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Like A Boss Week Two

In a complete reversal from week one, the week two Like A Boss award nominees come from the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills. It’s pretty simple. You win and you get nominations. You lose and you get mercilessly left out. So let’s get to those nominees.

1 – Eli Manning

He certainly didn’t look Boss-like in the first half when he was completing more passes to the Buccaneers than his Giants teammates but the new king of comebacks turned it on in the second half. Peyton’s little brother was actually able to bounce back from those turnovers to finish with 510 yards passing and three passing touchdowns while leading the team to 25 points, that’s right 25 points, in the fourth quarter. To put that in perspective 15 teams (including Peyton’s Broncos) didn’t score 25 points in the four quarters they were involved in.

2 – Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz

These two get co-nominations since they both were unbelievable against Tampa Bay. Eli wouldn’t have had  the game he  had without Nicks and Cruz catching any and all objects thrown in their direction. Rumor has it that Cruz caught a cornerbacks mouth guard that flew out on a running play early in the second quarter. Nicks caught 10 passes for 199 yards and a touchdown and was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week and Cruz caught 11 passes for 179 yards and a score. It’s really a toss up who was more important which is why these two will share the nomination just like they share Eli’s passes.

3 – C.J. Spiller

If you haven’t read the Bills recap for this week then you missed out on my gushing about Clifford Spiller and his single-handedly carrying my fantasy team, oh and the actual team he plays for, this past weekend. With Fred Jackson down, Spiller was given the reigns to the offense and racked up 123 yards and two touchdowns on just 15 carries. Plus he caught a few passes for 47 yards.  Now if we can just figure out a sick nickname for him he will officially ascend into a stratosphere a Bills player hasn’t been in in a long time.

And the award goes to:

Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz!

Did I mention that Nicks was playing with an injury that will keep him out this week? Did I mention that both had games that would make Jerry Rice jealous? Did I mention that Nicks was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week? Well who am I to question what the NFC has already awarded.

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Spilling Points All Over The Chiefs

Introducing the Buffalo Bills 2012 offense. (buffalobills.com)

What just happened? Last week the Buffalo Bills were busy getting trounced by an offense led by Mark Sanchez and then this past weekend the Bills looked like Oklahoma State to Kansas City’s Savannah State as they rolled up a 35-17 win that wasn’t even that close against the Chiefs. Win a blowout, lose in a blowout. At this rate the Bills will be 8-8 at the end of the season with a top tier offense and a defense near the bottom of the league. I guess that’s improvement.

Honestly it seems like the Bills were not as bad as they were last weekend but they are not as good as they were against the Chiefs. (Spoiler Alert: Kansas City is pretty awful). Still after it seemed like the Bills were ready for a nice 6-10 campaign they got right back into the mix and are currently tied for first, through a whole two weeks!

Now let’s get to the real reason to talk about the Bills. My man C.J. Spiller.Some interesting facts about Spiller. He graduated from Clemson. He was born in August. He currently leads the league in rushing yards (292).  He can rip a phone book in half with just his index finger. One of those facts may or may not be true.  As correctly predicted by the crack investigative journalists here at SeeYouInOctober the Spill-man (working on a nickname. Suggestions are welcome) is absolutely crushing it this season. Spiller ran for 123 yards on just 15 carries and got into the end zone twice in the win over the Chiefs. He is the reason the Bills are currently the No. 1 rushing team in the NFL and for why my fantasy team, Killa Cam’s Mind Tricks, obliterated it’s competition last weekend. Plus Spiller can catch the ball (three receptions, 47 yards) making him possibly the second best non-quarterback offensive player  in the AFC East behind Rob Gronkowski. I know it’s been just one week of this but Bills fans could really get used to Clifford Spiller.

The strong running game allowed Ryan Fitzpatrick to turn back into the solid game manager he is meant to be. Fitzy completed 10-of-

Well put sir. (buffalobills.com)

19 passes for 178 yards and a pair of touchdowns to bounce back from a horrendous performance in week one against the Jets. Still that is not great news for Bills fans considering this man is making franchise quarterback money while putting up numbers that would look good in a Pop Warner game.

