It’s a Byers Market

Currently the New England Patriots occupy the top slot of the AFC East, but the objects in the rear view are becoming closer than they appeared. Now the Jets have won two straight games and are building their case for the playoffs and the Bills are still a threat with a 4-2 record. The Patriots offense stumbled in their last game against Rob Ryan’s defense and the Dallas Cowboys. Tom Brady engineered a clutch game-winning drive to pull out their fifth victory and improve their record to 5-1. Things will get more difficult for one of the league’s best offenses. Now teams have seen how to slow down Brady and company by creating turnovers like the Bills and Cowboys have done. But to be honest, the Pats aren’t too worried about the offense.

Defensively they have gotten off to a terrible start. The Pats are still worst in the league in total yards, but over their past three contests they held opponents to 19, 21 and 16 points. Last week they even earned a Like a Boss award nomination as they kept their team in the game and allowed Brady to do what he does best. The week off gives the coaching staff plenty of time to prep for the up and down Pittsburgh Steelers as they travel to Hines Field next week. Defensive players like Patrick Chung and Jerod Mayo continue to improve from their injuries and hope to make a big impact next Sunday. With a potent offense and an improving defense, the Patriots look like one of the league’s top contenders.

Quick note: The Patriots with Brady and Belichick are undefeated coming out of their bye week.


Can the Patriots win without an elite D or will they step up the rest of the way? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave a comment.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Byers Market

  1. Brian Benns says:

    They absolutely can win without an elite D. With a qb like that, its only a matter of creating turnovers and holding a few drives to fg and not tds on defense. They can give up a ton of yards and still play well enough to win which has what we’ve seen thus far into the season. Granted its the D thats keeping them from being a runaway AFC favorite but I still like them the most to come of of that conference.

  2. Agreed for the most part. They can really light up the scoreboard and it doesn’t seem like anybody in the AFC can keep up, but defenses are getting tougher and in the playoffs they will have to face some really tough defenses that have beaten them in the past in those spots.

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