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Prognostication Is My Business: Week 3 in the 2012 NFL

Does anyone like Thursday night games? I know the players don’t as several will miss the games with injuries that typically take a full week to almost heal and I’m pretty sure the fans don’t even like it. They can only be seen on the NFL Network and your team will only be on there once a year, which is hardly a reason to switch to dish and they completely ruin Sundays if your team is playing. To be perfectly honest I don’t even like Monday Night Football. I like my Sundays. I digress. The Patriots nearly came from behind, but still lost, in a game they were favored by nearly two touchdowns while the Giants completed the comeback and won by a touchdown. Buffalo had no need for a comeback as they blew out the Chiefs and the Jets had no chance as they were stifled by the Steelers. Let’s see how they will fare this week.

@ Carolina Panthers -2.5 New York Giants

This is an awful spot for the G-Men. Hakeem Nicks, David Diehl, Ahmad Bradshaw and Domenik Hixon are all out. They are on the road against a dynamic player in Cam Newton who can eat up defenses. The reasons why the Panthers are favored is obvious and as a prognosticator I think it’s the safe bet, but induldge me for a moment and I’ll tell you why as a fan I believe they will win. We still have Eli Manning and Victor Cruz. I don’t think Bradshaw is a feature back, so that isn’t a huge loss. They haven’t had the same offensive line seemingly since 2008. Newton is prone to make mistakes in the form of interceptions so the name of the game is contain and force him to pick apart the secondary. Big Blue is a more seasoned team and can take advantage of the up and coming Panthers. Plus the Giants always do the opposite of what you think they will.

New York Jets -2.5 @ Miami Dolphins

Anything can happen in road games and more importantly in divisional games. The Jets look like a mediocre team this year, which is more than you can say for the fish. Sure both teams are 1-1, but the Dolphins had the luxury of playing a west coast team on their home turf, where they all have trouble adjusting to the new time zone. The Jets will have no such problem and will move the ball on that weak d like an offensive lineman on a buffet. Ryan Tannehill will have more growing pains. Off the field he was winning the battle with his smoking hot wife Lauren, but the Jets are pulling closer as Mark Sanchez is dating Eva Longoria. Or are they winning?

Buffalo Bills -3 @ Cleveland Browns

I’m back in on the Bills. Well in certain situations like playing quite possibly the worst team in the league. CJ Spiller is my proudest prediction thus far. Have I mentioned that yet? I think I may have. I believe that Fitzy will have a big game passing for 300 plus yards while there is another dominating performance for everybody’s favorite losers.

@ Baltimore Ravens -3 New England Patriots

My how the mighty have fallen. The Pats looked like they would roll through this season straight into their second straight Superbowl. We knew they would lose a couple, because everyone does, but the Arizona Cardinals? Now the world has lost faith in this squad as they are road dogs. The Ravens lost last week too remember? I think that Belichick has had this game circled on his calendar for months and will be prepared to baffle Flaco, shut down Ray Rice and allow Tom Brady to do what he does best. Pats win on the road.


Did I get it right? Let me know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Try, Try Again – Week Three Picks

Make fun of Tom Brady for the Uggs commercials but you can’t question the toughness of anyone who will get in Ray Lewis’ grill.

It’s been a pretty rough first couple weeks in terms of picking for us here at SeeYouInOctober. Last week I finished with a 1-2-1 mark thnaks to the Giants hitting the seven points on the head. Overall this season I am now 2-4-1. That’s not exactly stellar but last weekend I went 9-0 (and 6-2 against the spread) in picking college games of my full-time gig so I have a feeling things are going to start turning around.

New York Jets (-2.5) at Miami Dolphins

I’m taking another New York team on the road in this one. Miami is just so bad. I know the Dolphins took down Oakland last week but the Jets won’t be recovering from a late Monday night game and have had a full week to prepare. Revis is still questionable to play which could hurt but if the Jets secondary can’t stop Tannehill without Revis I’m not sure that they can with Revis.

Snaps for Tebow: Seven. I think the Wildcat gets a few more laps around the track this weekend. I also predicted Tebow’s first pass attempt of the season.

