The Giants’ Road to the Super Bowl: Day 5

It is so close I can practically hear Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth calling the game. When I close my eyes I see David Tyree securing the ball against his helmet, Lawrence Tynes sending it through the uprights in San Francisco and Green Bay, Brandon Jacobs trucking poor defensive backs who try to tackle him and Victor Cruz turning a 10 yard completion into a 99 yard touchdown. In short I’m pumped. Big Blue is playing at a high level and now that the Patriots fans are coming out to the woodwork we had a commenter suggest that they are afraid of heights, which is why they failed to repeat in 2008 despite rolling through most of the season. Truth is they’re afraid of fire arms with the safety off and the sweat pants they are carried in. Here is your fifth installment of “Why I know my team will bring home the Lombardi Trophy.”

Eli Manning

When planning out this feature I decided to save the best for last. This is Eli’s game to win or lose and he has the most riding on it. The Giants are doing it without a running game and while the defense is playing well now, let’s not make it out to be the 2000 Ravens or Mike Ditka’s Bears. This is absolutely the game that will define the younger Manning’s legacy and possibly pave the road to Canton when all is said and done. He is playing at the level right now that many questioned whether or not he could ever reach. He has practiced better ball security, has a favorable match up with his receiving core going up against the Pats’ secondary.


How much confidence is there in Eli to continue to deliver? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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2 thoughts on “The Giants’ Road to the Super Bowl: Day 5

  1. City of Champions says:

    • City of Champions says:

      Ok. That one was a gem. I was saving it for the inevitable Eli(te) post. I will repost as soon as I can find it again. Some Gang Blue fan must have hacked YouTube.

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