The Return of the White Mamba

It’s been a little while since we’ve talked Celtics here at SeeYouInOctober and really why should we have? This is without a doubt the big lull before the proverbial NBA storm. Players are finished up vacations. Getting that last few weeks of binge partying out of their systems Starting to get back into shape and watching a bunch of NFL games. At least that’s my guess. I really have no idea what NBA players do in their time off.

However I couldn’t help but notice this awesome bit of Celtics news. No it’s not a new player. Jared Sullinger didn’t morph into Kevin McHale. Yes Fab Melo was still drafted.

No the big news is that the Scal-man is back. The Ginger Jordan will reportedly be sitting in as a color commentator for Comcast Sports New England. According to the report from Yahoo Sports, Scal will do 11 games and also work in the studio for a trial period that ends oin January. Hopefully it lasts a whole lot longer than that. Scal is an absolute blast to listen to. Any interview/press conference I have ever seen with him has been absolutely hysterical. Plus he doesn’t take himself to seriously. He knows he’s a goofy looking guy that is lucky enough to have enough skill to have played on a few NBA rosters. I can’t say that Scal will be an awesom commentator but I have very, perhaps unreasonably, high expectations.

In honor of Scal’s apparent retirement and move to the booth it’s time for a countdown of the best highlights (I could find on Youtube) of Scal’s career.


Who said white men can’t jump? Look at the hops on the Scal man. Getting up there like Jordan in his prime. Rondo might have done all the work and made a great pass but all the glory belongs to the man who put it through the basket.


The only reason this isn’t higher is because it came in a loss. After not seeing a single minute in the 2008 Finals, Scal finally got some time in the 2010 version. This highlight really epitomizes what he brought. He looked strange as hell out on the court but the man played hard and sometimes he would become the biggest defensive beast on the court. As Van Gundy points out “When you have a lockdown defender like Scal, you got to let him go.” I’m surprised he didn’t come off of Odom and swat that desperation shot from Kobe back into the stands.


RAIN DANCE! You know the Celtics own the Hawks when Scal made the Garden erupt by going splash all over Josh Smith.


This was in game five of the 2009 playoffs. You know the year where KG got injured and we were throwing out anybody over 6-foot-8 to play power forward. Just imagine if the Cs had a healthy Big Ticket and Scal dropping rain drops. Can’t imagine anyone could stop that.


Fittingly Scal’s best moment comes in front of a microphone. Absolutely loved the confidence and the trash talk. By the way, no way he was not absolutely slammed during this interview. Best three lines;

“What we do against Kobe is we try really really really hard.

“How could that be? I got questions for you guys. We won 66 games. We had the best defense in the NBA. I just didn’t see it.” Pause “Nothing?”

“Yes sir. In the blue jacket that I would wear to church.”

Also a bonus since this isn’t in the longer portion.

Heck it’s only been four years and I could have sworn he was the most important Celtic not named Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett or Rajon Rondo. It’s great to have Scal back.


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