The Pick: Jets 24 Dolphins 12

New York Giants (+2.5) at Carolina Panthers

Boy do I love me some Cam Newton. The dude is just a beast. Reminds me a bunch of Daunte Culpepper with his ability to throw and

Love Killa’ Cam but I’m taking the Giants this week.

run over dudes. He’s better than Vick because he doesn’t crumple like wet paper towels when he gets hit. In fact he often brings the pain more than takes it. I am wary about him because he reminds me of a young LeBron and I’m terrified he will do something a la the decision that will make me turn on him.

Anyway I really like the Giants in this game. I think that win over Tampa Bay really got the momentum going and even with Hakeem Nicks and most of the rest of the roster out, Eli has clearly made it to the elite level. I also think the Panthers, while a team that will be a ton of fun to watch this season, is still locked for a 7-9 year or thereabouts.

The Pick: Giants 28, Panthers 21

Buffalo (-3) at Cleveland

C.J. Spiller is getting ready for a “Get on my back and I will carry you to 2-1” game. The Browns actually played well in week two and Brandon Weedon actually looked like a real NFL quarterback. This week the pass rush, led by Mario Williams might be too much for the 28-year-old rookie and if Spiller is for real (and I am all in on that being true) the Bills will put up their second blowout in as many weeks. Otherwise the Browns will be 2-1 and tied for first in the AFC North and really who thinks that’s going to happen?

The Pick: Bills 31 Browns 14

New England (+3) at Baltimore

From 13.5 favorite to three-point dogs. That’s what a 20-18 loss to to the effing Cardinals will do to you. Still the Patriots probably would not have been favored in this game anyway. Both teams are coming off of tough losses and desperately want  a win to stay above .500. Plus the bad blood between these teams tied in with the Patriots narrow win in the AFC title game make this a HUGE week three matchup. Still this game seems perfect for Baltimore who even without T-Suggs has a strong defense and will be out for blood against New England. Needless to say I am not looking forward to the painful Sunday night I will be enduring.

The Pick: Ravens 27 Patriots 20


Think I got it wrong? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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Like A Boss Week Two

In a complete reversal from week one, the week two Like A Boss award nominees come from the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills. It’s pretty simple. You win and you get nominations. You lose and you get mercilessly left out. So let’s get to those nominees.

1 – Eli Manning

He certainly didn’t look Boss-like in the first half when he was completing more passes to the Buccaneers than his Giants teammates but the new king of comebacks turned it on in the second half. Peyton’s little brother was actually able to bounce back from those turnovers to finish with 510 yards passing and three passing touchdowns while leading the team to 25 points, that’s right 25 points, in the fourth quarter. To put that in perspective 15 teams (including Peyton’s Broncos) didn’t score 25 points in the four quarters they were involved in.

2 – Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz

These two get co-nominations since they both were unbelievable against Tampa Bay. Eli wouldn’t have had  the game he  had without Nicks and Cruz catching any and all objects thrown in their direction. Rumor has it that Cruz caught a cornerbacks mouth guard that flew out on a running play early in the second quarter. Nicks caught 10 passes for 199 yards and a touchdown and was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week and Cruz caught 11 passes for 179 yards and a score. It’s really a toss up who was more important which is why these two will share the nomination just like they share Eli’s passes.

3 – C.J. Spiller

If you haven’t read the Bills recap for this week then you missed out on my gushing about Clifford Spiller and his single-handedly carrying my fantasy team, oh and the actual team he plays for, this past weekend. With Fred Jackson down, Spiller was given the reigns to the offense and racked up 123 yards and two touchdowns on just 15 carries. Plus he caught a few passes for 47 yards.  Now if we can just figure out a sick nickname for him he will officially ascend into a stratosphere a Bills player hasn’t been in in a long time.

And the award goes to:

Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz!

Did I mention that Nicks was playing with an injury that will keep him out this week? Did I mention that both had games that would make Jerry Rice jealous? Did I mention that Nicks was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week? Well who am I to question what the NFC has already awarded.

