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Like A Boss Week Two

In a complete reversal from week one, the week two Like A Boss award nominees come from the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills. It’s pretty simple. You win and you get nominations. You lose and you get mercilessly left out. So let’s get to those nominees.

1 – Eli Manning

He certainly didn’t look Boss-like in the first half when he was completing more passes to the Buccaneers than his Giants teammates but the new king of comebacks turned it on in the second half. Peyton’s little brother was actually able to bounce back from those turnovers to finish with 510 yards passing and three passing touchdowns while leading the team to 25 points, that’s right 25 points, in the fourth quarter. To put that in perspective 15 teams (including Peyton’s Broncos) didn’t score 25 points in the four quarters they were involved in.

2 – Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz

These two get co-nominations since they both were unbelievable against Tampa Bay. Eli wouldn’t have had  the game he  had without Nicks and Cruz catching any and all objects thrown in their direction. Rumor has it that Cruz caught a cornerbacks mouth guard that flew out on a running play early in the second quarter. Nicks caught 10 passes for 199 yards and a touchdown and was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week and Cruz caught 11 passes for 179 yards and a score. It’s really a toss up who was more important which is why these two will share the nomination just like they share Eli’s passes.

3 – C.J. Spiller

If you haven’t read the Bills recap for this week then you missed out on my gushing about Clifford Spiller and his single-handedly carrying my fantasy team, oh and the actual team he plays for, this past weekend. With Fred Jackson down, Spiller was given the reigns to the offense and racked up 123 yards and two touchdowns on just 15 carries. Plus he caught a few passes for 47 yards.  Now if we can just figure out a sick nickname for him he will officially ascend into a stratosphere a Bills player hasn’t been in in a long time.

And the award goes to:

Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz!

Did I mention that Nicks was playing with an injury that will keep him out this week? Did I mention that both had games that would make Jerry Rice jealous? Did I mention that Nicks was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week? Well who am I to question what the NFC has already awarded.

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Five Giant Questions

Despite the beds the Giants were back in Albany to prepare to defend their title.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the NFL season as the reigning Superbowl champion New York Giants host the Dallas Cowboys. The G-Men will begin their defense of the title missing a few heroes from this past season and some new faces looking to fill their shoes. No team goes into the season without a few questions and before I give my official prediction for the opener I will ask and try to answer some of those facing Big Blue.

1. Can the Giants produce more consistency in the running game?

Ahmad Bradshaw is an above average back, but last season the Giants ranked near the bottom of the league in rushing yards. Obviously this didn’t hurt their ability to win games when it mattered because Eli Manning took the next step forward in his progression by putting the team on his shoulder pads, but can he do it again? Let’s face it at 9-7 they were lucky to get into the playoffs and thanks to some key defensive players getting healthy put together an impressive run

Can David Willson be this year’s breakout rookie and stabilized the running game? (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

through the post season. This year the Eagles will get better as they have a second season with the same players and coaching staff with last season being a transitional period. The Giants will need the ground game to take time off the clock to put away teams in the fourth quarter. Bradshaw hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy, but the rookie David Willson looks to make an impact immediately.

2. Who will be the leading receiver this season?

Victor Cruz was an unbelievable breakout star for the Giants last year. It was his ability to turn underneath routes into home-run plays that helped turned the tide of many games in the favor of New York. Fans have to be a little wary of the sophomore slump, but I don’t think that will be a problem. Cruz has now had a full training camp and what he does well doesn’t disappear. He is a precise route runner with elusive speed who showed last season during the playoffs what he could do even when teams began game planning against him. I expect Cruz to start slow as Hakeem Nicks works his way back from injury and without Mario Manningham to provide a proven third option. This is the make or break year for Ramses Barden, who did have a good camp, but we’ll see if that can translate to the playing field. I don’t believe it will. Reuben Randle however is someone to be excited about. He was a steal at the bottom of the second round and could make a big impact when called upon. All that being said by week four I anticipate Nicks will have a breakout game and Cruz will establish himself as Manning’s favorite target.

