Ruth Region: #1 Babe Ruth vs #3 Mariano Rivera

You had to figure there would be a couple of Yankees this deep in the tournament as the Bombers have the most championships of any team with a representative. Babe Ruth is largely considered the best ever and has yet to have a vote go against him where as Mariano has just consistently won out against tough competition although he wiped the floor with Clyde Frazier in the Sweet 16.

Babe Ruth was a legend who revolutionized the way baseball is played and he did it before the days when we know what we know about nutrition, strength training, syringes of B12 and flax seed oil. He was a hall of fame player who hit .342 with 714 career home runs was a seven time champion and once an MVP. The Bambino was part of Murder’s Row and far and away ahead of his time. He hit more home runs in a season than most teams in the majors at that time. His single season record of 60 home runs stood until 1961 when it was broken by Roger Maris.

This season Mariano Rivera took down the only remaining milestones on his quest to become the greatest relief pitcher of all time. He notched his 600th save and then hammered down number 603 for the record, but that record doesn’t include post season. Mo has plenty of experience with playoff appearances in every season except for 2007. His 42 saves in the post season are also tops in the history of the MLB. During that time Mo and the Yanks collected five championships and he was named MVP of the World Series in 1999. He is a 12 time all-star and five time Rolaids Relief Man Award winner. He has hinted that this could be his last season. If it is we know his bust will be waiting to be enshrined in Cooperstown in five years.

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