Go Bold or Go Home

Let me take you back. Back just a few months. SeeYouInOctober was getting ready for it’s (soon to be) annual NFL Preview. We discussed the Jets, the Giants, the Bills and the Patriots, where we thought they would end up and how we felt about each team going into the season. Erik and I agreed the Jets would take a wild card spot in the AFC (we could be right still), the Bills would be pathetic (totally wrong), the Patriots would dominate (kinda right).

Then there was our Giants analysis. I felt that the Giants could be competitive and also predicted the ascendance of Jason Pierre-Paul. Erik was less optimistic saying they ” Lost too much to win enough games to be a playoff team.” So I am rather surprised by all the confidence and bravado coming from my colleague this week. So I figure I should counter with some bold predictions myself with my picks this week.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills -2

Seems like a low line considering the Jets have been tail spinning most of the year and the Bills have proved that they are legit especially at home. The Jets have been atrocious on the road with all three of their losses coming away from Giants Metlife Stadium.

Bold Prediction #1– Fred Jackson will have over 150 yards running the ball. The Bills have one of the best running backs in the game right now in Fred Jackson. He still might not be getting the attention of the Adrian Peterson’s of the world but he has been running all over defenses and the Jets 25th ranked run defense doesn’t exactly look like the one that will stop him.

Bold Prediction #2– Mark Sanchez has at least  2 turnovers in this game. The Bills have done a great job forcing turnovers this season and Mark Sanchez will undoubtedly throw some ducks with a hostile Buffalo crowd surrounding him.

The Jets will keep it close but the Bills will pull it out and with a spread this small they’ll cover as well.

Bold Prediction #3– If the Jets lose this game you can bury their playoff chances. With the what would be 6-2 Bills and Patriots in their division it’s tough to believe that a 4-4 team that can’t do much offensively and doesn’t win on the road can climb back into the playoff picture.

New York Giants at New England Patriots -8.5

Both teams are 5-2 and with the Patriots coming off a loss to Pittsburgh this line seems rather high. However, the Patriots do not lose back to back games and don’t lose all too often in Foxborough.

Bold Prediction #1– Eli Manning will throw for more yards than Tom Brady. Well it’s time for Eli to prove he’s in Brady’s class which he has certainly done a good job of illustrating this season as he is third in passing yards behind Brady and Aaron Rodgers this season. The Patriots can’t stop the pass so the rejuvenated Eli should put up some gaudy numbers in this one.

Bold Prediction #2– The Patriots will score at least 40 points in this game. As much as the Patriots won’t admit it they’re will be a little revenge on the line in this one. I can foresee a return to the Eff You offense of 2007 in this one. Plus with their passing defense the Patriots will need to score upwards of 30 anyway to claim a victory.

The entire league was shown how to beat the Patriots last week. Pass like crazy on offense and get to Brady on defensebut even in a game that Pittsburgh executed this strategy to perfection and played at home they didn’t exactly blow the Patriots out. Also if the whole league knows this weakness that means that Bill Belichick does too and great coaches make adjustments. JPP and the boys on the Giants D-line will certainly make some noise (Semi-Bold prediction: At least 3 sacks) but not enough to keep the Patriots from lighting up the scoreboard. (Plus with all the trash talking coming from my Giants fan colleague I can’t possibly pick the other way).

Bold Prediction #3– The Giants will finish the year 8-8 and miss the playoffs. After New England the Giants schedule is as follows; @SF, PHI, @NO, GB, @DAL, WAS, @NYJ, DAL. They’ll beat Washington and take at least one of of the Dallas games but the rest? 6-1 San Fran and their number one scoring defense, we saw what Philly can do last week, NO is still one of the best teams in the NFC and they don’t lose to often at home, the Packers are just better than everybody and the Jets despite looking bad so far are still a competitive team.


Was I too bold? Not bold enough? Which Northeast team is really the best? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@seeuinoctober).


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