3. Can the aging D-Line stay healthy?

It wasn’t until Osi and Tuck both got healthy at the same time that the Giants started making people notice how good this team was. JPP had a breakout year as he saw less blockers early in the year then, when he garnered more attention, the healthy veterans took over down the stretch. If Tuck and Osi can be on the field for double digit games this year I predict JPP will lead the league in sacks. He is still relatively new to football and he is learning. Similar to Cruz I believe a full camp will help JPP emerge as the most dominant defensive force in the NFL this season. Jared Allen, DeMarcus Ware, your time is over. However, if he doesn’t have a full complement of defensive lineman around him it will be a difficult season.

2. Will there be a Superbowl hangover?

No team has repeated as champion since the Patriots in ’04. Cruz wrote a book and made more appearances on talk shows than his distant relative Tom

Can Tommy Coughlin keep Big Blue focused all season? (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Cruise. Hopefully he was studying the playbook in his off days. My favorite line from The Dark Knight Rises comes from Bane when he is kicking the living crap out of Bruce Wayne and he bellows: “Victory has defeated you.” That is the danger of becoming complacent with success. Becoming wrapped up in everything off the field. There are two people who won’t fall victim: Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning. I think they will set the tone in the locker room this season and if 2008 is any indicator of how they handle success, they will be just fine. As long as nobody shoots themselves.

1. How will the Giants fare this season?

My completely biased opinion: 11-5. In typical Giants fashion there will be highs and lows, but in the end they will return to the playoffs and look similar to the world beaters they were in 2008.


How would you answer these five questions? Let us know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Brady Region Round 2: #2 Derek Jeter vs #7 Michael Strahan

Well they both survived. Derek Jeter came into this tournament as the No. 2 seed in the Brady Region but almost pulled a Missouri to Tim Thomas’ Norfolk State as the Boston goalkeeper almost unseated the Captain. Jeter ended up with the win with 55.6 percent of the vote. Boston fans also kept another (more minor) upset alive by keeping the race between Michael Strahan and the 10th-seed Wade Boggs tight with Strahan finally pulling ahead with the same percentage as Jeter. It’s not how much you win by though so it’s now an all New York affair in round two.

Derek Jeter is one of the greatest Yankees of all-time and has pushed himself into the discussion of greatest Yankee (notice no plural) ever. He’s a 12 time All Star, five time World Series champ, five time Gold Glover winner, four time Silver Slugger plus he’s got a World Series MVP. That’s an awful lot of hardware. His career numbers are tight (.313, 492 2Bs, 240 HRs, 1196 RBIs) but on top of that Jeter has always seemed to come up clutch in his career when it really mattered (sometimes with the help of his adoring fans in right field).

Michael Strahan amassed 141.5 sacks in his career and twice led the league in the category including a regular season record 22.5 in 2001. He was named Defensive Player of the Year in that season for his efforts while also making the third of four All-Pro squads of his career. Strahan also knew how to go out in style as he ended his fantastic career with his lone Super Bowl victory by helping the Giants vaunted defensive line create headaches for the Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl.

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Russell Region: #2 Lawrence Taylor VS. #15 Amar’e Stoudemire

This is a particularly flawed 2/15 match up. The number two has some serious off-field issues, which can hurt come tournament time just ask Syracuse, and the 15 doesn’t have the resume yet to really hang with the big dogs. Could we have our Cinderella story as the new guy in New York looks to make his mark?

When it comes to the New York Football Giants people think of a strong ground game and tough defense. Lawrence Taylor left his mark on that legacy throughout his career with the exclamation point coming when he shattered Joe Theismann’s leg on Monday Night Football. LT was such a force that he literally changed the game. In 1986 he became the only defensive player to unanimously win the MVP. During the first six years of his career LT was named Defensive rookie of the year and Defensive Player of the year three times. He was a crucial part of the Giants’ first two championships. Now the G-Men are notorious for a devastating pass rush built on the strong shoulder pads of number 56.

The New York Knicks took their time to rebound back to relevance after the Patrick Ewing era, but then again so did the NBA post Jordan. Last off-season during one of the most frenzied free agency period in sports history, the Knicks made their first move signing Stat City from the Phoenix Suns. In his first season with the team Amar’e along with Melo took the Knicks to the playoffs for the first time since 2004 and their first winning season since 2000. He may be a defensive liability with bad knees, but offensively he is a force and has really helped the Knicks become a decent squad in the East. Plus he’s Jewish, which counts for something in New York.

