Guess Who’s Back

No it’s not Brett Favre, Michael Jordan or Roger… wait he’s making a comeback at age 50. Well if he can do it, so can we. After a long hiatus from the sports blogging world I’m back to give the New York sports fan a voice.

Before I really get into the Yankees chances to make it to the Fall Classic this season, or the Giants on their quest to repeat, the most exciting time in Buffalo when the Bills are so optimistic, or even the latest episode of “As the Jets Burn,” I’ll do my penance. Since I have been missing in action for so long I want to tell the world that I want to see the Boston Red Sox turn things around and fast.

I haven’t handed in my pinstripes. I haven’t grown my hair or beard, but I miss the rivalry. The only place it exists this season is on the dozens of nationally televised meetings between the former titans of the American League east. And that’s my problem. The Sox are embarrassingly bad this season yet the games still take four plus hours and are still nationally televised meaning we have more Buck and McCarver games. Could you imagine if the Yankees and Royals had every game on Fox or ESPN? It would be something like this season except the Royals don’t have nearly as many sticks in their line-up so we wouldn’t have to sit through four or five pitching changes before the seventh inning and see starters get rocked.


Gonzo is well gone-zo. (

Now the Red Sox have officially thrown in the towel trading away this season and possibly the next as the injured Carl Crawford won’t ever have a chance to prove he deserved his contract in Boston. Adrian Gonzalez is the kind of player who could really kill the Yankees as a left-handed power hitter, and a gold-glove caliber first baseman. Instead the Sox are left with James Loney to play first. How many more games of this do we have to watch?


After only one season will Red Sox and Valentine chuck up the deuces? (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

As an outsider I see this move as a vote of confidence from ownership to Bobby Valentine. They got rid of bad blood and bad contracts to hopefully give him new pieces that he can work with next year and possibly beyond. The elephant in the room however is second baseman Dustin Pedroia. He represents the organization right now to a fault. Pedroia has openly spoken out against Valentine several times this season. When the star player and coach or manager aren’t a united front the locker room will remain divided. On the Herd with Colin Cowherd this morning former Boston hero Curt Schilling said he did not believe Valentine would be back and suggested a fresh face should take over. Schilling believes that with the success of young first time managers like Robin Venture in Chicago the Sox should bring in Jason Varitek to manage. Personally I like the idea after seeing how Joe Girardi has worked for the Yankees.

If I were to say that I haven’t taken pleasure in some of the turmoil happening in Beantown this year, I would be lying. The off field circus has been a comedy of errors and filled the airwaves of football heavy sports radio with plenty of fodder, but the on-field product is close to unwatchable. This season my favorite games to watch were Kuroda vs. Darvish and Kuroda’s two hit shutout against the Rangers. I get excited for Yankees v Texas and Yankees v Detroit this season not Boston vs New York. I have wondered in the past if this blog has any power to jinx the teams we write about and now I fear we may have jinxed the rivalry entirely.


Yankee fans how do you feel about the Red Sox struggles this season? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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