Finally We Crown our Champion

After weeks of match ups, debates, upsets and dominance we here at SeeYouInOctober are prepared to unveil our Tournament of Greatness Champion. This athlete best exemplifies the dominance of Boston and New York over the rest of the sporting world as chosen by you the reader. Our finalists were Tom Brady and Bill Russell, each great champions in their own right, but who did you feel was superior? The question was would it be the man who reigned absolutely supreme over all those who played in his era due in part to inferior competition, or the best quarterback in the passing era of the NFL who still has more story to write? Here’s how you voted:

Bill Russell's reaction to being named the Champion of SeeYouInOctober's Tournament of Greatness... or something like that.

Congratulations to Bill Russell!

With 57.14% of your votes the man who already holds more championships than any other athlete in any of the four major sports added another piece of hardware to his trophy case. We tried to reach Mr. Russell for comment, but let’s be honest we don’t have that kind of clout… yet. We truly enjoyed creating this tournament and appreciate all of your votes and comments. We hope in the future you will continue to read and support SeeYouInOctober so please let your friends know if you’re looking for coverage of the premier franchises in sports this is where they should come.

Did Bill Russell deserve to win the tournament? Who were you pulling for? Let us know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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