Honestly at this Point, Your Guess is as Good as Mine. Week 10

Last week Giants or Metlife Stadium in the Meadowlands Sports Complex of East Rutherford, New Jersey was empty and yet both of its residents collected victories on the road during our SeeYouInOctober rivalry Sunday. The Jets defense shutdown the Bills and could have won the game by a much larger margin if their offense was better. The Giants did what they always do. Go on the road and win a close game in the fourth quarter. Whenever I pick games I feel like a prisoner of the moment because I normally believe the team we saw the week before is the team we will see next week and for the Giants I certainly hope that is true.

Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys -5.5

My favorite thing to do besides blog is listen to the Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN radio. His opinions shape a great many of mine, so I have bought into this Cowboys team all season, but I think this is a good spot for the Bills. First let me make some concessions. 1. The Bills are essentially a college team talentwise. 2. Yes their coach’s only previous pro experience was with these very same Cowboys where won the NFC East in both his season, but failed to win a playoff game. 3. The Cowboys have potential. Now I’ll respond to those. The Bills have made it work. You can call it smoke and mirrors or a flash in the pan, but I call it 5-3 tied atop the AFC East. I like the match up of the Bills secondary against Tony Romo. Potential is what gets coaches fired and so far the team with potential can’t seem to win while the team without it is putting together a nice season. Check out the Bills mid-season report. (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/mid-season-report-buffalo-bills-2/)

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers -3.5

Much to Phil’s dismay confident Erik is going to write this section. To quote my colleague: “I hate confident Erik.” Hope you enjoy.

THE New York Football Giants AKA Big Blue AKA the G-Men are road dogs traveling to the west coast this week and that’s just fine with me. Lower the expectations. Hate on us all you want this is one of the best teams in football and the San Francisco Pretenders are going to find that out the hard way especially QB Alex Smith. The relentless pass rush will remind fans why he lost his starting job every season but one to guys like Shaun Who, I mean Hill, Shaun Hill. So what if they have the league’s best scoring defense? You shutdown our offense we will demolish yours! And I can’t wait to see them try to stop Brandon Jacobs. The Big Boy is playing like a Bad Man right now is about to string together some heavy hitting performances. It will be ugly it will be low scoring, but it’s not about style points; it’s about picking up the W’s. On the West Coast we will take care of business with the best road QB. The fourth quarter kid will ride again. God that felt good!

Check out the Giants mid-season report (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/11/11/mid-season-report-new-york-giants/)

New England Patriots at New York Jets -1.5

Jets are rolling while the Pats are reeling. Divisional match ups usually end in a split, so I’m thinking advantage Gang Green in this one. If I may for a moment, what the hell happened to the Pats being the class of the NFL? They haven’t won a playoff game since my Giants beat them in the super bowl, Brady is throwing too many picks this season, Belichick brought in Fat Albert Haynesworth and tweeting Ocho Cinco rather than draft players to fill needs. This thing is spiraling right now and that is only the on the field stuff. Now players are getting arrested and posing with pornstars. Is this the Patriots or the Bengals we’re talking about? Right now I think the Jets are better on the field and perhaps even less strange off the field. Although I do have a theory about that. I think that ownership was fed up with Sexy Rexy’s constant chatter, so they have replaced him with an alien from an advanced race where they breed NFL coaches. It’s called planet Parcells and there are rumors that other coaches around the league may actually be aliens as well. We may never know. Warning signs are lack of speech especially to the media and bizarre apparel on the sidelines.

Check out the Jets mid-season report (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/mid-season-report-new-york-jets/)

Check out the Patriots mid-season report (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/11/10/mid-season-report-new-england-patriots/)


Think you can do better than me? Think confident Erik is blinded by his loyalty? Let me know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave a comment.


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