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Crash Landings and Tebow Chants

Back to earth for Jets (steelers.com)

TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!And since the Jets love to spell;  T – E – B – O – W  TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW!

That didn’t take long did it? Perhaps the fervor hasn’t reached a point where billboards are going up in NYC urging Rex Ryan to start Mr. Tebow but after a ghastly performance from Mark Sanchez, and really the entire Jets team you can already feel the Tebow fans arising from their slumber ready to bring a hale of boos and Tebow chants down on MetLife Stadium.

Why you ask? Didn’t Mark Sanchez play phenomenally in week one? Wasn’t that proof that this was the year he would finally make that next step? Well sure if he hadn’t dropped out a 10-for-27, 138-yard effort against the Steelers in a 27-10 loss last weekend. Before anyone comes running to Sanchez’s defense with the excuse of it was in Pittsburgh or the Steelers are a great team. Yes it was in Pittsburgh but James Harrison wasn’t playing and even against a good team shouldn’t you be able to complete at least, I don’t know, 40 PERCENT OF YOUR PASSES?!

Well not the Sanchize. It’s back to the bottom of the barrel yet again. Obviously he’s not in the Rodgers/Brady conversation but he should at least be getting into Flacco/Ryan territory by now and neither Flacs or Matty Ice put up those kind of numbers against anyone.

Meanwhile Sanchez’s arch-nemesis (the one that isn’t called consistent quarterback play) Tim Tebow played in something like three

Most important 22 yards rushing all day. (newyorkjets.com)

snaps and finished with one rush for 22 yards. I don’t think Tebow is the answer. I don’t think the Jets are any betetr if Tebow starts but if Sanchez continues to have absolute duds like he did last week the calls for the Jesus of football are going to start to get louder and louder.

Sanchez deteriorating robbed Jets fans of getting to see the ascension of Stephen Hill, who could be the team’s next Keyshawn Johnson. The Georgia Tech alum (that’s right the same Georiga Tech as one Calvin Johnson) was targeted only twice and had zero catches while Santonio Holmes had 11 target (three catches, 28 yards, TD) and the immortal Jeremy Kerly had four targets and a pair of catches.  It’s like the Jets are allergic to offensive stars. When was the last time they really had one. It’s got to be Curtis Martin or Keyshawn right? Since C-Mart retired this squad has just been a conundrum inside of an enigma marinated in question marks offensively speaking. Hill could be the stand out guy they need but if Sanchez (or Tebow) is throwing to him he might not get the chance to show that.

The Shonn Greene as a feature back era is slowly losing ground as well. Greene has the perfect name to be  star for the Jets but put up only 23 yards on 11 carries in the loss to Pittsburgh. Greene had a 1,000-yard season last year but just barely (1,054 yards) and really how impressive is just getting to the 1,000-yard mark anymore? Greene will again have solid  numbers this season if only because he gets all the carries.

Missing Darrelle Revis certainly hurt the Jets on offense against Pittsburgh. Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace, one of which would have been covered by Revis Island, both got open far too often in the game, especially deep. Brown finished with seven catches for 79 yards and Wallace had five receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown.

Garrett McIntyre had a (surprisingly) nice game against Pittsburgh with two sacks, the first of his career, of Big Ben. McIntyre was just one of a number of guys in the front seven that played well as the Jets swarmed especially against the run limiting the Steelers to just 66 yards on 28 carries. That’s just 2.4-yards-per-carry. It’s like they were going against Shonn Greene.

Revis is still in doubt for Sunday’s game against Miami but come on the Dolphins are awful and if the rest of the secondary can’t stop Ryan Tannehill it might not matter when or if Revis Island comes back.

Sanchez will get the start this week and Rex Ryan has been understandably mute on how much usage Tim Tebow will get and has downright denied that he will start. Sanchez will get some breathing room this week though thanks to a bad Dolphins squad but after that the schedule toughens up over the next four weeks (vs. SF, vs. HOU, vs. IND, @NE) and those Tebow chants could get louder with it.