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The Kneel Down Heard Round the League

Tommy Coughlin was fired up. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

New York Giants 41 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34

Giants fans I was right there with you. “Are you kidding me?” was the first half. “Here we go again,” was the second half. Can’t they ever make things easy on us? My father, who went to see both of the Superbowls under Bill Parcels, told me long ago that it doesn’t matter how you win, a W is a W. Big Blue has never played well with a lead, they can look absolutely horrible against bad teams, and mediocre against great teams, but they’ve been to five Superbowls and won four. This Sunday we watched them play to the level of their opponent as usual and emerge with another fourth quarter victory.

Eli Manning had a rough quarter. In fact both Manning brothers threw three picks in a quarter this past weekend. Unlike big brother, Eli was able to complete the comeback as he was near perfect in the fourth quarter. It was a huge day through the air as Manning racked up 510 yards with nearly 200 going to Hakeem Nicks. Victor Cruz had a bounce back game with 11 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown. Martellus Bennett even got in on the action providing a score to go along with 72 yards. These are the kind of performances you can only find when the team is trailing the way Big Blue was after the three early turnovers.

It was the tale of two halves for Eli Manning on Sunday. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

So what changed? Manning didn’t suddenly get more accurate. Ahmad Bradshaw went out with a neck injury bringing in Andre Brown. Now I’ve never been a big fan of Bradshaw as he is often hurt and middle of the pack in terms of production. The running game hasn’t been there much at all since last season, but when Brown came in the game he got it going for 71 yards averaging nearly 5.5 per carry. When watching the games on television with the national announcers they are quick to point out the lack of continuity, health and push on the offensive line, but listening to the game on radio with Bob Papa, Carl Banks and Howard Cross, who are around the team constantly, they point out several plays designed to one side that Bradshaw will cut back and not follow his blockers. Hopefully the other backs like Brown and the rookie David Wilson, who is currently relegated mostly to kick returning after his week one fumble, will help this line gain confidence and help open the passing game.

Defensively the secondary looked out matched against Vincent Jackson especially in the first half. They made adjustments throughout the game and even got two picks off of Josh Freeman. Jason Pierre Paul and Chase Blackburn each picked up their first sack of the season. Normally giving up 34 points is an extremely poor defensive performance, but here there was one touchdown scored by the opposing defense and they were faced with short fields. In the second half the Giants won 27-10. And the one touchdown was scored on a very well covered route, but the ball bounced off the helmet of Justin Tryon, who really played a very nice game.

The real story coming out of this game had nothing to do with all of what I’ve talked about thus far. It was the final play of regulation as Big Blue lined up in victory formation to take one final kneel down, as they had done to close out the first half, and what looked like a formality turned into a controversy. The Bucs went for it as they bowled over the offensive line looking to create a fumble for the last ditch effort of a scoop and score to tie the game. It didn’t work and Tom Coughlin was mildly perturbed with rookie head coach Greg Schiano’s tactics.

I believe there is no right or wrong here. The line could have prepared themselves to make one more block, but the Bucs were making a desperate move. It had nothing to do with playing until the final whistle because in the same game they allowed the Giants to kneel to end the first half. I don’t like the fact that they did it as I believe they should have taken the defeat like men, but there was certainly nothing wrong with it.


How did you feel about the kneel? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Prognostication Is My Bussiness: Week 2 in the 2012 NFL

Thank goodness for the New England Patriots. If it weren’t for the hall of fame tandem of Mr. Brady and Coach Belichick both Phil and I would have totally struck out on the opening weekend. Buffal Oh No! I was nervous about that pick going into the game and they showed us why. Rex Ryan may actually know what he’s doing? And leave it to the New York Football Giants to be the first team in history to lose a slam dunk home opener post Superbowl championship. It’s always interesting here in the northeast where we shrug off losses like these and keep our sights set on the playoffs.

@ New York Giants -7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Have to believe the G-Men will rebound this weekend. They can’t start the season 0-2 at home and with an extra three days of rest and preparation, they will come out hungry. I think this Tampa team is much closer to the 10-6 team of two years ago rather than their putrid four wins last season, but this is a really bad spot for them. Victor Cruz dropped a few sure catches last week so you have to be worried about a sophomore slump. HOWEVA, he dropped a couple in the opener at Washington last season and was written off as fans clamored for Steve Smith. How’d that work out? Big Blue will be fine.

