Wild Card Saturday- Trash Talk Edition

Belichick: You hear what they're saying about this game on SeeYouInOctober?

After a one week hiatus Wild Card Saturdays returns with a 2007 Super Bowl rematch. Erik, our resident Giants fan and Phil, who still owns a Ben Coates jersey, discuss their teams matchup.

Erik: This week is freaking awesome because this week we have Jets versus Bills and then at four we have the important game with the Giants playing the Patriots. Both teams are 5-2, the Patriots coming off a loss and the Giants beating the Dolphins last week.

Phil: Yup beat the Dolphins by three at home. Very impressive.

Erik: That’s how we do. If it’s not the fourth quarter we’re not interested in winning the game, as strange as that my sound.

Phil: That is very strange most people want to win all four quarters.

Erik: This is SeeYouInOctober! It doesn’t matter who wins the first three but who comes out on top!

Phil: Well if you’re playing the Dolphins then you can get away with playing like a Pop Warner squad for three quarters but not against a team like the Patriots. Tony Sporano couldn’t coach himself into a hoodie let alone into the same coaching level as Belichick.

Erik: You don’t think they’re in the same class? Like Brady and Manning?

Phil: Yeah Peyton is in the same class as Tom I’d agree with that.

Erik: To paraphrase Lee Corso “Not so fast my friend,” there is only one Manning who is Top three in passer rating this year and it’s the little brother. He called his shot pre-season when he said he was in Brady’s class and he’s proved it all season and tomorrow he can prove all over Brady’s face.

Phil: Well you’re right a quarterback who has thrown 20 plus picks in a season and plays quarterback for the amazing shrinking Giants, who seem to make it a habit of imploding at the end of the season recently, is certainly in the class of three time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady.

Erik: You mean like when he imploded all over the Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl.

Phil: Yes because Eli Manning led his team to an unbelievable 17 points, clearly he won that game all alone. That Tyree catch (I think I just threw up in my mouth) was just perfectly placed by Eli. Every little kid is taught to hit your receiver in the helmet. Also I feel like the Giants pass rush had something to do with it.

Erik: Maybe but that corner fade to Plax was a thing of beauty. So what are you going to do when my Giants trounce all over your Pats in Foxborough, making them drop two in a row?

Phil: What am I going to do in a mystical land where unicorns exist and Kim Kardashian’s marriages aren’t shams?

Erik: No the land where the Bills are 5-2 and leading the AFC East baby. As your boy Kevin Garnett would say “Anything is posssibbbbbbblllllllleeeeeeeee!!!”

Phil: You’re right anything is possible like how Kenny Phillips is allowed to play professional football. I don’t think Brady is going to bed shaking thinking about the Giants secondary.

Erik: Aaron Ross and Corey Webster have put together solid season so far plus when JPP is coming for you it won’t matter who is playing in the secondary. The G-Men are going to win but it seems to me like you don’t think the Giants even have a chance in this one.

Phil: It seems that way because I don’t. Patriots will win and cover the 8.5 spread no problem. If Matt Moore and the Suck for Lucks managed to keep it close the Patriots will blow you guys up.

Erik: Well let’s make it a interesting then. Whoever’s team loses has to wear a jersey of the other guys team to a bar for Monday Night Football and must also write the recap for the game this week.

Phil: I’m not sure I want you wearing any of my Patriots jersey I’ve seen you drink before.

Erik: Low blow, but I assume that means you’ll take the bet.

Phil: No doubt. My Randy Moss jersey hasn’t gotten any wear in a while.

Erik: I really think you’re going to look good in Big Blue.

Think the Patriots are going to dominate the Giants? Or perhaps you’d prefer a re-run of the 2007 Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@seeuinoctober).

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