SeeYouInOctober’s Tournament of Greatness: The Sweet 16

If you’ve been paying attention to our tournament thus far there have been a few upsets, lots of overtime games and some great discussions on the road to finding out who the best player in the history of New York and Boston sports is. Today we’re giving the athletes the day off to post the updated bracket to catch you up on what’s been happening in the frenzied first and second round. Tomorrow we will release the entire round of 16 for your voting pleasure. Currently there is one match up undecided with Pedro Martinez and Mariano Rivera dueling late into extra innings, so you still have time to cast your votes here.


2 thoughts on “SeeYouInOctober’s Tournament of Greatness: The Sweet 16

  1. The Manning Dynasty says:

    Where is Eli Manning? How is the greatest quarterback ever not in this?

    • Believe it or not Eli got beat in the first round by OJ Simpson. Just was talking to a friend about this and we expected Eli to make a Cinderella run, but alas the votes just weren’t there!

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