Like A Boss-Week 11

Maybe my colleague Erik would have you believe it is all doom and gloom for SeeYouInOctober football. Well not if you’re team plays East of New York. For those that need that elaborated on the New England Patriots are doing just fine and for the second straight week will have a player receive the ever coveted Like A Boss award without any competition from the three other teams in SYIO’s coverage area.

Here are the nominees for the Patriots SYIO leading fourth Like A Boss award.

1. Rob Gronkowski Well Gronk is certainly getting comfortable with this award. After winning it last week he put up another two touchdown performance ( as well as 96 yards receving) as the Patriots rolled the Chiefs. The NFL needs to have his Pro Bowl jersey made up and they need it done yesterday.

2. Julian Edelman If you want to read jokes about Edelman’s groping ability you have come to the wrong place. (No, not because we are to high brow for that but because I exhausted them in this weeks Patriots recap Edelman did what every fourth string receiver does for the Patriots, play great defense. Troy Brown did it so why couldn’t Edelman? Edelman made a couple of tackles on D and special teams and threw in the knockout punch of a 72 yard punt return for a touchdown.

3. Kyle Arrington- Had to get a defender up here after they only allowed 3 points. How strange to see Mr. Arrington placed as a nominee for this award but with no other defender doing more than just doing his job, (even if that meant playing well) it’ll have to go to the man with two big, drive killing interceptions (putting him at a league lead seven) and an added bonus of five tackles.

And the award goes to…

Rob Gronkowski!!! Two spikes for two Like A Boss awards. Another week another Like A Boss performance for Gronk. You know you’re doing something right when you have more Like A Boss trophies/ribbons/plaques (we never did decide what the physical representation was) than Tom Brady.

Who do you think was the Boss this week? Let us know via Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or sound off in the comments.

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