The Final Four: Russell VS Ruth

In our pursuit of finding the best player in the history of New York and Boston sports we have learned that the SeeYouInOctober staff is pretty good at selecting the field. There were relatively few upsets and now we have two titans of their sport squaring off. It’s number one Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics taking on number one Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees. Let’s get ready to rumble.

What do you do when you have 11 rings and only 10 fingers? That’s a problem most athletes wish they had, but outside of Bill Russell nobody has had to worry about it. In the modern era players can’t even get close. I know you’ve seen the picture of Michael Jordan wearing all six of his rings including two on one finger, but he still has one naked hand you can’t see. Russell was ahead of his time. He was longer than most players on the floor. He battled with Wilt Chamberlin and ignited the Celtics and Lakers rivalry. Around the rim Russell scooped up all the bricks averaging 22.5 per game and was five times the rebounding champ. He was a five time MVP and 12 time all-star, a hall of famer and truly one of the greatest.

There are very few transcendent athletes out there. To rattle off a quick list off the top of my head of players who revolutionized their sport you get: Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Babe Ruth. Sure there are probably others, but there is no argument that those guys belong. When Babe Ruth was slugging home runs in pinstripes, he hit more in one season than most other teams. He broke his own single season home run record multiple times before reaching his peak with 60. hit .342 with 714 career home runs was a seven time champion and once an MVP and was part of one of the greatest line ups ever: Murder’s Row. The Great Bambino was larger than life and truly a superstar in the days before sports networks and blogs such as this. It is difficult to imagine a player of his completely unique skill set and character ever to be seen again.

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2 thoughts on “The Final Four: Russell VS Ruth

  1. adam says:

    dood, 11 Championships is just so many…

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