@ New England Patriots -13.5 Arizona Cardinals

Oh it is so tempting to say that no NFL team can win by two touchdowns. HOWEVA, these New England Patriots don’t play by those rules. The Cardinals are still trying to figure out who they are and who their quarterback is for that matter, but the Pats know exactly who they are. They are the Superbowl runner-ups (zing). That makes them angry and I almost feel bad for the teams on their schedule. With a revamped defense and an improved running game they will dominate the line of scrimmage, time of possession and, most importantly, the scoreboard.

@ Buffalo Bills -3 Kansas City Chiefs

I may not claim to know very much about the NFL, but I do know that good teams bounce back at home and you should never put too much stock in any individual game. HOWEVA, I didn’t like what I saw at all from the Bills last week. I don’t think they’re a good team, so the first rule doesn’t apply and they looked small compared to the Jets, which doesn’t get better. This KC team remembers what happened last year and after seeing what happened last week they are licking their chops. It’s going to be a rough couple weeks for the Bills, but give it a few weeks for CJ Spiller to really establish himself and for the coaching staff to put together a better game plan. Just not this week.

@ Pittsburgh Steelers -5 New York Jets

Do you think the 2012 Steelers are a good team? I’m really not sold. They are aging defensively and have some serious issues on the offensive line. In many ways they remind me of the New York Giants, but I don’t have a vested interest in their success, so I have my doubts. HOWEVA, I really did like what I saw from the Jets week one and it wasn’t the ground and pound. It was the uptempo short throws with a balanced running attack to set up play action. The defensive front line was unimpressive, but nobody can bring down Big Ben. If Revis plays, I think the Jets can win it. Either way it’s a field goal difference.


Think I got them right? Let me know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave a comment.

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Not Overreacting – Week Two Picks

IF anything about the Bears-Packers game on Thursday night taught us, it’s that week one doesn’t decide the entire season. The Bears were chucking the ball around the field like the ’07 Patriots last Sunday while the Packers couldn’t handle Alex Smith at home. However last night the Packers brutalized Jay Cutler and the Chicago offense en route to a 23-10 win.

Maybe the Bears offense looked so great because, I don’t know, they were playing a team that won TWO games last season? Perhaps the Packers struggled against a Super Bowl contender from a year ago that only got better on offense in the off-season.

So with the example fresh in my mind it’s time for this weeks picks where the Jets soar into Pittsburgh, the Bills try to regroup against Kansas City, the Giants get rested for Tampa Bay and the Patriots bring in an NFC West team not named San Francisco.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants (-7)

The optimist says: Giants played a typical Giants game where they made some bad decisions and let a game get away from them. There is no way that Eli Manning will play that badly this season. There is also the distinct possibility that the Cowboys might actually be good this season (GASP!) and the Giants were just beaten by a good team. You know who isn’t a very good team? Tampa Bay.

The pessimist says: Victor Cruz has crashed back down to earth and the running game was less than stellar. Maybe the Manning’s only have a finite amount of talent they can use and Eli was only great because Peyton was out for a year. Also Tampa Bay doesn’t have Raheem Morris coaching them anymore.

The Pick: New York Giants 27 Tampa Bay 13

Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots (-13.5)

The optimist says: Kevin Kolb is playing quarterback. That’s right that Kevin Kolb. The guy who was benched for John Skelton to start this season. Now he’s got to contend with the greatly improved Patriots defense and the beast that is Chandler Jones. Plus this game is in New England. Plus the Pats scored 34 points last week while looking pretty mediocre in the passing game. For God’s sake Wes Welker had three catches for 14 yards! Oh and now they can run the ball. Now this line seems to low.

The pessimist says: Being favored by two touchdowns is always disconcerting. It’s just such a daunting number. Didn’t you see Kevin Kolb look like Joe Montana when he led that comeback in the desert last week? Tom Brady didn’t look sharp ALL game just most of it. Plus I’m not convinced this Welker production drop might not be a result of the contract negotiations.