Should the JEts consider using Tebow more often? Is Sanchez as good as week one or as bad as week two? Somewhere in between? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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Brady Region: #3 Bobby Orr vs #14 Darelle Revis

Bobby Orr sits as one of the four players on the Boston Mt. Rushmore, or at least he should. Darrelle Revis hasn’t had enough of a career to reach that pinnacle in New York but for the past couple years has been hands down the best corner in the NFL. One has playoff success, the other, well not so much. You can guess which is which.

Orr only played for 10 years but what a decade it was. The defensemen won two Hart Trophies and couldn’t possibly have had enough room for all the Norris Trophies he won. He led the league in points twice while also bringing two Stanley Cups to Beantown most famously the 1970 cup when he scored “The Goal” which clinched the game and created one of the most iconic goals in sports history where Orr flew across the ice, completely parallel to the ice.

Revis made the Pro-Bowl for the fourth straight season last year and has been named to the All-Pro team in three of those years. He was named the AFC Defensive Player of the Year and if having a cool nickname matters he is known affectionately, and respectfully, around the NFL as Revis Island. He has also been a vital part of the Jets revival into a team that contender over the last few years.

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The Pro Bowl Roster

This year two of the four SeeYouInOctober teams are in the Super Bowl. We couldn’t have asked for a better match up than a Super Bowl 42 rematch. There have been some tremendous individual performances from players on all four teams and many have been rewarded with selections to this year’s Pro Bowl. Let’s take a look at who will dance the hula in Honolulu.

New England Patriots

With a 13-3 record this season it is no surprise that eight players were selected for this year’s Pro Bowl. Anyone who has paid attention for the NFL for even a second this season could name at least three without even having to think about it: Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski. These guys proved lethal in New England’s high octane passing offense with Welker finishing second in the league behind Calvin Johnson for most receiving yards and Gronkowski setting a record for touchdowns by a tight end in a single season. For Mr. Brady it was just another stellar season in his hall of fame career. He was second in yards (Drew Brees was first), third in quarterback rating and fourth in touchdowns. Of course for skill position players to have such success it starts with a solid line. Guards Logan Mankins and Brian Waters were each honored for their play this season.

However none of this really matters. The best offensive players in the NFL will all be watching this game as the continue to prepare for the Super Bowl next

Gronk has been a smash hit for the Pats.

Sunday and with Belichick you know there will be a ton of prep. Brady was replaced by the AFC’s rookie phenom the Red Rifle aka Andy Dalton, while his tight end Jermaine Gresham will replace Gronk. The receiver slot vacated by Wee Wes Welker will be taken by the Chargers’ Vincent Jackson and the two guard spots went to Ben Grubbs of Baltimore and Brandon Moore of the Jets, whom we will talk about a little later.

Despite the massive amount of yards given up by this defense, the Patriots were in the middle of the pack in terms of scoring defense. Their “bend but don’t break” style of play has rewarded them as they only play better in the playoffs and down the stretch in the regular season. Would you believe that with as many injuries and yards as they suffered the Pats have two guys named to the pro bowl on the defensive side of the ball? One is fairly obvious: Vince Wilfork. The big man was nominated for a Like a Boss award last week for his stellar performance against Ray Rice (Pro Bowler) and the Baltimore Ravens. This season the nose tackle was a beast up the middle getting pressure on quarterbacks and stuffing the run at the line. He even had two interceptions and treated fans to his running skills on a 28 yard run back. Defensive end Andre Carter also got the nod for the Pats. He collected 10 sacks this year, including a four-sack-feast of the Jets Mark Sanchez. It’s Indy for these two so Paul Soliai of the Dolphins will fill in for Wilfork and the Texans’ Antonio Smith will cover for Carter.

New York Jets

The Jets were a disappointment this season. A disappointment to Rex Ryan, everyone who picked them to the Super Bowl and all their fans. The only people who weren’t even a little disappointed were Patriots fans. Maybe Santonio Holmes, who didn’t seem like he cared much about anything at all. Despite their lack of success, four Jets will suit up this weekend for one last game. None of their skill position players made the cut with an extremely poor offensive output this year and it is surprising any players were named from the offensive side of the ball. Three of the Jets’ linemen were named with D’Brickishaw Ferguson,

Really? Three of these guys are Pro Bowlers? Why not just put them all in?

