Wild Card Saturday

In this week’s installment of Wild Card Saturdays the Jets get Tebowed and bitch and moan about playing on Thursday.

Phil: Hahaha the Jets are DONE!

Erik: I picked against them because the entire lead up to the game was all about why they should win, but are going to lose. The high altitude, the quick turnaround and LT saying he would have played if it was on Sunday.

Phil: You mean LT shied away from a difficult situation? I am shocked. Jokes aside that guy is a coward just look at his track record in the playoffs with San Diego. The only thing that didn’t surprise me is he wasn’t skulking on the sidelines with his helmet on.

Erik: Yeah and without him in they’re offense, if you can call it that, they really struggled. A third down back really is an underrated spot on the team. Then when Shonn Greene went down we really got to see how stupid Mark Sanchez really is. His coach’s words, not ours.

Rexy the Hut and Princess Sanchez: Trouble in Paradise?

Phil:Do you really think there is animosity between them?

Erik: Yes but I think it’s on Sunday and Monday. The rest of the week I think they’re fine. I think Rex is just emotional but gets over it. Although it does suck to have Mark Sanchez leading your offense and to a certain extent have your job depend upon him.

Phil: Agreed. I think it’s about time we classify Sanchez as what he is. A decent quarterback. He won’t lose you a lot of games but he won’t win any either. Speaking of Rex’s emotions how about that confrontation with the New England fan? I saw the tape and the fan said “Belichick owns you!” to which Rex responded “Shut the f— up!” Now to me it didn’t sound like a dismissive STFU as you’d expect. It sounded more like when you’re really railing on your little brother and they whimper “shut up” with little fortitude behind it. I think Rex knows Belichick owns him and he just hates that.

Erik:  It’s one of those hammer and nail rivalries. I don’t think Belichick goes “Oh s— I have to face Rex Ryan next week” but I definitely think it’s different in reverse. I mean the guy couldn’t stop Tim Tebow.

Phil: Funnay, I didn’t see that game.

Erik: I don’t think anyone did. For our loyal readers, you may have noticed there is no Jets recap this week and that’s because Thursday nights games suck. You can’t even get NFL network on every cable provider and when you can you have to pay a leg and arm for it.

Phil: Generally they don’t even get good games. I mean coming into the season who thought “Golly! Got to have that Denver versus Jets game in primetime!” To be honest the only primetime telecasts that are ever games you want to see are on Sunday Night Football. I mean MNF’s games have all pretty much sucked. This week’s game is a perfect example. I want to watch the Patriots brutalize the Chiefs but does anyone else outside of New England?

Erik:  What I love about how bad the games are is seeing what ESPN comes up with for the storylines. They can’t just say “It’s too bad we have to show you this game” instead they have to “Matt Cassel comes back to New E—oh wait he’s injured. I mean Tod Haley (who really cares about the coach) leads the Chiefs (who lost 31-3 to Miami) into Foxborough for a matchup of AFC powerhouses! (Alright one powerhouse and a regular house).

Phil: There are two Thursday games I do like though. They fall on Thanksgiving and it gives me an excuse to eat a ton while still ignoring the rest of my family, or at least those I don’t like.  Not going to say any names, but you know who you are.

Erik: The most important match up is the match up between the Thanksgiving Turkeys and the Sweet Potatoes. The annual heated touch football showdown between me and my cousins.

Phil: I don’t know how to respond to something I don’t care about at all.

Erik: Alright fine we can just talk about Nickleback ruining what is otherwise a great day of football.

Phil: Nickleback is like Joe Buck and Tim McCarver of the music world. They are really popular but I don’t know anyone who likes them or even is indifferent to them.

Erik: Plus they are Canadian and they’re playing Detroit and D-Town is so known for it’s music so people are asking “Why would you choose them?” That’s the crux of the problem.

Phil: Oh I didn’t know that I thought people were against it because Nickleback sucks.

Erik: While that is true, and while I don’t dislike Canada in the least, people would just like to see an American band on this American holiday. Cue Grand Funk Railroad.

Are the Jets going to completely implode? Does Rex have an unhealthy obsession with Belichick? Do you hate Canadians or just Nickleback? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Wild Card Saturday

  1. adam says:

    which team are you on Erik? Potatoes or Turkeys?

    Yes, Rex has an unhealthy relationship with Belichick. I remember last year rex saying something along the lines of “its personal”. Psychology is not my area but that sounds destructive in an addictive way.

    And do you both want to watch MNF at Biergarten?

  2. I am on the Turkeys and unfortunately we have lost much more than we have won. MNF at the Biergarten is a distinct possibility.

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