Final Four: Brady VS Bird

Two fan favorites and two great Boston (New England) Champions square off for a spot in the title game. Larry Bird is the only player to upset a number one in this tournament, but now he’ll have to make it two straight with a match up against Tom Brady. Something tells me that Bird will have to play at a higher level to take down the Patriots quarterback who has more recent success and is considered tops at his position in the NFL right now.

They’re have been two once in a generation talents at quarterback over the last decade and the New England Patriots are lucky enough to have one of them. Who knew that the Jets would bring Tom Brady and the reign of terror that has been the New England Patriots in the AFC East when they knocked Drew Bledsoe out of a game and the Patriots were forced to bring in a sixth round pick out of Michigan. Since then Brady has torn through the NFL winning three Super Bowls (and making it to five), winning two MVP awards and leading the league in just about every major passing category there is over his career including the single season record for passing touchdowns (50) during the 2007-08 season. So yeah he’s pretty good.

Although he never led the league in any major category there is no doubt Bird was one of the best players during the 1980s, in fact it really is just a coin flip between he and Magic Johnson. Bird was a nine time First Team All-NBA selection and a three time MVP winner. But Larry never much cared for the regular season as his heroics in the playoffs are what makes him so legend…wait for it…dary. Bird led the Celtics to three NBA titles and a billion other appearances and won a pair of Finals MVP awards. His career was cut short due to bad knees but his career numbers of 24.3 points, 10.0 rebounds and 6.3 assists per game is still phenomenal. Larry Legend was also a deadly from beyond the arc and is well known for his trash talk which never hurts. You have to be pretty good to tell someone you’re going to beat them and then just do it right in their face.

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