Russell Region: #7 Kevin McHale Vs. #10 Jim Kelly

Do championships really mean everything? If so this is a serious mismatch. If not this could be a close contest. One thing they have in common are actors of the same name. Didn’t know that until we did a search for them on the internet and found people who did not play professional sports.

Proving that Bob Dylan isn’t the only person to make it out of Hibbing, Minnesota, Kevin McHale was one of the great Celtics of the 1980s. He was part of three championship teams playing alongside the likes of Larry Bird, Bill Walton and Robert Parrish. Throughout his 15 year career McHale was a seven time all-star and twice named the Sixth Man of the Year. He ranks in the top 25 all-time for blocks and was a three time All Defensive First Team player. However it wasn’t all about the D. McHale averaged nearly 18 points per game for his career and was a 60% shooter. Some things he hasn’t accomplished: Acting on the TV show Glee, so if you’re looking for the kid who pretends to be in a wheel chair, go somewhere else. Please. We don’t like Glee here at SeeYouInOctober. The basketball player did make two appearances on Cheers.

Who needs gold when you can take home four silvers? That was the story of the Buffalo Bills in the early ‘90s and while Jim Kelly can never claim to be a champion, he did make it to the big game four straight years. He along with wide receiver Andre Reed was one of the most successful tandems in the history of the NFL. Kelly ran an up-tempo style offense and brought 101 wins to the Bills, ranking him 11th all-time. When it comes to Buffalo quarterbacks, Kelly is it. His number 12 is featured in their ring of honor along with many of his teammates from their period of AFC dominance and his 35,467 yards are a franchise record. Bills fans can thank their lucky stars the USFL went under in 1986 because Kelly didn’t want to play in the cold of Western New York. Even though he was drafted there he opted to play in the USFL until it folded. He holds numerous records from his time there, but it was his impact in the NFL that makes him a hall of famer. Also Jim Kelly was never in the movie Enter the Dragon.

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2 thoughts on “Russell Region: #7 Kevin McHale Vs. #10 Jim Kelly

  1. Brian says:

    I know the statement on SYIO ‘s opinion of a certain tv show to be at least half false.

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