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Like A Boss Week Two

In a complete reversal from week one, the week two Like A Boss award nominees come from the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills. It’s pretty simple. You win and you get nominations. You lose and you get mercilessly left out. So let’s get to those nominees.

1 – Eli Manning

He certainly didn’t look Boss-like in the first half when he was completing more passes to the Buccaneers than his Giants teammates but the new king of comebacks turned it on in the second half. Peyton’s little brother was actually able to bounce back from those turnovers to finish with 510 yards passing and three passing touchdowns while leading the team to 25 points, that’s right 25 points, in the fourth quarter. To put that in perspective 15 teams (including Peyton’s Broncos) didn’t score 25 points in the four quarters they were involved in.

2 – Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz

These two get co-nominations since they both were unbelievable against Tampa Bay. Eli wouldn’t have had  the game he  had without Nicks and Cruz catching any and all objects thrown in their direction. Rumor has it that Cruz caught a cornerbacks mouth guard that flew out on a running play early in the second quarter. Nicks caught 10 passes for 199 yards and a touchdown and was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week and Cruz caught 11 passes for 179 yards and a score. It’s really a toss up who was more important which is why these two will share the nomination just like they share Eli’s passes.

3 – C.J. Spiller

If you haven’t read the Bills recap for this week then you missed out on my gushing about Clifford Spiller and his single-handedly carrying my fantasy team, oh and the actual team he plays for, this past weekend. With Fred Jackson down, Spiller was given the reigns to the offense and racked up 123 yards and two touchdowns on just 15 carries. Plus he caught a few passes for 47 yards.  Now if we can just figure out a sick nickname for him he will officially ascend into a stratosphere a Bills player hasn’t been in in a long time.

And the award goes to:

Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz!

Did I mention that Nicks was playing with an injury that will keep him out this week? Did I mention that both had games that would make Jerry Rice jealous? Did I mention that Nicks was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week? Well who am I to question what the NFC has already awarded.

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The Kneel Down Heard Round the League

Tommy Coughlin was fired up. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

New York Giants 41 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34

Giants fans I was right there with you. “Are you kidding me?” was the first half. “Here we go again,” was the second half. Can’t they ever make things easy on us? My father, who went to see both of the Superbowls under Bill Parcels, told me long ago that it doesn’t matter how you win, a W is a W. Big Blue has never played well with a lead, they can look absolutely horrible against bad teams, and mediocre against great teams, but they’ve been to five Superbowls and won four. This Sunday we watched them play to the level of their opponent as usual and emerge with another fourth quarter victory.

Eli Manning had a rough quarter. In fact both Manning brothers threw three picks in a quarter this past weekend. Unlike big brother, Eli was able to complete the comeback as he was near perfect in the fourth quarter. It was a huge day through the air as Manning racked up 510 yards with nearly 200 going to Hakeem Nicks. Victor Cruz had a bounce back game with 11 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown. Martellus Bennett even got in on the action providing a score to go along with 72 yards. These are the kind of performances you can only find when the team is trailing the way Big Blue was after the three early turnovers.

It was the tale of two halves for Eli Manning on Sunday. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

So what changed? Manning didn’t suddenly get more accurate. Ahmad Bradshaw went out with a neck injury bringing in Andre Brown. Now I’ve never been a big fan of Bradshaw as he is often hurt and middle of the pack in terms of production. The running game hasn’t been there much at all since last season, but when Brown came in the game he got it going for 71 yards averaging nearly 5.5 per carry. When watching the games on television with the national announcers they are quick to point out the lack of continuity, health and push on the offensive line, but listening to the game on radio with Bob Papa, Carl Banks and Howard Cross, who are around the team constantly, they point out several plays designed to one side that Bradshaw will cut back and not follow his blockers. Hopefully the other backs like Brown and the rookie David Wilson, who is currently relegated mostly to kick returning after his week one fumble, will help this line gain confidence and help open the passing game.

Defensively the secondary looked out matched against Vincent Jackson especially in the first half. They made adjustments throughout the game and even got two picks off of Josh Freeman. Jason Pierre Paul and Chase Blackburn each picked up their first sack of the season. Normally giving up 34 points is an extremely poor defensive performance, but here there was one touchdown scored by the opposing defense and they were faced with short fields. In the second half the Giants won 27-10. And the one touchdown was scored on a very well covered route, but the ball bounced off the helmet of Justin Tryon, who really played a very nice game.

