowest ERA (2.40) in the American league. Really we could expand that to the quadruple crown when we include Verlander’s 0.92 WHIP and for good measure most innings pitched with 251. Wow. What argument could you possibly make against this guy? This may go down as the shortest SeeYouInOctober posting ever. That should serve as a testament to how undeniably dominant Verlander has been this year. He was so great that we have given Verlander our AL MVP and we can only hope the voters agree.

Think we got it wrong? Let us know who you think deserves the honors via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or by leaving a comment.

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