On defense the Bills got two sacks from a guy with the last name Williams! Unfortunately it was nose tackle Kyle Williams and not defensive end Mario Williams. You know, the guy the Bills signed for six years with $50 million guaranteed. So far this season Williams has three tackles and a pass defended. It’s way to early to call bust but I know Bills fans want to see the next Bruce Smith right now not in week six. Mario should also consider upping the production if he really wants his cereal to take off. Other than that the defense was solid and although it gave up 422 yards that  was mainly in garbage time in the second half when I’m pretty sure Buffalo State alums were being asked to play cornerback.

So week two is in the books and really there still isn’t a book written on the Bills. The prevailing feeling is that they are somewhere in between their first two efforts. How close they are to the second week team, especially Spiller, is how close they could be to really contending for a playoff spot.


Which Bills are the real Bills? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.


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Brodeur Region Round 2: #3 Ted Williams vs #6 Bruce Smith

Two of the best at what they did. Ted Williams could hit and no one ever really perfected the craft as much as the Splendid Splinter. Bruce Smith brought down quarterbacks and if total number of times doing that is what matters than no one was better than No. 78.

Who’s the last guy to hit .400? Ted Williams. Who missed three seasons in his prime to go rid the world of Naziism? Ted Williams. Even with that three year break Williams still amassed some incredible career numbers. A career .344 hitter, he smashed 521 home runs, drove in 2021 runs with a career 1.11g OPS. He led the league in batting six different times, RBIs four times, runs six times and nine times led the leagues in slugging and OPS. He also got a pair of AL MVP’s for his efforts. The only knock against Williams is that he (unlike every other Red Sox from 1918-2004) never captured a World Series title.

Bruce Smith was a terror on the edge for the Bills for 14 seasons. While he was there Smith racked up nine First Team All-Pro selections, two Defensive Player of the Years awards and amassed an NFL record 200 sacks for his career. Unfortuantely Smith was a part of one of the toughest yet successful stretches ever in sports as he helped the Bills get to four straight Super Bowl victories in the eraly nineties, without ever getting a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.



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Brady Region Round 2: #4 OJ Simpson vs #5 Bob Cousy

Congratulations Buffalo you got a player into the second round! OJ Simpson trumped Eli Manning to move on to face Bob Cousy who dismantled Ty Law by collecting 100 percent of the votes cast. I guess it was unfair to put Law up against such a NBA legend but someone had to do it.

Innocent or not the Juice will always be remembered more for his joy ride in the White Bronco and the 1990s murder trial. It’s too bad because without that his name would be mentioned in conversations with Payton, Brown, Sanders instead of well I guess there haven’t been a whole lot of hall of fame athlete turned accused murderers. Still in his nine years with Buffalo Simpson amassed 11,236 yards, 61 TDS and was named to the Pro Bowl six times, while leading the NFL in TDs twice. Was OJ one of the best ever? Well if the glove fits. (Sorry last one).

Cousy began his career with the Celtics in 1950. Yes that’s right 1950 just five years after World War II ended. He went on to play 13 seasons with the Celtics under arguably the greatest NBA coach of all-time Red Auerbach. Cousy won six NBA championships and an MVP (1957). He played in 13 All-Star games and was named to the NBA First Team 10 times. His number now hangs in the rafters of TD Garden, alright not as illustrious as the former Boston Garden but still. Basketball wouldn’t be the same without Cousy’s influence.

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Brodeur Region: #6 Bruce Smith vs #11 Roger Maris

Woah another Buffalo Bill sighting?! Well yes for those not familiar with the franchise the Bills actually did win football games at one point and Bruce Smith was a huge reason for that. Roger Maris is known as the guy who orginally broke Babe Ruth’s record, and for any baseball fan worth his salt is still holds that single season home run record, despite what a few juiceheads might have done.

Bruce Smith was a terror on the edge for the Bills for 14 seasons. While he was there Smith racked up nine First Team All-Pro selections, two Defensive Player of the Years awards and amassed an NFL record 200 sacks for his career. Unfortuantely Smith was a part of one of the toughest yet successful stretches ever in sports as he helped the Bills get to four straight Super Bowl victories in the eraly nineties, without ever getting a chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Rings and home runs are not things that are lacking for Maris. He was a seven time All-Star won three World Series and twice won the AL MVP Award, and that was while playing with Mickey Mantle on his squad. Maris didn’t play long enough to get put into the same conversations as the great Yankees as he played only seven seasons with the Yanks, but he still managed to crush it in those years by hitting 203 home runs and driving in 850 runs including the magical run to 61 dingers in  1961.

