The Giants’ Road to the Super Bowl: Day 1

Yesterday Belichick, Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots touched down in Indianapolis and today Big Blue will do the same. The Pats sit as three point favorites in the early lines, which has surprised a lot of experts who believe the Giants to be playing better football and to be the more complete team right now. Giants fans breathed a collective sigh of  relief when they saw that line. The G-Men are New Yorkers and they like to play with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. They want to show the world that November victory was no fluke and neither was the 2007 championship. Do I think they will beat the Pats? Affirmative. Here is your first installment of “Why I know my team will take home the Lombardi Trophy.”

The Pass Rush

Fact: It’s hard to throw the ball from your back. The Giants pass rush has been revived in this five game win streak they’ve put together. Where have Tuck and Osi been all season? Don’t care! Big Blue has posted 20 sacks during the win streak. That’s four per game. In their regular season meeting they got to Brady twice and forced two picks. Brady normally looks calm cool and collected in the pocket with little theatrics and unnecessary movements as he directs receivers in their routes, eats a sandwich and then delivers a laser. Not when JPP, Osi, Tuck and Kiwanuka are barrelling down on him.


Giants fans it’s time to get pumped and start the trash talk! Give us your best smack talk via our tiwtter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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3 thoughts on “The Giants’ Road to the Super Bowl: Day 1

  1. adam says:

    well i don’t quite get the motivational poster but I do appreciate the ‘eat a sandwich’ line considering its a wheat and spicy chicken wrap with NY BlueCheese

  2. It’s a holdover from Super Bowl XLII after the whole “Spygate” fiasco when the Cheatriots were caught filming other teams practices and stealing signs. Not really something that I thought was a big deal, but it’s provided some nice fodder.

  3. City of Champions says:

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