The real story coming out of this game had nothing to do with all of what I’ve talked about thus far. It was the final play of regulation as Big Blue lined up in victory formation to take one final kneel down, as they had done to close out the first half, and what looked like a formality turned into a controversy. The Bucs went for it as they bowled over the offensive line looking to create a fumble for the last ditch effort of a scoop and score to tie the game. It didn’t work and Tom Coughlin was mildly perturbed with rookie head coach Greg Schiano’s tactics.

I believe there is no right or wrong here. The line could have prepared themselves to make one more block, but the Bucs were making a desperate move. It had nothing to do with playing until the final whistle because in the same game they allowed the Giants to kneel to end the first half. I don’t like the fact that they did it as I believe they should have taken the defeat like men, but there was certainly nothing wrong with it.


How did you feel about the kneel? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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The Opening Line

It’s finally here. The humidity has broken, a few leaves are hitting the ground and tonight at the Meadowlands the Giants and Cowboys will start the 2012 NFL season. I just found out I will be working during the game, but I’ll have a radio at my disposal and Bob Papa is one of the best in the business. Since the prime time NFL games usually run till 11:30, I will get to watch most of the second half. Although there’s really no need since this game was decided once the G-Men hoisted the Lombardi trophy at the end of last season.

New York Giants -3.5 Dallas Cowboys

Reigning champs have been awarded the home opener for the past nine seasons and so far have never lost. That being said the Giants have an irritating knack for losing gimmie games. (Seattle Seahawks at home a season ago.) However, with Jason Witten being a game-time decision with a lacerated spleen and the Cowboys having the worst looking offensive line in football, Big Blue can’t mess this one up. I think the line is very close to accurate and we know it can be an epic shootout when these two quarterbacks go head to head. Giants fans make sure your viewing area is prepared for foul language, thrown remotes and kicked dogs because it will not be the walk in the park other teams would make it. Final score: 31-27.


Will Big Blue continue the streak of 1-0 starts for defending champs? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave a comment.

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It’s Hard Out Here for the Champs

Super Mario is headed for the West Coast. How will the Giants fill the open slot? (Photo: US PRESSWIRE)

Last off-season the headlines for the New York Football Giants were all about the losses. Steve Smith, Kevin Boss and Barry Cofield all left for free agency and when training camp finally opened there were more injuries than snaps. So far this off-season it is the same story. All losses with no additions.

The big blow came when the Giants decided to let go Brandon Jacobs. I have been Jacobs’ biggest supporter throughout his decline because of his potential. In many ways his career with the G-Men was similar to that of Jeremy Shockey. At first both were intimidating figures who could make plays by bulldozing smaller players in the secondary, but after a couple seasons both seemed hesitant to do so. I’ve said that when BJ is running right he is the “Baddest Man in the NFL,” but this season we didn’t see much of that man this season. His presence on the team could ignite his fellow players to either step up their intensity or hang their heads in shame as he shot off his mouth. Jacobs gets a lot of credit for the end of the season run when he started taking the Jets game personally and put the chip on the Big Blue shoulder pads. As a character he will be missed, but as a back the Giants will move on.

This move is concerning because of the fragility of Ahmad Bradshaw. Analysts talk about the great ground game for the Giants, but last season it was a myth. Bradshaw has had difficulties with his feet in recent years and it is a concern as to how many games he will be available for over the coming years. Also I don’t believe he is a premier feature back. That’s just my opinion and I think his stats back it up with only one season of 1,000 plus yards. Even worse is DJ Ware, the current third string running back. He hasn’t come in and made the kind of impact that Bradshaw had in 2007 when he completed the Earth Wind and Fire trio. The Giants will probably look to pick up another back either through free-agency with guys like Joseph Addai, Cedric Benson and Ryan Grant available, or through the draft.

For the second time in the Giants’ past two Super Bowls the man who made the catch won’t be returning. Mario Manningham signed with the San Francisco 49ers with seemingly little competition from Big Blue. During the post season run Manningham became an important part of the receiving core as teams focused heavily on Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. While this shouldn’t be a major blow, it does leave a position that needs to be filled. Domenik Hixon has been resigned coming off his second knee surgery. I have never been a believer in Hixon as a receiver because he hasn’t shown the route running ability nor separation to be a starting wide receiver. Signing big name free agents has never been the Giants game and I don’t expect a significant amount of money to be spent here.