The Pick: New England 38, Arizona 17. I really struggled with this. I had a whole section typed where I picked the Cardinals to win with the points but the more I thought about it I just couldn’t see the Cardinals scoring enough to do so.

Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills (-3)

The optimist says: Last week was just a bad week one. This team is still working out the kinks. Other than a disastrous first half the Bills ended up looking okay. No one comes into the Ralph and pushes the Bills around. Also no one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills.

The pessimist says: Ryan Fitzpatrick is our franchise quarterback. A guy that couldn’t cut it in Cincy and played football at Harvard is supposed to carry us to the promised land. While teams like Washington and Indianapolis get RG3 and Andrew Luck somehow the quarterback the Bills invest the franchise in is Ryan Fitzpatrick. Plus the Chiefs might have ended up getting blown out by Atlanta last week but the Chiefs played with them in the first half (Trailed 20-17 at half).

The Pick: Kansas City 24 Buffalo 20

New York Jets (+5.5) at Pittsburgh 

The optimist says: J-E-T-S Jets. Jets. Jets. Did you see the offense last week. Sanchez didn’t even care about Tebow. Or maybe he did and it motivated him to finally not play like crap. Stephen Hill is the real deal and the best wideout this team has had since Keyshawn was being thrown to by Neil O’Donnel.

The pessimist says: Darelle Revis might not play because of a concussion. The Bills might be pretty awful. The Steelers are at home in desperation mode after a week one loss to Denver. Ryan Clark couldn’t play at Mile High because of health issues but he’ll be plenty ready to go meaning the Pittsburgh secondary will be stronger than the one Peyton Manning faced last week. Mark Sanchez is not Peyton Manning. Plus there is always the threat that Heinz Field might  get blown up followed by the city of Gotham er Pittsburgh being overtaken by a masked man.

The Pick: Pittsburgh 25 New York Jets 21


What were your reactions to week one? Did I get these right? Totally wrong? Let us know via Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.


Picking It Back Up – Week One

Oh God. Do we really have to do this again this season?

Er, I mean hell yeah it’s time to pick the games each team from the Northeast is tangled in this weekend. Not only am I going to absolutely crush it this season I’m pretty sure after reading Erik’s Giants preview I won’t have to worry about having any competition.

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (-3.5)

Give me the G-Men here. They’re at home and they are playing a team that they just seem to always get the better of. Just ask Mathias Kiwanuka. I didn’t even know Kiwanuka was still playing for the Giants to be honest. Could have sworn JPP played every position on the defensive line. Still good to see a BC grad still getting work in the NFL.

Back to the pick, I think the Giants are going to win the NFC EAst this season and I think the Eagles are coming in second. That means that at best the Cowboys are the third best team in this division. Also I feel like New York won some kind of trophy last season that named them one of the better teams. ou;goihqjkbdgh;safg. Sorry that typing outburst was just the effect from the shock therapy collar I have that electrocutes me every time I think about last year’s Super Bo — u;qothr1iotnhtgqgr. Never mind let’s just move on.

New England Patriots (-5.5) at Tennessee Titans

This is a joke right?  A 5.5 spread versus the Titans. Honestly I feel bad this is literally stealing. The Patriots are absolutely stacked on offense (some writers think better than last season). With the addition of Brandon Llloyd to the already potent attack of Gronk, Hernandez, Welker and Brady the Pats should be running up and down the field all afternoon. Plus the Titans are starting the immortal Jake Locker at quarterback. First-time starter versus Bill Belichick’s upgraded defense? I’m excited about the Hurt Locker puns for next week’s recap already. If New England doesn’t win this game by more than twice the spread I will be pretty stunned.

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-3)

Alright now we have a tough one. I think Buffalo is going to be pretty good this season. The Bills upgraded on the defensive line in getting Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. By the way the Anderson pickup is a double-edged sword because it takes the Patriots best pass rusher from last season off the team. Also Ryan Fitzpatrick won’t be playing with broken ribs all season and Fred Jackson will be healthy. On the other side the Jets have been a straight circus all summer. They couldn’t score a touchdown in the preseason until Greg McIlroy threw a scoring pass. Tebow has just made them more of a spectacle and ESPN’s new favorite team. Seriously ESPN why did every one of your NFL reporters have to go to Jets camp to report on a team that missed the playoffs last season and added a quarterback that is slightly worse than their already horrendous one? So I’m going to take the Bills.