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Russell Region: #7 Kevin McHale Vs. #10 Jim Kelly

Do championships really mean everything? If so this is a serious mismatch. If not this could be a close contest. One thing they have in common are actors of the same name. Didn’t know that until we did a search for them on the internet and found people who did not play professional sports.

Proving that Bob Dylan isn’t the only person to make it out of Hibbing, Minnesota, Kevin McHale was one of the great Celtics of the 1980s. He was part of three championship teams playing alongside the likes of Larry Bird, Bill Walton and Robert Parrish. Throughout his 15 year career McHale was a seven time all-star and twice named the Sixth Man of the Year. He ranks in the top 25 all-time for blocks and was a three time All Defensive First Team player. However it wasn’t all about the D. McHale averaged nearly 18 points per game for his career and was a 60% shooter. Some things he hasn’t accomplished: Acting on the TV show Glee, so if you’re looking for the kid who pretends to be in a wheel chair, go somewhere else. Please. We don’t like Glee here at SeeYouInOctober. The basketball player did make two appearances on Cheers.

Who needs gold when you can take home four silvers? That was the story of the Buffalo Bills in the early ‘90s and while Jim Kelly can never claim to be a champion, he did make it to the big game four straight years. He along with wide receiver Andre Reed was one of the most successful tandems in the history of the NFL. Kelly ran an up-tempo style offense and brought 101 wins to the Bills, ranking him 11th all-time. When it comes to Buffalo quarterbacks, Kelly is it. His number 12 is featured in their ring of honor along with many of his teammates from their period of AFC dominance and his 35,467 yards are a franchise record. Bills fans can thank their lucky stars the USFL went under in 1986 because Kelly didn’t want to play in the cold of Western New York. Even though he was drafted there he opted to play in the USFL until it folded. He holds numerous records from his time there, but it was his impact in the NFL that makes him a hall of famer. Also Jim Kelly was never in the movie Enter the Dragon.

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Brady Region: #4 O.J. Simpson vs #13 Eli Manning

What a killer match-up this is! Sorry couldn’t resist. Way back before he was tangled up in a tad bit of legal trouble OJ Simpson was known for being one of the best running backs to ever receive a handoff in the NFL. Eli Manning is coming off his second Super Bowl victory and has finally come out of his brothers shadow, at least in terms of playoff success, and after last year is giving him a run for his money in the regular season as well.

Innocent or not the Juice will always be remembered more for his joy ride in the White Bronco and the 1990s murder trial. It’s too bad because without that his name would be mentioned in conversations with Payton, Brown, Sanders instead of well I guess there haven’t been a whole lot of hall of fame athlete turned accused murderers. Still in his nine years with Buffalo Simpson amassed 11,236 yards, 61 TDS and was named to the Pro Bowl six times, while leading the NFL in TDs twice. Was OJ one of the best ever? Well if the glove fits. (Sorry last one).

On the other side is Eli, who has a much less controversial past. All Manning has done is win a pair of Super Bowls and generally play as the best quarterback the Giants have ever seen. (Sorry Phil Simms). Before last season the verdict was still out on whether Eli was jsut good or elite. Well he has proven that he is elite. Last season he set the record for most 4th quarter touchdowns in a season (15) and through for 29 touchdowns, completed 61.0 percent of his passes and cut his interceptions down to 16. He still hasn’t reached the statistical level of his brother but who cares about that when you have the rings.

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The Unwatchables

The Bills look overwhelmed.

San Diego Chargers 37 Buffalo Bills 10

As the Chargers continue their annual December push for the post season, the stumbling Bills came in their cross-hairs and limped off defeated. The song says: “Seems it never rains in Southern California. Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before. It never rains in California, but girl, don’t they warn ya? It pours man it pours.” The Bills found that out when they left the freezing cold of Buffalo behind and walked into a rainstorm of touchdowns from Philip Rivers and  company losing 37-10.

