Ruth Region Round 2: #5 Joe DiMaggio VS #13 Alex Rodriguez

In a surprising triple overtime upset victory Alex Rodriguez knocked off the number four John Havilcek. Perhaps it was revenge for Wes Welker beating out Lou Gehrig. Either way here we are in the second round with a possible Cinderella story. Not sure if A-Rod has ever been an underdog, but he will be for his entire run through this tournament.

It was Robert Parrish who fell victim to Joe DiMaggio in the first round. In baseball if you want to become a legend and earn more nicknames than most announcers not named John Sterling can think of, you have to play in pinstripes. Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio aka the Yankee Clipper was one of the greatest players ever to put on a pair of spikes. You can take my word for it. If you don’t believe me I’ll prove it to you. How about a .325 lifetime batting average, 13 all-star selections, 9 World Series titles, 3 MVP awards and does the number 56 mean anything? DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak still stands and while people may get excited over the 20 game hitting streak, nobody has really come that close. Outside the diamond you have Marilyn Monroe and Simon and Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson.

In this match up we have two Yankees who got here by beating out two Celtics. Is there anyone reading this blog that doesn’t already have an opinion about Alex Rodriguez? There is the contract, the steroids and the infidelity, but then there is the production on the field. In his time in pinstripes A-Rod has twice won the MVP and once been a World Series Champion. While with the club he reached home run plateaus of 400, 500 and 600. That’s a lot of A-Bombs from A-Rod.

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