Taking a page out of the Jets book the Giants went out and filled the most important position on the bench: backup quarterback. David Carr will be coming back to do what most backups do while he holds the clipboard and rocks a backwards hat. On the defensive side of the ball it looks like the Giants will bring back Osi Umenyiora despite the tumultuous negotiations of the off-season. With Osi on the D-line there is no question the Giants were a better football team and look to continue that for one more contract.


What moves should the G-Men make? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.


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The Road Warriors

Super Mario comes up with the clutch catch of the game. (Pat Semansky | The Associated Press)

New York Giants 21 New England Patriots 17

Euphoria and jubilation has spread to all fans of Big Blue. Those who left them dead and buried with horrible losses during the season and those who believed all along that Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning were the right men for the job can all share in this Super Bowl Championship.  I remember in high school when my colleague and resident Boston fan told me when the Patriots won the Super Bowl was one of the greatest moments of his life and I didn’t believe him. In 2007 I found out it was true and last night I was reminded of how amazing sports can be.

Greatness was never guaranteed for this team. As a fan I gave up on them in the preseason when they failed to make any free agent signings even as the injuries piled up. Phil was a little more optimistic, but Super Bowl? Not a chance. Despite the doubts, when the Giants beat the 49ers to secure a spot in the big game, there were plenty of believers to be found. Coach Coughlin said a few weeks ago there wasn’t even a band wagon to jump on, but going into the Super Bowl there weren’t any seats left. It felt as though the G-Men were favored they got so much support from fans and the media. When the game began the Giants’ offense stalled on the first drive, giving up two sacks of Manning. Punter Steve Weatherford, who had a solid postseason, bailed out the offense by pinning Tom Brady and the Pats offense on their own six yard line.

The defense only needed one play to get the G-Men on the board for the first points of the game. The secondary locked down New England’s receivers, giving Justin Tuck time to work on their offensive line and break through to force an intentional grounding penalty resulting in a safety. With a baseball-like 2-0 lead, the Giants went on a clock-crunching scoring drive as Manning hooked up with Victor Cruz to put the patriots in a 9-0 hole in the first quarter. It looked as though the G-Men were in control, but the Patriots got a field goal and orchestrated a touchdown drive to take a one point lead into the half.

When Madonna came out and got the audience striking poses, the mood of Giants’ fans was defeated. Big Blue had dominated the half yet trailed and Brady was getting the ball back to start the third quarter. A quick note on the halftime show, it was awesome. Finally I think they really nailed it. After last year’s painful performance from the Black Eyed Peas, it looked like they went to lip synching, which made for better music quality. The pageantry was impressive, creative and very bright with lots of gold to excite and dazzle the eyes. We’ve had to sit through some horrible halftime shows to get to this one, but I’m glad it added to an already perfect game.

When the Patriots went out for the second half and took an eight point lead, things started to look grim. The Giants responded with a field goal from Lawrence Tynes and then the defense broke through for their first sack. The pass rush, which was thought to be a strength going into the game, was a relative non-factor as the Pats were predictably prepared for it. Brady had plenty of time to throw all night, but that one sack seemed to hurt his non-throwing shoulder and he was not the same guy in the fourth. Sometimes you don’t have to do things a lot if you do it right the first time. Brady also didn’t get any help from his receivers as Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez had huge drops and the hobbled Gronkowski couldn’t beat Chase Blackburn on a route as Blackburn came up with an interception.

For the game winning drive it was business as usual with Manning and company. The signature moment was a perfectly thrown ball and an amazing catch from Mario Manningham. He redeemed himself from an earlier route where he continued to struggle with his relationship with the sideline. It was a fitting style of victory with the Giants wearing their road whites and winning on a fourth quarter drive it was a familiar scene.

Throughout this run I’ve been asking: “How the hell did we get here?” It really doesn’t matter now because the New York Giants and their fans stand atop the sporting world today. Over the coming days I will be attempting to answer that question in  a similar manner to the way I previewed this game. I will have to eat my words and give some credit to guys who I have been down on for most of the year. Some of it is fact based and easily identifiable, but with this team there is also the undefinable factors like luck, momentum and voodoo. We’ll take a look at all of that over the coming days. For now Giants fans, watch ESPN and enjoy the highlights all day as Pats fans will be avoiding sports and catching up on the best picture nominees. Enjoy The ArtistNew England, New York will be watching Super Bowl XLVI for a long time to come.

Manning and Coughlin punched their tickets to Canton.