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Brady Region: #7 Michael Strahan vs #10 Wade Boggs

One of the best defensive linemen in recent memory versus one of the best contact hitters to step on a baseball field are paired up in this match-up. The Spongebob look-a-like was not nearly as cartoonish on the field where he made a living of ripping through offensive lines and tearing down quarterbacks. Boggs was never a flashy player but got on base as well as anyone and perfected his swing to take advantage of the Green Monster.

Michael Strahan amassed 141.5 sacks in his career and twice led the league in the category including a regular season record 22.5 in 2001. He was named Defensive Player of the Year in that season for his efforts while also making the third of four All-Pro squads of his career. Strahan also knew how to go out in style as he ended his fantastic career with his lone Super Bowl victory by helping the Giants vaunted defensive line create headaches for the Patriots in the 2007 Super Bowl.

Boggs played 11 seasons with Boston (and five with the Yankees but let’s not talk about that) and was an All-Star in eight of those years. Despite hitting for double digit home runs only twice in his career he won eight AL Silver Slugger awards because of how often he was able to turn contact into hits as he won five AL Batting titles including four straight from 1985-1988.  During that stretch he also led the league in OBP and led the league in OPS twice. Hitting wasn’t all he brought to the table as he picked up a pair of Gold Gloves for his work at third base.  Boggs also might have led the league in superstitions including his pregame meal of chicken (Jim Rice once called him “chicken man”) to his need to take batting practice at 5:17 every day. Hey whatever works right?

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Brady Region: #4 O.J. Simpson vs #13 Eli Manning

What a killer match-up this is! Sorry couldn’t resist. Way back before he was tangled up in a tad bit of legal trouble OJ Simpson was known for being one of the best running backs to ever receive a handoff in the NFL. Eli Manning is coming off his second Super Bowl victory and has finally come out of his brothers shadow, at least in terms of playoff success, and after last year is giving him a run for his money in the regular season as well.

Innocent or not the Juice will always be remembered more for his joy ride in the White Bronco and the 1990s murder trial. It’s too bad because without that his name would be mentioned in conversations with Payton, Brown, Sanders instead of well I guess there haven’t been a whole lot of hall of fame athlete turned accused murderers. Still in his nine years with Buffalo Simpson amassed 11,236 yards, 61 TDS and was named to the Pro Bowl six times, while leading the NFL in TDs twice. Was OJ one of the best ever? Well if the glove fits. (Sorry last one).

On the other side is Eli, who has a much less controversial past. All Manning has done is win a pair of Super Bowls and generally play as the best quarterback the Giants have ever seen. (Sorry Phil Simms). Before last season the verdict was still out on whether Eli was jsut good or elite. Well he has proven that he is elite. Last season he set the record for most 4th quarter touchdowns in a season (15) and through for 29 touchdowns, completed 61.0 percent of his passes and cut his interceptions down to 16. He still hasn’t reached the statistical level of his brother but who cares about that when you have the rings.

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Brady Region: #1 Tom Brady versus #16 Victor Cruz

Tom Brady and Victor Cruz have a few things in common despite the big difference in seeding. They’re both rags to riches stories whose names weren’t called near the top well even near the middle of their respective NFL Drafts. In fact Cruz was undrafted. Also they have each won at least one Super Bowl. That’s about where the similarities end.

They’re have been two once in a generation talents at quarterback over the last decade and the New England Patriots are lucky enough to have one of them. Who knew that the Jets would bring Tom Brady and the reign of terror that has been the New England Patriots in the AFC East when they knocked Drew Bledsoe out of a game and the Patriots were forced to bring in a scrawny kid out of Michigan. Since then Brady has torn through the NFL winning three Super Bowls (and making it to five), winning two MVP awards and leading the league in just about every major passing category there is over his career including the single season record for passing touchdowns (50) during the 2007-08 season. So yeah he’s pretty good.

