You’d Think Dolphins Would Like an (Revis) Island Environment

Who knew East Rutherford had islands?

The New York Jets finally ended their three game skid. Pretty long losing streak for a team that has a guaranteed Super Bowl title, if you ask Sexy Rexy at least. The Jets beat the Dolphins 24-6 in a Monday Night football game that again dissapointed. Remember when Monday Night Football games were must watch or at least interesting? Jets verus Dolphins? Tampa Bay verus Indianapolis? Are these games really enticing people?

Nevermind the putrid MNF schedule. The Jets won handily but in what was probably the least impressive ‘blow out’ of the weekend, or season. The Jets scored 24 points but really only managed one sustaine, long drive. In the second quater Mark Sanchez scored on a five yard quarterback draw to cap an 11 play 81 yard drive that put the Jets up 14-6. Outside of that the offense continues to sputter. Actually scratch that sputter implies functionality in a somewhat consistent manner. The Jets offense was not great in the past two years in which they have made it to the AFC title game but it got the job done. This year the offense seems to be regressing. Against the vaulted Dolphins (they’re 0-5 now by the way) the Jets put up only 296 yards and really looked out of sync most of the night.

Teams have bad games but the Jets don’t seem to be on their way to a game in which everything clicks. Much of this

Sanchize or San-mediocre quarterback?

comes down to the play of quarterback Mark Sanchez. No inteceptions this week but another underwhelming performance. This is year three of the Sanchize and we’ve yet to see him be anything more than a guy who can manage the game and hope others step up and win the game. Brady threw a league high 28 touchdown passes in his third year,

Peyton threw for a league high 4413 yards his third year, Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl in his third year. Is it fair to compare Sanchez to these three? Not really but he needs to make more progress towards getting in their ball park to be the franchise guy the Jets really haven’t had since Namath was wearing fur coats and pantyhose.

The defense has also regressed for the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets! (How awesome are they at spelling huh?!) The past two years the offense had to be just good enough and the defense would carry them. This year the defense has been solid but not overwhelming. This week the defense began to resemble the AFC Title game attending one from last year allowing only 308 total yards and allowing only six points. (Again against the Dolphins but still). A large reason for this was the man they call Revis Island. The best cover guy in the league by far cemented himself as the best player on Gang Green. Revis collected two interceptions, one he returned 100 yards for a score and played possible his best game of the yera after giving up over a hundred yards to Wes Welker in the previous game. Revis battled the much larger Brandon Marshall all night and held him to six catches despite 13 targets.

The defense looks like it’s picking itself back up which is good news as they welcome in the high powered San Diego Chargers next weekend. I hope Vincent Jackson likes the weather on the island.

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