Nick Mangold and Brandon Moore making the cut. It is difficult to judge how well offensive lineman really play, especially for the fans. Experts have time to pour over hours of footage and watch specific match ups to see who is the best, but it would seem to me that Mangold and Ferguson made the roster based on reputation. You always make the pro bowl one year too late (Victor Cruz) and one year longer than you should, I heard an analyst say on ESPN. With an offense that struggled to run the ball and gave up the fifth most sacks in the league, it is difficult to imagine there were three Pro Bowlers on that line. Unless you put it all on Sanchez and the play calling, which many people do.

For the Gang Green defense Darrelle Revis will be the lone representative. Even though Revis Island was a little more luxurious this season, he still had a very good year. Out of the 21 passes he defended, Revis came away with four picks and only gave up one touchdown.

New York Giants

The Giants have had an extremely inconsistent season placing themselves squarely behind the eight ball with an upcoming contest against the Cowboys for an NFC East division title. The entire team has caught the injury bug and suffered through the season with a patchwork offensive line, a revolving door secondary and rookie receivers making a big splash. All of these factors in addition to the fourth quarter comebacks gave quarterback Eli Manning the edge over Tony Romo, Cam Newton and Mathew Stafford for the third spot on the roster. There is no argument about the two guys ahead of Manning as both Brees and Rodgers are equally deserving of the MVP this season, but the snubs can be argued. Manning has thrown for more yards than both Stafford and Romo, but lacks in almost every other statistical category. However, without a running game or a pro bowl pass catcher, Manning has shown he is a leader and made more with less talent. The third roster spot previously occupied by Manning went to rookie phenom Cam Newton. So Stafford got double snubbed? Not any of our concern really.

Many have argued that Manning does have a pro bowler to throw to in rookie Victor Cruz. Number 80 out of UMass has been singled out as one of the biggest


snubs on the NFC side of things as he has had an amazing first year. Cruz is currently third in the league in yards with 1358 behind only Wes Welker and Megatron (both pro bowlers) and ahead of Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Smith (also pro bowlers). His eight touchdown receptions place him in the top 10 in the league for touchdown receptions among wide receivers as well. The problem for Cruz is that he doesn’t have the pedigree and while he may have out performed the guys chosen ahead of him, on some level it is a popularity contest. Maybe next season Cruz will do the hula instead of the salsa and then everybody will know he deserves the selection.

Defensively Big Blue will send one player to Hawaii and it is no surprise and nobody will argue with the selection. Jason Pierre Paul has been a monster for the Giants pass rush and he was rewarded for his outstanding season. JPP has a signature moment to go along with his 15.5 sacks when he blocked the potential game tying field goal in Dallas. He has become a household name this season and gotten a lot of talk on Sports Center. It’s tough to ignore the speed, strength and long arms that make quarterbacks scared to take the field on Sunday. The Giants have produced yet another pro bowl defensive end as JPP has had to pick up the slack with Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyora both MIA due to injuries or poor play. Similar to Manning he has carried his squad and helped bring the Giants to the Super Bowl and unlike Cruz, in his second year people were keeping an eye on JPP. Too bad offensive lineman still can’t stop him. Julius Peppers will be playing in JPP’s stead (If you can’t get JPP might as well go for JP).

I’m sure Victor Cruz is feeling a lot better about the snub since he won’t be able to play in the game anyway with the impending Super Bowl. None of the G-Men will suit up this Sunday and that is just fine. Who would have guessed when the roster was announced that out of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning it would be Manning who would have to miss the game because his team was going to the Super Bowl? Not many. While Big Blue only had two Pro-Bowlers this season, they are tied with the Patriots for most Super Bowlers and that is something nobody would trade.

