Is Anybody Any Good at Picking Games?

After a brief and relatively inexplicable absence of my picks last week I have returned determined to deliver a greater quality. Since the inception of SeeYouInOctober picking NFL games has been the most frustrating part of the experience. I always felt I was pretty good at it, but that’s because I never had to put it on paper and could boast about the winners and ignore the losers. Now my partner is losing to a coin and I took a hiatus, but isn’t that what makes sports great? We always root for upsets and underdogs, unless it’s against our teams, and the unpredictable nature of games is what keeps hope alive.

Washington Redskins at New York Giants -6.5

I’m picking the Giants for the win, but nothing scares me more than a divisional opponent. Especially when last week that divisional opponent pushed the mighty Patriots to the brink. The Skins have a good defense and shown some greater consistency with Rex Grossman under center. A touchdown may not seem like a lot of points, but the G-Men don’t care about style points. They’ve been Tebowing teams since before Timmy knelt down on an NFL sideline. Not since their week 3 match up with the Eagles have the Giants won a game by more than 4 points! They win by the skin of their teeth and by the tug of Manning’s jersey. Their playoffs began last week, but somehow this team never really plays inspired. They’ll win, but it will be ugly.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills PK

That’s right folks it’s a pick ’em! Given the way these two teams started the season the Bills should be favored by a ton, but given their recent collapse and the lack of Fred Jackson, they just aren’t the same team. Miami has been playing a lot of teams close this season and started off looking hot with their Monday Night match up against the Pats. Since then we have learned that the Pats don’t have a defense. They looked like a never say die kind of team, but this week with the firing of Tony Sporrano the organization cried uncle and I don’t think they have anything left to play for. The Bills on the other hand look like they have a foundation for a winning team and will want to gain some confidence with a couple late season victories and this will be the easiest opponent they face.

New England Patriots -7.5 at Denver Broncos

Doesn’t this just feel like an epic movie? It feels like Heaven and Hell are squaring up for the souls of NFL fans everywhere as the ultimate underdog, a quarterback who can’t swear, experience the pleasures of the flesh or throw the ball, faces off against a Goliath of a dynasty. Brady is married to a supermodel does some modeling himself and can throw the ball as well as any man ever to play the position. Bill Belichick is the most cold calculating coach in the league and if you think he is going to be fooled by the option you buggin. Teams have been getting Tebowed not by the quarterback himself, but by the mistakes of their opponents and the Pats don’t make mistakes. If a player isn’t supposed to go out of bounds they won’t and of course there is no worry about their running backs fumbling because they hardly ever run the ball. This game is going to be like the first time the Karate Kid fights Cobra Kai or the first time Rocky fought Mr. T. The less talented will get shown how the professionals take care of business.

New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles -3

I love how disrespected the Jets are right now in Vegas. They were only favored by three against Washington two weeks ago and last week there wasn’t a point spread big enough for me to have picked against them and this week their road dogs? I know conventional wisdom gives the edge to the home team, but I am a buyer again on the Jets. Not for the Superbowl, but to win out. OK not to win out because they’re going to lose to my G-Men. I love the way the Jets are playing right now. The ground game is working and in this three game win streak Sanchez has thrown seven touchdowns and only one interception. They’ve found their winning spirit and their swagger once again and I love them in this game.


Think I got it wrong? Let me know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

P.S. Can you believe it’s week 15 already?


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