How the hell did we get here? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment. Also did you notice Wes Welker shaved his playoff stache immediately after the game? I wouldn’t have trusted myself with a razor if I was in that emotional state.

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The Giants’ Road to the Super Bowl: Day 3

(Associated Press - Julio Cortez)


It’s getting closer. If the players are half as pumped as the fans their hearts must be beating so fast and finding it difficult to sleep. But these guys are professionals and most have been here before. Brady and Belichick have won the most Super Bowls of any coach/quarterback tandem and Eli and Coughlin look for their second. Both the Giants QB and coach look to cement their legacy in the history books as two rings takes borderline guys and makes them made men. All the doubters of Manning will have to eat their words and I have been Coughlin’s biggest hater, so I will write why he is our coach of the future and I will have to write that. Here is your third installment of “Why I know my team will take home the Lombardi Trophy.”


Last year when the Packers went on their Cinderella run they were the least healthy team in the league. Coming into this year the Giants seemed to lose a defensive player every other week from the secondary. While they haven’t gotten most of those players back, this team is peaking in performance and health. In the week nine match up with the Pats, Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw were out with injuries and Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora played, but didn’t look like they were at full strength. Now Nicks is a star, Bradshaw is healthy and Osi and Tuck look to put on another clinic in pass rush.


Giants fans, do the Patriots stand a chance against this healthy squad? Give us your best trash talk via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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The Giants’ Road to the Super Bowl: Day 2

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Now that both teams have arrived in Indy and taken care of media day, it is time for practices and game planning. Over the coming days the Patriots and Giants will face plenty of distractions and, undoubtedly, some nerves. This is the first time returning to the big game for both teams since their Super Bowl XLVII meeting, so there are plenty of new faces. The faces that haven’t changed for both teams come at some important positions like quarterback and head coach. This will go a long way in keeping everybody on an even keel. However, it will be the new faces that will make a big impact on the game like Gronk for the Pats and JPP for the G-Men. Here is your second installment of “Why I know my team will take home the Lombardi Trophy.”

The Receiving Core

At the beginning of the season the receiving core was a major concern for this Big Blue squad. Everyone was focused on what they lost like tight end Kevin Boss and receiver Steve Smith. There were questions about whether Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham could step up and give Eli Manning big time targets to throw to. And the most important question: Who the Hell is Victor Cruz from UMASS and can he even play? Affirmative on all counts. This post season Nicks has 18 catches 335 yards and four TDs. Manningham has eight catches 116 yards and three TDs. Victor Cruz, the underachiever in the post season, has a mere 17 catches and 244 yards. So Belichick who will you double and who is going to burn Julian Edelman all day long?


Giants fans how impressed are you with this receiving core? Send us your smack talk and let us know what you think about the game via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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See You In Indy

For the second time in his career Lawrence Tynes has kicked the Giants to the Super Bowl! (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

New York Giants 23 San Francisco 49ers 20 (OT)

How the hell did we get here? Seriously I know the confidence of the team is at an all-time high in the playoffs with the road warrior mentality, but this team was 7-7 at one point and played some really bad games. What does that count for now? Absolutely nothing. The New York Football Giants are going to the Super Bowl after winning the NFC Championship yesterday despite the horrible weather conditions and some horrible mistakes. This first graf is for the fans. Everybody who has screamed for Coughlin’s head, had to defend Eli to all the haters and tried to do their own rendition of Naughty by Nature’s “You Down with JPP?,” celebrate because your team is going to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

Nobody can say the road to the Super Bowl was easy for this Giants squad. Forgetting the fact that they have played two of their three playoff games on the road, they have had to face Aaron Rodgers and the league’s second best offense and the league’s best scoring defense in consecutive weeks and have emerged victorious. I mentioned fans having to defend Eli Manning and the most difficult thing to explain is his consistently high interception total. The Packers and the 49ers were first and second in the league in interceptions and Manning has thrown one.

Ball security is huge in the playoffs when there is no next time. Playing against offenses like the Packers, who had shown an ability to score at will, and the upcoming match up with the Patriots, teams can’t afford to give up extra possessions. In yesterday’s game Eli did his best to try and give the 49ers turnovers, but got very lucky on his errant passes as defenders collided into one another or were simply unable to make the play. The wind and the rain clearly had an impact on the way he was throwing the ball, but even more concerning was the San Francisco pass rush. Manning was hit 20 times including six sacks. The pocket collapsed all game long and he had less time to go through his progressions and often couldn’t get to his second read. Victor Cruz was targeted 17 times, and he was not open for half of them, Hakeem Nicks was targeted 12 times despite a limited range of motion after sustaining a shoulder injury early in the game and Mario Manningham was only targeted five times despite being open for most of the game. This goes to show how quickly Manning had to release the ball with Cruz being his primary target, Nicks secondary and Manningham tertiary, he didn’t have time to see that third route.

