Russell Region: #4 Tom Seaver Vs. #13 David Ortiz

We’re comparing eras with one of the games best pitchers dueling it out with one of today’s most dangerous left-handed boppers.

When it comes to great Mets two things are for sure: 1. Tom Seaver is at the top of the list and 2. None of the current players will make that list. Nicknamed “the Franchise,” Seaver hits every plateau that constitutes a hall of fame caliber pitcher. 311 wins, 2.86 ERA and 3,640 strikeouts, yea he’s got that. Maybe that is why Tommy Terrific was the closest thing to a unanimous selection for Cooperstown with 98.84% of the votes. Looking for hardware? In Seaver’s ten plus seasons with the Mets he won the rookie of the year in 1967, helped his Mets win their first World Series Championship in 1969, picked up three Cy Young awards and was selected to the all-star team ten times. Now you know what made Tom so terrific.

He gets paid to do one thing and one thing only, but David Ortiz does it well. All he does is hit, hit, hit no matter what. Mariano Rivera’s on the mound in October. Please, Big Papi is going yard. Sure he plays a little first base and has seen some declining numbers in the past two seasons, but it is hard to argue that he isn’t the best designated hitter of all time. Papi leads the position in home runs and RBI all-time. In today’s baseball it seems pitching gets a team to the post season and hitting takes you over the top. The Red Sox acquired Ortiz in 2003. Since then they’ve won two World Series and Ortiz has been a perennial all-star and five time Silver Slugger.

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