Introducing: Phil versus George- Week 10 Picks

I have failed. Time and time again I think I am improving but I continue to fail. I have had an atrocious year picking games here at SeeYouInOctober. (I don’t care to reveal the actual numbers but suffice to say they wouldn’t be described with a positive adjective). I don’t know what I have done wrong. I tried picking against what my gut told me only to be wrong. Then the following week I stick to my guns and get trampled again. Even the only team I have had some success picking (ironically the team I hate the most the New York Jets) I couldn’t get right last week. Is it just my lack of skill or understanding when it comes to picking games? (Don’t answer that).

Well this week I’m going to try something different. I’m going to pick against a coin. I will make my picks and then flip a 1972 quarter and see if a shot in the dark is a better pick than what I’ve been doing.

Buffalo Bills at Dallas Cowboys -5.5

I think last week was when the Bills finally came back down to earth. They have some nice players (Fred Jackson, Stevie Johnson and Ryan Fitzpatrick at times) but they always seemed to me to be overachieving. Dallas is 3-1 at home this season and has an offense that will put up a good number of yards. Other than the Cowboys 34-7 loss to the Eagles the Cowboy have won or been close in every game this season (their other three losses are by a combined 11 points)Fitzpatrick gave Bills fans flashbacks of when he was a backup last week and with DeMarcus Ware and the Cowboys pass rush knocking into the Bills offensive line it might be another difficult week. The Bills tailspin will continue down in D-Town.

George’s pick- (Heads for Home, Tails for away) Heads- Dallas Cowboys. Alright Geroge I see you’re peaking at my sheet on your first pick. We’ll see about that.

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers -3.5

Last week in my picks column I made a number of bold predictions. I said the Giants would go 8-8 and miss the playoffs. I also said the Giants would lose to the Patriots so you see how well that is turning out for me. The 49ers are a team that has come out of nowhere and will be in the playoffs (they play in the NFC West so that’s not really saying much) but it has yet to be seen if it’s just because they play in an atrocious division or whether they can actually contend. They have the No. 1 scoring defense in football and the Giants were just barely able to beat out the worst defense in football on the road last week. Not exactly a recipe for success. However, the 49ers have yet to really have a duck of a game this season. The Giants are clearly an elite team in the NFC this year, especially with their pass rush, and Alex Smith is bound to have a poor game at some point. Why not against New York. With how Eli Manning is playing in the fourth quarter if the Giants keep it close going into the final quarter how can you pick against them?

Geroge’s Pick- Heads- San Francisco 49ers. Clearly George likes his handshakes with a stiff slap in the back or what I call the Harbaugh.

New England Patriots at New York Jets -1.5

This is the first game this season in which the Patriots are not favored. Makes sense considering they have laid out a blueprint for how to beat them and have lost twice in a row for the first time since 1937. (Possibly factually inaccurate). This game would mean a ton to both teams even if one was 1-7 and the other the reverse. These teams hate each other. The Jets have vocalized that enough and even though the Patriots have been more quiet on the issue there is no way they don’t harbor resentment towards Gang Green.

The Jets have been very good at home this year (4-0) and will take their cues from the Giants and Steelers and throw everything they’ve got at Brady. But the Jets suffer in an area that the Steelers and Giants excelled in, and will have more trouble with the Patriots blueprint. That’s at the quarterback position. The Sanchize is a decent quarterback but not on the level of Roethlisberger or Manning the younger. The Patriots defense is improving and with a less than stellar offense against them should put together a good game. Last week I said the Patriots don’t lose two games in a row. Well they did. Now I will say with more confidence; the Patriots will not lose three games in a row.

George’s pick- Home- New York Jets. I see that George just picks all favorites. Boo chalk. I bet he has all the No. 1 seeds in the Final Four every year as well.


Think George is better at picking than me? Think I got one (or more) of these games wrong? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter (@seeuinoctober).

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