Eli Manning proved his toughness and cemented his status as ELIte in his second NFC Championship game. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Manning’s greatest asset in this game was his cool demeanor. Often criticized for not being a vocal leader he led with his play and toughness yesterday. For the first time this season it looked like the Giants actually abandoned the ground game with only 26 attempts for 85 yards to 58 passes thrown by Manning. Offensively this was his game to win or lose and while they stalled in the second half, he didn’t make the big mistake and allowed his team to battle over field position, ultimately winning on two special teams fumbles, both recovered by Devin Thomas. While it may not be the prettiest way to win, a fumbled punt return works just as well as a down-field pass.

Defensively the G-Men did not look nearly as dominant as they did against the Packers. They got beat in the ground game allowing 150 yards to Frank Gore, Alex Smith and company. The secondary did a decent job locking down San Fran’s receivers, but they aren’t the same caliber that Big Blue will face with New England and for the second straight week, the quarterback missed open targets a couple times. The pass rush was impressive despite only three sacks and eight hits on Smith. They were able to flush the QB out of the pocket without over pursuing. By keeping Smith in front of them they limited his vision and used the sideline to trap him, forcing him to just throw it away several times. The game was really there for the taking for San Francisco’s offense, but Smith couldn’t make the big play when he had it open and part of his success is to not take chances whereas an elite quarterback like Eli Manning will throw into double coverage and allow his receivers to make a big play.

So with a little luck the G-Men aka BIG Blue are headed to Indianapolis to take on the New England Patriots. From now until then I will be posting somethings I think the Giants need to work on and some things they are doing well plus a ton of trash talk on our facebook page (facebook.com/seeyouinoctober) and our tumblr (http://seeyouinoctober.tumblr.com/)


Remember to share your game day rituals with us on Facebook! Let us know what you think about the Giants chances via our twitter(@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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The West is NOT the Best

This year’s NFC Championship game promises to be an exciting one. The Giants got an exhilarating win last week over the defending champion Packers going in as 8 point dogs and coming out 17 point winners. A post game text from my cousin read: “I’m about to cry.” It was amazing. The running game disappeared again, but that’s ok because the next opponent is the San Francisco 49ers and nobody can run the ball on that defense. Players have revenge on their mind for the close loss earlier in the year, which ended on an Eli Manning interceptions while fans will be thinking back further in history. Eight years ago the debacle by the bay went down and from that game the “No Calling or Texting about the Game During the Game” rule was born. When Big Blue was up by 24 I got a call from my brother and we congratulated each other on the impending victory because in those days it was unheard of for the Giants to score 38 points. Never again. With that lesson learned let’s take it back to the future.

New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers -2.5

I don’t want to get too cocky because what everyone has already forgotten is the 49ers just beat a very good Saints team last week. I was rooting for them believing that there was no way the Giants could go down to the Super Dome and out-duel Drew Brees, but now San Fran looks dangerous. However, the Giants are road warriors and how about this nugget from the Elias Sports Bureau: The Giants are Giant killers in the postseason. In terms of difference of wins during the regular season, the Giants have authored the 3 biggest wins in NFL postseason history. The Giants have defeated three teams that had won at least 5 more games than they did during the regular season. In fact, they own the two 6-win differential games with Sunday and back in Super Bowl XLII when they knocked off the unbeaten Patriots. It is difficult to beat a team twice in one season and in the first match up linebacker Michael Boley went down to injury and was out during the majority of the four game losing streak. Now Boley is back and picked up two sacks last week. This is an improved Giants team offensively and defensively. In the last meeting they made huge plays in the passing game and fans can expect more of that in the NFC Championship game. Can you believe this Giants team is one game away from the Super Bowl?

The Coach

After the loss to the 49ers in the regular season I praised rookie head coach Jim Harbaugh for his offensive game plan and criticized my least favorite coach Tom Coughlin. A guy can change his mind right? As impressive as this season has been for Harbaugh experience has to count for something. Coughlin plays a conservative style of football relying more on player performance than strategy, but thus far it has paid off. It is a bad idea to try to change a team’s identity in the playoffs and nobody will ever accuse Coughlin of being progressive, but he learns from his mistakes and last week when coach Mike McCarthy tried an on-sides kick, which worked for San Fran in the regular season, Big Blue wasn’t fooled.