Victor Cruz and his salsa dancing exploded over the NFL this season and was the surprise of the season and the Giants magical run to the Super Bowl. Really the only thing that could have made the season is if he caught a ball on his helmet, as all great Giant receivers are taught to do. Look at this stat line; 80 receptions, 1536 yards, 9 TDs and a 99 yard touchdown reception.  That’s Cruz’s first season, it remains to be seen if he can keep up that sort of production but if you’re not a fan of larger sample sizes he might be the best Giants receiver….ever.

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What Has To Be Done

This game means more than that trophy. (Photo credit: patriots.com)

Our loyal readers may have noticed that all this week this blog has been dedicated to why the Giants are going to win the Super Bowl this Sunday and to slamming the Patriots left and right with exclusively anti-New England trash talk. These readers may have been thinking; Where is that guy that writes about the Patriots? Why is he taking this lying down? Has this just become a blog about New York sports?

There is a perfectly good explanation for why the Patriots boasting and trash talking has been mute from this site. As much as it pains me to say the New England Patriots do not have anything to stand when it comes to verbal volleys with the Giants and their fans. In the last two games these teams have met the Giants have won including the excruciating loss in Super Bowl 42. It doesn’t matter if the Patriots won three rings earlier in the decade or that they have the better record this season. The Giants have the wins and the Patriots don’t. If the Patriots were playing the  49ers or the Packers or any other team I’d have no problem spouting out profanity laced insults against the the other team and claiming the game for New England. But not in this one. It sucks but that’s how it is. No matter how many jabs any New England fan takes at Eli, Coughlin or any other member of Big Blue it doesn’t mean anything unless the Patriots win on Sunday.

Make no mistake this could quite possibly be the biggest sporting even in Boston sports since the Red Sox took the World Series in 2004. (Okay not exactly the longest stretch ever but you get my point). There is so much hanging in the balance in this game. Eradicating the ghosts of the 18-1 debacle is the first part. (Granted this game will not make up for that Super Bowl loss but it will certainly make it less painful to remember). Then there is the legacy of Tom Brady. Brady is a lock for Canton and will go down as one of the top five QBs of all time regardless of the outcome. However Brady has not played well in the playoffs (except for the evisceration

It's all on Brady in this one. (Photo Credit: patriots.com)

against that JV squad from Denver) since that Super Bowl I’m tired of mentioning. A loss here won’t destroy his reputation by any means but it won’t help it either. On the other side if Brady wins he becomes only the third quarterback in NFL history to win four Super Bowls and essentially takes the mantle as best quarterback in the last decade, if not all-time.  Then there is the legacy for coach Bill Belichick, who is already hands down the best coach of the last decade. However a win here brings the Hooded One into the discussion of the all-time great coaches, not just in football but in American sports history. Auerbach, Wooden, Jackson, Lombardi, Connie Mack, Casey Stengel, La Russa you know those kind of names.

With all that said it has been a week of hell for me. I have tried as best I could to avoid all coverage of this game because ever ytime I think about it I get that heart in my throat feeling that should be reserved for a game ending drive or the bottom of the ninth in Game 7 of the World Series. I didn’t want to hear about predictions or stats that favor one team or another or what matchups are most important. I just wanted to ignore the game until 6:29 p.m. Sunday.

A major reason for this is, as much as it shames me to say this, I don’t have any confidence entering this game. I said similar things against Denver but I hand more of an inkling of dread in that one that went away in the first quarter. Not in this one. The Patriots are 13-3 this season but didn’t beat any team over .500 until scraping by the Ravens in the AFC Championship game in which Brady played horrendously. The defense has looked better but is still allowing too many yards and that was against Tim Tebow and Joe Flacco not Eli and the three headed receiving monster in New York. On top of that the Patriots already lost to the Giants this season, at home, when New York was not riding the momentum of three straight playoff wins.  Now they’ll be playing the G-Men in a stadium that according to most reports will be filled with Giants fans and venomous Colts fans who hate New England.  That doesn’t exactly spell favorable circumstances. So its not a matter of why the Patriots will win its what do they need to do to win.

Protect Brady

This is paramount. Jason Pierre-Paul called out Brady this week for being affected by pressure that wasn’t there in the regular season matchup this season. The Patriots have a stellar offensive line and its needs to keep the suddenly hot Giants pass rush at bay because, and correct me if I’m wrong, the last time these teams met in the Super Bowl the defensive line ran wild and kept the then perfect Patriots offense to just 14 points.