By the way check in tomorrow for SYIO’s season previews for these two squads. I get to do the Jets one so you can expect tons of sarcastic condescension and gleeful celebration of the hilarity that is the Cirque-Du-SoJets.


Did I get it right? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or sound off in the comments.

The Opening Line

It’s finally here. The humidity has broken, a few leaves are hitting the ground and tonight at the Meadowlands the Giants and Cowboys will start the 2012 NFL season. I just found out I will be working during the game, but I’ll have a radio at my disposal and Bob Papa is one of the best in the business. Since the prime time NFL games usually run till 11:30, I will get to watch most of the second half. Although there’s really no need since this game was decided once the G-Men hoisted the Lombardi trophy at the end of last season.

New York Giants -3.5 Dallas Cowboys

Reigning champs have been awarded the home opener for the past nine seasons and so far have never lost. That being said the Giants have an irritating knack for losing gimmie games. (Seattle Seahawks at home a season ago.) However, with Jason Witten being a game-time decision with a lacerated spleen and the Cowboys having the worst looking offensive line in football, Big Blue can’t mess this one up. I think the line is very close to accurate and we know it can be an epic shootout when these two quarterbacks go head to head. Giants fans make sure your viewing area is prepared for foul language, thrown remotes and kicked dogs because it will not be the walk in the park other teams would make it. Final score: 31-27.


Will Big Blue continue the streak of 1-0 starts for defending champs? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave a comment.

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Five Giant Questions

Despite the beds the Giants were back in Albany to prepare to defend their title.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the NFL season as the reigning Superbowl champion New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys. The G-Men will begin their defense of the title missing a few heroes from this past season and some new faces looking to fill their shoes. No team goes into the season without a few questions and before I give my official prediction for the opener I will ask and try to answer some of those facing Big Blue.

1. Can the Giants produce more consistency in the running game?

Ahmad Bradshaw is an above average back, but last season the Giants ranked near the bottom of the league in rushing yards. Obviously this didn’t hurt their ability to win games when it mattered because Eli Manning took the next step forward in his progression by putting the team on his shoulder pads, but can he do it again? Let’s face it at 9-7 they were lucky to get into the playoffs and thanks to some key defensive players getting healthy put together an impressive run

Can David Willson be this year’s breakout rookie and stabilized the running game? (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

through the post season. This year the Eagles will get better as they have a second season with the same players and coaching staff with last season being a transitional period. The Giants will need the ground game to take time off the clock to put away teams in the fourth quarter. Bradshaw hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy, but the rookie David Willson looks to make an impact immediately.

2. Who will be the leading receiver this season?

Victor Cruz was an unbelievable breakout star for the Giants last year. It was his ability to turn underneath routes into home-run plays that helped turned the tide of many games in the favor of New York. Fans have to be a little wary of the sophomore slump, but I don’t think that will be a problem. Cruz has now had a full training camp and what he does well doesn’t disappear. He is a precise route runner with elusive speed who showed last season during the playoffs what he could do even when teams began game planning against him. I expect Cruz to start slow as Hakeem Nicks works his way back from injury and without Mario Manningham to provide a proven third option. This is the make or break year for Ramses Barden, who did have a good camp, but we’ll see if that can translate to the playing field. I don’t believe it will. Reuben Randle however is someone to be excited about. He was a steal at the bottom of the second round and could make a big impact when called upon. All that being said by week four I anticipate Nicks will have a breakout game and Cruz will establish himself as Manning’s favorite target.

3. Can the aging D-Line stay healthy?

It wasn’t until Osi and Tuck both got healthy at the same time that the Giants started making people notice how good this team was. JPP had a breakout year as he saw less blockers early in the year then, when he garnered more attention, the healthy veterans took over down the stretch. If Tuck and Osi can be on the field for double digit games this year I predict JPP will lead the league in sacks. He is still relatively new to football and he is learning. Similar to Cruz I believe a full camp will help JPP emerge as the most dominant defensive force in the NFL this season. Jared Allen, DeMarcus Ware, your time is over. However, if he doesn’t have a full complement of defensive lineman around him it will be a difficult season.