The Quarterback

It may not feel like it to many people, but this is actually a duel between former number one picks taken in consecutive years. Eli Manning has clearly been the more successful of the two as Alex Smith failed to record a winning season before this year. Let’s not make this complicated. Manning wins this category. Smith practices better ball security, but Manning has more postseason experience and better big-play ability.

The Defense

As well as the Giants defense has played down the stretch the 49ers have had a great defense all season. Their rush defense is a brick wall and they have guys who can get after the quarterback. The ineptitude of their offense in the red zone is only exceeded by the stoutness of their defense. Plus the G-Men aren’t very good at stopping the run and Frank Gore is healthy again unlike in their regular season meeting.

The Hinge

The first week it was the pass rush, but again Smith is a fairly mobile quarterback and the 49ers like to move the pocket, last week it was the turnover battle and this week I’m going to give it to the ground game. I know I said it is nearly impossible to run on this defense, but the Giants can’t abandon the running attack and I know Kevin Gilbland won’t do that, ever. If Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw can pick up positive yardage that will help open up the passing game. What makes a defense great, like the Giants pass rush, is when the guys up front on the line of scrimmage do their job without having to bring extra players in from the secondary. If the G-Men force San Francisco to bring in more guys to load the box, Manning will light them up like a doobie in the Haight-Ahsbury.

Bonus Pick: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots -7

According to some stats collected by the research crew at Mike and Mike the Ravens will win the Super Bowl this year because they are the only team with an offense and defense ranked higher than 25th still alive. No team has won it all with a lower ranking. This is a funky year and it will bunk the trend. I see a close tough game with a Brady game winning drive, but it will be less than a touchdown difference. Giants Pats rematch? I love it.


Will Big Blue punch their ticket to Indianapolis this weekend? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Like a Boss Divisional Round

When the playoffs began we lost half our teams, but we were clearly left with the better two as the Patriots and Giants keep rolling. Last week the G-Men took care of their tune up game before taking it to the Packers this week. In the Pats opening game they came off the bye looking like the number one team in the AFC. Granted they were playing against a terrible team. Looks like we could be headed for a 2007 Super Bowl rematch now let us look at the players who are leading their team on the field.

Tom Brady– Or as we like to call him here at SeeYouInOctober, Mr. Brady because he is the best quarterback of our generation and he is at the top of his game this year. Watching the game at work I wasn’t paying much attention to the clock and when they announced halftime with a score of 35-7 I could not believe it. It’s the second time in NFL history a quarterback has thrown five touchdowns in one half and the first time in the post season. Who did it the first time? Mr. Brady. His second half performance wasn’t quite so historic, but he did add a touchdown and led the Pats to their first AFC Championship game since when? 2007.

Hakeem Nicks– ha KEEM NICKS! Last week’s Like a Boss winner followed up his performance with another two touchdown outing and another 165 yards. Nicks is emerging as a superstar with Victor Cruz playing more as a slot/third down guy and Hakeem getting all the deep bombs. Nicks is the first receiver in Giants history to have four post season touchdowns. How’s that for historic? The first score yesterday came on a 66 yard catch and run after bouncing off the Packers safety and for his second score Hakeem came down with a 37 yard Hail Mary to end the second half. It was an incredible catch. He even used his helmet to help secure the ball it looked a lot like David Tyree’s catch from when? 2007

And the award goes to…

Tom Brady!!! While as a Giants fan I was tempted to pick Nicks to aggravate Phil and all the Pats fans out there, I can’t deny that Mr. Brady is the Boss when it comes to playing quarterback in the NFL. However this award was not decided solely upon Mr. Brady’s five touchdowns for it is written that one cannot win a Like a Boss on play alone. Nay they have to do more like Nicks’ Hail Mary reception. So what did Brady do? He knocked Tim Tebow out of the playoffs. Now we can watch ESPN in peace again. Thank God or Jesus or Bill Belichick or anybody you want to give credit to. We’re giving it to Mr. Brady.


Think we got it wrong? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

PS. It has come to my attention that no one over the age of 30 understands the Like a Boss reference so if you find yourself in this camp watch the Lonely Island video.


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