Picking It Back Up – Week One

Oh God. Do we really have to do this again this season?

Er, I mean hell yeah it’s time to pick the games each team from the Northeast is tangled in this weekend. Not only am I going to absolutely crush it this season I’m pretty sure after reading Erik’s Giants preview I won’t have to worry about having any competition.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (-3.5)

Give me the G-Men here. They’re at home and they are playing a team that they just seem to always get the better of. Just ask Mathias Kiwanuka. I didn’t even know Kiwanuka was still playing for the Giants to be honest. Could have sworn JPP played every position on the defensive line. Still good to see a BC grad still getting work in the NFL.

Back to the pick, I think the Giants are going to win the NFC EAst this season and I think the Eagles are coming in second. That means that at best the Cowboys are the third best team in this division. Also I feel like New York won some kind of trophy last season that named them one of the better teams. ou;goihqjkbdgh;safg. Sorry that typing outburst was just the effect from the shock therapy collar I have that electrocutes me every time I think about last year’s Super Bo — u;qothr1iotnhtgqgr. Never mind let’s just move on.

New England Patriots (-5.5) at Tennessee Titans

This is a joke right?  A 5.5 spread versus the Titans. Honestly I feel bad this is literally stealing. The Patriots are absolutely stacked on offense (some writers think better than last season). With the addition of Brandon Llloyd to the already potent attack of Gronk, Hernandez, Welker and Brady the Pats should be running up and down the field all afternoon. Plus the Titans are starting the immortal Jake Locker at quarterback. First-time starter versus Bill Belichick’s upgraded defense? I’m excited about the Hurt Locker puns for next week’s recap already. If New England doesn’t win this game by more than twice the spread I will be pretty stunned.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-3)

Alright now we have a tough one. I think Buffalo is going to be pretty good this season. The Bills upgraded on the defensive line in getting Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. By the way the Anderson pickup is a double-edged sword because it takes the Patriots best pass rusher from last season off the team. Also Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be playing with broken ribs all season and Fred Jackson will be healthy. On the other side the Jets have been a straight circus all summer. They couldn’t score a touchdown in the preseason until Greg McIlroy threw a scoring pass. Tebow has just made them more of a spectacle and ESPN’s new favorite team. Seriously ESPN why did every one of your NFL reporters have to go to Jets camp to report on a team that missed the playoffs last season and added a quarterback that is slightly worse than their already horrendous one? So I’m going to take the Bills.

By the way check in tomorrow for SYIO’s season previews for these two squads. I get to do the Jets one so you can expect tons of sarcastic condescension and gleeful celebration of the hilarity that is the Cirque-Du-SoJets.


Did I get it right? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or sound off in the comments.


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