2. Will there be a Superbowl hangover?

No team has repeated as champion since the Patriots in ’04. Cruz wrote a book and made more appearances on talk shows than his distant relative Tom

Can Tommy Coughlin keep Big Blue focused all season? (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Cruise. Hopefully he was studying the playbook in his off days. My favorite line from The Dark Knight Rises comes from Bane when he is kicking the living crap out of Bruce Wayne and he bellows: “Victory has defeated you.” That is the danger of becoming complacent with success. Becoming wrapped up in everything off the field. There are two people who won’t fall victim: Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. I think they will set the tone in the locker room this season and if 2008 is any indicator of how they handle success, they will be just fine. As long as nobody shoots themselves.

1. How will the Giants fare this season?

My completely biased opinion: 11-5. In typical Giants fashion there will be highs and lows, but in the end they will return to the playoffs and look similar to the world beaters they were in 2008.


How would you answer these five questions? Let us know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Jason Terry And The Best Athlete Tattoos

Best. Tattoo. Ever.

Talk about a guy buying in. You can’t remove that. Well you can but the laser surgery costs a bunch and then you have an ugly scar instead of the best tattoo I’ve ever seen on an athlete.  The Jet is just unbelievably excited to play for the Celtics and that is just so awesome so see/hear/sense in any way.

“I have been a little busy getting a new tattoo. Obviously I did it with the Mavericks before the season the year we won it, and hopefully this year, again, we’ll have the luck of the leprechaun and we’ll get it done again. I definitely believe last year they were right there. They’re already a championship team. They just needed a little jet fuel,” Terry told ESPNBoston.

Just needed more jet fuel? How awesome a line is that? Unbelievably awesome would be the correct answer. I love athletes that are confident, especially if they’re on the team I’m rooting for.  Hell, I briefly considered how difficult it would be to get dual citizenship in Jamaica so I wouldn’t feel like I was letting my country down by rooting for Usain Bolt in the Olympics.

Plus you want the guy coming off the bench that’s going to take big shots with defenders on him to not only be unafraid of Shane Battier or whatever defender gets thrown at him but you want him to feel like every shot is going in as well. Plus nothing can top a good celebration in the other teams mug when the shot goes splash. Would it be insane if I got a Jason Terry jersey before I got a Rondo? Yeah I guess it would be but still.

Speaking of Rondo, Jet clearly doesn’t want anything to do with how Allen and Rondo fell out saying in the same interview that Rondo is “obviously the best point guard in the league.” Now just say Brady is the best quarterback of the last decade and I would take a bullet for this man.

Other than his tattoo making me immediately restructure my rankings of people with the nickname Jet (Terry is now No. 2 behind Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez), it also got me thinking about athlete’s with tattoos.  Just about every player has some it seems. So here’s my Top Five.

The Best

No. 5 – Jeremy Shockey

AMURICA F*CK YEAH! Can’t question this mans patriotism (Well except that he never played for the Patriots I guess).

No. 4 Nate Robinson

I’m a sucker for a good skyline on just about anything. Hats, shirt or even 5-foot-9 combo guard’s necks. Plus Robinson is a native of Seattle which has a pretty nice skyline (but no NBA team anymore unfortunately).

No. 3 – Chris “Birdman” Anderson

A lot of people hate this tattoo. But I don’t. Would I get it? Hell no but the Birdman is all about the tats and I say if he wants to free the bird than good for him.

No. 2 – Carmelo Anthony

I’m talking about the ‘WB’ log here. Officially the ink is for West Baltimore where Melo moved when he was eight and good for him for repping his hometown.  However the more subtle (and probably real) meaning, which those with street cred like me  (I’ve watched some episodes of The Wire)  means “Warn A Brother”, makes this even better.

No. 1 – Jason Terry

Did you not read the beginning of this post. What else did you think it was going to be.



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