Gronkowski has to be healthy

A few Gronk spikes this weekend would be nice. (Photo credit: patriots.com)

I realize this isn’t something that can be controlled but Gronk has got to play, or at least be on the field.  The Patriots offense is significantly worse if Gronk doesn’t play. He is so vital in the passing game and the running game. He is dangerous in the red zone and with the Giants not exactly stacked at linebackers will be able to get open to help ease the pressure on Brady. Yo Soy Fiesta? Si but yo quiero healthy ankle. (My spanish is a little rusty).

The defense has to force some turnovers

The Patriots defense has been better recently and that’s encouraging but it is still built on a bend don’t break philosophy and without creating some mishaps by the Giants there may be a lot more break than bend. Whether it’s a fumble or an interception at some point the Patriots will need to force the Giants to make a mistake.

Wilfork must continue to plug up the middle and the D-line has to get pressure

This includes wrapping up players at the line of scrimmage and giving no extra yards. The Patriots really need to make the Giants one dimensional by taking away the already weak running game, and then must hobble that one dimension by getting after Eli. With the receivers the Giants have and the porous secondary of the Patriots if he has time they will get open.

The Patriots can’t settle for field goals

I’m not saying if its fourth and seven on the 28 that New England should be going for it but New England can’t win this game unless the offense is clicking and lighting up the scoreboard. The Patriots defense isn’t strong enough (or at least it hasn’t been yet) to hold three  point leads.

All these things pale in comparison to the No. 1 one thing the Patriots need in this game.

Tom Brady has to kick the awfulness of the game against Baltimore. He has to come out and stand up in the pocket and make every throw. He has to hit every open receiver and make the definitive statement that Brees might have gotten the record, and Rodgers might be the MVP but I am the best quarterback in football.  He must be the Tom Brady that throws five touchdown passes in a half and looks as if he is toying with the defense. Not whatever version we saw against Baltimore and last time against the Giants.

So now to the picks. I say picks because I am making two.

The impartial pick- Giants 28 Patriots 20.

The-I-Can’t-Pick-Against-My-Team-In-The-Super-Bowl-Because-I-Still-Somehow-Believe-Pick- Patriots 23 Giants 20.

May the Hooded One strike me down for my lack of faith but that is how I’m feeling.

By the way I’m watching this game in New Jersey with a room full of Giants, and Eagles fans still sore about the 2004 Super Bowl. Win or lose I may not be alive on Sunday.


Who’s winning the Super Bowl? Is my lack of faith disturbing? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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Deja Vu All Over Again

We always thought Coughlin's face was red because he was angry, but it's just because his seat is always red hot! (AP Photo/Bob Leverone)

Washington Redskins 23 New York Giants 10

After a week off it is time to start up the “Giants Suck. Fire Coughlin.” campaign. I hope I have your support. There was absolutely nothing new about this game or the Giants team that failed to show up this past Sunday. We saw it when Seattle came to town, when Vince Young led the Eagles into the Meadowlands and now again in the rematch with Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins as Big Blue now has a 3-4 record at home.

All Giants fans saw this let down coming and even Troy Aikman made mention of it in his opening dialouge with the illustrious Joe Buck. While listening to the Bobby V show on ESPN Radio I heard a caller, who was a Giants fan, say they looked great in Dallas so naturally this week they will go out and lay an egg against Washington. I picked the Skins against the gaping 6.5 spread for the very same reason. (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/12/17/is-anybody-any-good-at-picking-games/)  While I thought it would be a tough match up, I didn’t expect the team to miss the bus.

The G-Men never play with any sense of urgency and with their playoff lives in their own hands, they look like a last place team. Now we can win out in back to back difficult games against the Jets and Cowboys respectively, but is that what’s best for the team? During the baseball season Yankee fans were put in a situation where there team losing would mean knocking the Red Sox out of playoff contention. We asked our readers if they would be among those fans rooting against the Yanks to see their rival fall and to some it was worth it while for others, such as myself, couldn’t do it.

