The Opening Line

It’s finally here. The humidity has broken, a few leaves are hitting the ground and tonight at the Meadowlands the Giants and Cowboys will start the 2012 NFL season. I just found out I will be working during the game, but I’ll have a radio at my disposal and Bob Papa is one of the best in the business. Since the prime time NFL games usually run till 11:30, I will get to watch most of the second half. Although there’s really no need since this game was decided once the G-Men hoisted the Lombardi trophy at the end of last season.

New York Giants -3.5 Dallas Cowboys

Reigning champs have been awarded the home opener for the past nine seasons and so far have never lost. That being said the Giants have an irritating knack for losing gimmie games. (Seattle Seahawks at home a season ago.) However, with Jason Witten being a game-time decision with a lacerated spleen and the Cowboys having the worst looking offensive line in football, Big Blue can’t mess this one up. I think the line is very close to accurate and we know it can be an epic shootout when these two quarterbacks go head to head. Giants fans make sure your viewing area is prepared for foul language, thrown remotes and kicked dogs because it will not be the walk in the park other teams would make it. Final score: 31-27.


Will Big Blue continue the streak of 1-0 starts for defending champs? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave a comment.

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