The Bills have to be scratching their heads right now wondering why the quarterback they signed only looked like Zach Galafanakis and now Fitzy is even playing like him. Seriously his 13-37 for 176 yards with zero touchdowns and two picks was laughable. Bills fans are left in tears, but viewers are in stitches watching this guy who is supposed to be a starting NFL quarterback. Is this the real Fitzy that Buffalo can expect over the next six years? For Bills fans we certainly hope not. There looks to be some communication problems between receivers and Fitzy exacerbated by poor decision making and accuracy issues.

In short everything praiseworthy from the beginning of the year has turned to negatives. Even the schedule appears daunting now. Next week they have a rematch with the Miami Dolphins, who, despite losing their coach after yesterday’s game against the Eagles have proven a tough test all season and looked dominant in their first meeting with the Bills. The following week the formerly hapless Broncos come to town with the omnipotent Tim Tebow under center and a smothering defense sure to give the Bills formerly stellar offense fits. The season will end week 17 in Foxburough with a match up against the Patriots and if you don’t think Belichick and Brady will have revenge on their minds, you haven’t been paying attention.

The Bills made some new fans this season and got the brand on the map. They still have a lot to improve in the off season, especially in the defense. This

I think David Nelson only catches touchdowns when girlfriend Kelsi Reich is on the sidelines.

season their wins came when the offense bailed out the defense as they were third in the league in points per game and have now slid into 17th. A good defense starts with a good pass rush and the Bills, outside of one game in Toronto, have allowed quarterbacks to feel comfortable in the pocket. The Bills are dead last when it comes to sacks with only 19 on the year. To put that in perspective, Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings leads the league with 17.5 sacks. When building the team for next season the defensive line would be a good place to start.

It looks as though the bills have forgotten how to fight. Losing Fred Jackson destroyed their offensive identity and took away the best combined player in the NFL. Now they must struggle through the end of the season and find some sort of dignity. Next year they will have to improve to make a serious push for the playoffs.


Will the Bills pick up a victory in these final three weeks? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Time To Stop Bill-lieving?

Faceplant. Not a word you want associated with your quarterback.

I have always been one that has hated the phrase “There’s always next year.” Nobody is actually consoled by that are they? It’s just trying to accept that your team wasn’t good enough and now you have to go through a long off season with only the hope that maybe next year could be better. Pretty depressing really.

Well it is that depressing sentiment that the Buffalo Bills will have to live with now. The Bills dropped their fifth straight game Sunday losing 23-17 to the Tennessee Titans. The loss puts the Bills record to 5-7 and woefully behind the other AFC Wild Card contenders. With the Jets still hanging on at 7-5,the Broncos riding the prophet known as Tebow, and the Titans somehow winning games the Bills are not really in prime position to make a run at the playoffs.

The Bills ran into the buzzsaw of the rejuvenated Chris Johnson who looked like the Johnson fantasy owners have loved for the past two years. The Bills just never had an answer for him. Johnson ran for 153 yards and two scores, including an impressive 48 yard touchdown scamper to begin the second quarter. The Bills did manage to contain the mighty Matt Hasslbeck, limiting the Titans to only 140 yards through the air. The Bills defense really has only one drive they should be ashamed of (the 48 yard

At least Bills fans still have hope. (Until they move to Toronto).

touchdown run) other than that the defense did it’s job of limiting the damage and keeping the Titans from putting up humongous statistical numbers. The Bills put up more total yards (379-317) and didn’t let the Titans convert much on third down (2-10) while somewhat efficient on third down themselves (7-16). The Bills defense had three players get nine or more tackles with Nick Barnett racking up 11, including three for a loss and a sack, to bring his team high total to 97. However, that one sack was the only real pressure the Bills were able to get as they were beaten on the line most of the day.

On offense the Bills didn’t do anything really special. Ryan Fitzpatrick was good enough completing 29 of 46 passes for 288 yards and a touchdown. C.J. Spiller ran well in place of Fred Jackson but didn’t get as many opportunities to the run the ball as the Bills were forced to throw more often due to the deficit on the scoreboard. Stevie Johnson and Brad Smith had decent receiving games, with Johnson grabbing another touchdown although this week his celebration was a little less controversial. What really killed the team was the turnovers. When the Bills were winning early in the season they were creating turnovers left and right. This week they didn’t create any and lost two fumbles themselves leading to 10 Titans points. With noone going above and beyond in terms of numbers those two mistakes were really the difference in a game in which neither team had much of a standout (other than Chris Johnson).