Buffalo Bills

Not surprisingly the Bills, who are out of playoff contention, failed to have a player make the pro bowl roster. If their were a first half pro bowl Buffalo would have had a quarterback and running back on the starting squad. As it is the AFC looks particularly weak at signal caller with Philip Rivers taking the third spot

Injury cut short a Pro Bowl year for Fred Jackson

behind Tom Brady and Ben Rothlisberger. Ryan Fitzpatrick is 10th in the league with 22 touchdown passes, one better than Big Ben. The biggest difficulty Fitzmagic has had is differentiating between his receivers and opposing defenses. Fitzy is atop this category with 19 picks on the year tied with Rivers among others. If the Bills hadn’t taken such a nose dive in the second half of the season it would have been a close competition between Rivers and Fitzpatrick for the third spot.

If is the key word for the Bills this season. If Fred Jackson hadn’t gotten injured, he would have been the starting running back for the AFC. Before breaking his leg Fred-Ex delivered yards both on the ground and through the air and was atop the league in combined yards. He was having a great season and could have been considered a contender for the illustrious conversation of non-quarterback MVP candidates. He carried the Bills to their hot start then when teams  started taking him out of the game, the entire team struggled. With Fred-Ex sidelined CJ Spiller has a chance to step up as the feature back. Perhaps next year Spiller will be the pro bowl candidate.

Does anybody even watch the Pro Bowl? We won’t be watching this year with the Pats and G-Men headed to Indy! Let us know if you’ll be watching via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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You’d Think Dolphins Would Like an (Revis) Island Environment

Who knew East Rutherford had islands?

The New York Jets finally ended their three game skid. Pretty long losing streak for a team that has a guaranteed Super Bowl title, if you ask Sexy Rexy at least. The Jets beat the Dolphins 24-6 in a Monday Night football game that again dissapointed. Remember when Monday Night Football games were must watch or at least interesting? Jets verus Dolphins? Tampa Bay verus Indianapolis? Are these games really enticing people?

Nevermind the putrid MNF schedule. The Jets won handily but in what was probably the least impressive ‘blow out’ of the weekend, or season. The Jets scored 24 points but really only managed one sustaine, long drive. In the second quater Mark Sanchez scored on a five yard quarterback draw to cap an 11 play 81 yard drive that put the Jets up 14-6. Outside of that the offense continues to sputter. Actually scratch that sputter implies functionality in a somewhat consistent manner. The Jets offense was not great in the past two years in which they have made it to the AFC title game but it got the job done. This year the offense seems to be regressing. Against the vaulted Dolphins (they’re 0-5 now by the way) the Jets put up only 296 yards and really looked out of sync most of the night.

Teams have bad games but the Jets don’t seem to be on their way to a game in which everything clicks. Much of this

Sanchize or San-mediocre quarterback?

comes down to the play of quarterback Mark Sanchez. No inteceptions this week but another underwhelming performance. This is year three of the Sanchize and we’ve yet to see him be anything more than a guy who can manage the game and hope others step up and win the game. Brady threw a league high 28 touchdown passes in his third year,

Peyton threw for a league high 4413 yards his third year, Aaron Rodgers won a Super Bowl in his third year. Is it fair to compare Sanchez to these three? Not really but he needs to make more progress towards getting in their ball park to be the franchise guy the Jets really haven’t had since Namath was wearing fur coats and pantyhose.

The defense has also regressed for the J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets! (How awesome are they at spelling huh?!) The past two years the offense had to be just good enough and the defense would carry them. This year the defense has been solid but not overwhelming. This week the defense began to resemble the AFC Title game attending one from last year allowing only 308 total yards and allowing only six points. (Again against the Dolphins but still). A large reason for this was the man they call Revis Island. The best cover guy in the league by far cemented himself as the best player on Gang Green. Revis collected two interceptions, one he returned 100 yards for a score and played possible his best game of the yera after giving up over a hundred yards to Wes Welker in the previous game. Revis battled the much larger Brandon Marshall all night and held him to six catches despite 13 targets.

The defense looks like it’s picking itself back up which is good news as they welcome in the high powered San Diego Chargers next weekend. I hope Vincent Jackson likes the weather on the island.

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