Like A Boss Week 15

This week both teams from New York may or may not have just skipped attending their schedule games while Buffalo lost…again. So yet again the New England Patriots were the only team that will have Like A Boss nominations this week. I can just feel the anger, hatred and expletives flowing from those reading this. It must get tiring reading about awesome the Patriots are.

Without further ado here are this weeks nominees.

1- Tom Brady– Tom Terrific showed just why all the talk on the worldwide leader about whether or not Tebow was a better teammate or if Tebow could shock the world and take down the Patriots was a bunch of crap. Brady tore up the supposedly strong Broncos defense completing 23 of 34 for 320 yards and three total touchdowns. Brady also took over spiking duties from the man who owns more Like A Boss awards than anyone alive on his rushing touchdown.

2- Aaron Hernandez- Word is that after seeing all the Like A Boss awards his teammate and his fellow tight end Rob Gronkowski was racking up Hernandez vowed to take one home himself this week. Well he certainly did all that he could leading all Patriots receivers with nine receptions and 129 yards and also added a touchdown. Unfortunately Hernandez did not lead the team in the most important tight end statistic; touchdown spikes.

3- Mark Anderson– Anderson and the defense as a whole really didn’t play well until after the first quarter but once they moved beyond that played very well. Anderson was the standout on the unit bringing down the elusive Tebow twice including a strip sack that was a turning point in the game.

And the award goes to…

Aaron Hernandez- Well I guess Gronk isn’t the only tight end on the Patriots who can win this award. Hernandez was spectacular and was Brady’s favorite target all game getting 11 targets (nine of which he caught) Hernandez also added to the rush attack with a 16 yard run himself. I guess at least one former Gator had a really Boos-like performance in Denver yesterday.



One thought on “Like A Boss Week 15

  1. City of Champions says:

    Couldn’t go wrong with any of them. Pats all played like a boss to win for only the second time at Denver with Brady.

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