The Bills obviously have some young talent and they believe in the guys they have. (They proved that by extending Fitzpatrick) but This team is just doesn’t have enough talent and are still some years away from ‘next year’.


What went wrong for the Bills this year? Will ‘next year’ be their year? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments.

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Lucky Week 13

Last week I went 1-2 only getting the Patriots game right. I continue to pick with my heart when it comes to the G-Men and that is really killing me. For the Bills I didn’t think they would muster any offense without Fred Jackson and Fitzpatrick reminded me why I fell in love with him. Now we’ll see how I respond to last week’s games and if I can get a perfect week. I’m feeling good about it, but then again I always am. Also a quick side note: Thank goodness none of the SeeYouInOctober teams are on Monday Night this week. I don’t think I can listen to those knuckleheads they call analysts for another week.

Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills -1.5

This game really is a toss up. I really can’t figure out this Titans team, not that I’ve tried too hard, but they’ve had an up and down season. Much has been made of the Bills cooling off after the hot start and now they are playing a team of a similar level. It is a coin flip, but the edge goes to the Bills. They are playing at home in Ralph Wilson Stadium where they’ve done well this season. Last week I was really impressed by Coach Chan Gailey, receiver Steve Johnson and Fitzy. Gailey spread the field out and went to a lot of empty backfield sets and allowed Fitzy to spread the ball around. Johnson made Revis look like a second stringer as he found separation all day. Believe it or not I think losing Fred-Ex was a good thing for this Bills team. Opponents have taken him out of the game plan for the past month and Fitzy has a ton of success throwing to tight end Scott Chandler. The Bills have righted the ship and Fitzy and company are steering it straight towards an 8-8 record.

New York Jets -3 at Washington Redskins

This is what we in the business like to call a gimmie game. Are you kidding me, the Jets are only three point favorites? As the Jets make their push for the playoffs the ‘Skins are stumbling. I predicted when Washington played the Bills in Toronto they would go two for the rest of the season and with last week’s victory over Seattle they will only find one more win during the rest of the season, but it’s not coming here. I knew the Skins were bad in preseason and I realized they would be terrible when they switched from Grossman to Beck. The only question now is how will this stint effect Coach Shanahan’s legacy? Jets will roll.

Green Bay Packers -6.5 at New York Giants

I’ve been picking my Giants all season, outside of the embarrassment that was the Seattle game, but in case you haven’t been reading my game wraps of recent weeks, I’m not happy with the way they’ve been playing. The G-Men have become the sexy pick to knock off the Packers and that’s part of the reason I’m not buying it. The Packers have had a week and a half of motivation and preparation. Rodgers and company will come out fired up and the Big Blue D doesn’t look that threatening right now. The loss of linebacker Micheal Boley has shown in this three game skid. He has returned to practice, but may not be able to go on Sunday. The play along both lines has been pathetic of late and with the mobility of Rodgers, it doesn’t look like it will get any better. Ahmad Bradshaw is coming back off a foot injury and fans hope that will ignite a spark in the running game, but he wasn’t playing very well before he went down with the injury. I’ll save my Coughlin hate for the post game. Pregame is all on the players.

P.S. I 100% believe the Giants will win this game outright in my heart, but I have to start picking with my head and sound like I know what I’m talking about!

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots -20

When it comes to the Patriots, especially in recent weeks, I like to keep it simple. There is a reason they were the best of our four teams in our preview and they are showing it now. The offense is clicking on all cylinders and the defense has played better of late. Brady and Belichick are still the preeminent coach and QB combo in the NFL and they aren’t afraid to run up the score. When they get the lead they will still take shots down field and even though it is a big number, the Pats have covered some ridiculous spreads this season including last week’s blowout of the Chiefs.


Will the Bills win at home? How bad are the Redskins? Can the Giants pull the upset? How big would the line have to be before you would pick the Colts? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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