Building the Pen

The way the Mets' pen looked at the end of last season it wouldn't have been surprising to see this guy come out for an inning or two.

As an aspiring sports writer I love it when the franchises I cover actually listen to me and make this blog incredibly reliable. One day after I recommended five steps to rebuilding the Mets, the team has now checked off steps one and two signing Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco to free-agent contracts, according to multiple sources, and trading for right-hander Ramon Ramirez of the Giants.

In exchange for Ramirez the Mets sent outfielders Angel Pagan and Andres Torres to San Francisco. After trading Francisco Rodriguez at the trade deadline last season the bullpen was a shell of itself. Now the closer role is open for competition. With Mark Burhle and CJ Wilson off the free agent market going to the Marlins and Angels respectively, the crop of available starting pitchers is shrinking fast, so the Mets can take comfort in greater stability for later innings. If the Mets continue to follow my plan they will be looking for a back of the rotation starter. Officials have said they are not finished making trades and it is likely the roster will look very different next season with David Wright probably being the only recognizable national name to return.


What should the Mets do next? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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2 thoughts on “Building the Pen

  1. adam says:

    maybe you are the next Nostradamus…

  2. Perhaps I am Nostradamus reincarnate?

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