Now Giants fans are in a similar position. Making the playoffs means that the Coughlin era will continue whereas missing them would surely end Tommy’s days on the sideline for Big Blue. If these last two games weren’t against the Jets and Cowboys, perhaps it would be easier to root against the Giants, especially after this performance. I love baseball and I love my Yankees, but my dislike for the Red Sox doesn’t measure up to my disdain for the Dallas Cowgirls and Philadelphia Eagles. When it comes to the Jets, we have to show them why it’s called GIANTS Stadium. There is a lot of pride on the line in both games.

While I have been driving the “Giants Suck. Fire Coughlin.” bandwagon, I can’t root against my team. I believe they can win both games and that would mean making the playoffs and Coughlin’s fate is tied directly to the playoffs. Can fans survive another season without the playoffs as Rex Ryan continues to boast and brag claiming the Jets to be the top team in New York?

The game yesterday was so bad there really isn’t much more to be said. It just poses a question: when is it ok to root against your team? Is the time now for Giants fans?


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Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Hakeem Nicks played like a boss. Too bad it came in a loss. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Green Bay Packers 38 New York Giants 35

Yesterday it looked as if the NFC playoff picture was about to shift dramatically as the Lions, Bears and Cowboys all lost and the Giants gave the Packers a run for their money. However, when the final scores were tallied everybody lost, so nobody gained any ground despite the best efforts of the Giants in a game nobody thought they could win. If only games were 59 minutes instead of a full hour, the G-Men would have forced overtime instead of giving Aaron Rodgers the ball with nearly a minute on the clock, which was plenty of time to drive for a game winning field goal and escape the Meadowlands with perfection in tact.

Big Blue played a nice bounce back game after the embarrassing performance last week in the Superdome. The non-existent running attack made an appearance as Ahmad Bradshaw returned and combined with Brandon Jacobs to give the Giants 100 yards on 20 carries. Eli Manning spread the ball around hitting seven different receivers for 347 yards and three touchdowns while completing 58% of his passes. In the fourth Manning and the rest of the Cardiac Crew that is the Giants offense this season orchestrated a game tying drive ending with Hakeem Nicks second touchdown catch of the day. The defense had a difficult time stopping the Packers, but then again so have all defenses. While Rodgers is having a season for the ages, his receiving core is outstanding. There were very few dropped balls and every time he went for the sideline somehow the receiver got his feet in bounds.

While Nicks made some huge grabs for Manning, there were also several drops and plays where he failed to keep his feet within the field of play, which has plagued the receiver in his young career. As the cliche goes the quarterback gets too much of the credit and too much of the blame. Fans are in love with the potential of Nicks, but he needs to bring in those difficult balls to become a premiere wide out. His first touchdown was an outstanding one handed catch over pro-bowler Charles Woodson, who could do nothing, but hold Nicks and he still came down with the score.

The primary campaign for this blog has been against the Giants coaching staff, but this week I put the loss on the players. Defensively it appeared that they were in the right positions and they did prevent big plays, but as Troy Aikman said, “A good throw beats good coverage.” Rodgers looked like a mere mortal for most of the game even throwing a pick to Chase Blackburn in his return in Big Blue. In the final drive it showed why this packers offense is so difficult to stop. The receivers are tough to cover, the throws are right on the money and the running game is respectable.

Thrice before in my lifetime the Giants have taken on an unbeaten opponent and they were 2-3 going into this game having toppled the Broncos and Patriots

Prince Amukamara and the Giants DBs had a tough day. (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

in the Super Bowl. It did take the Giants two tries to beat the Pats in 2007 after losing their week 17 match up by the identical score of 38-35. Many are pointing to this as a possible rallying cry and turning point to this season. With the season already three quarters finished it is tough to believe the Giants will go through that championship transformation once again, especially given their second half woes under Tom Coughlin and company. With two head to head match ups against the Cowboys, including next week, It’s possible for the G-Men to win the division outright or possibly squeak into the wildcard race with the Lions stumbling and the Bears losing Matt Forte as well as Jay Cutler. They have to continue to play solid football down the stretch and gain some momentum going into the postseason if they can make it.

While this game may become a rallying cry, right now it is just a loss and puts the Giants in a bad spot. Close, but no cigar as they say. Before the San Francisco loss, I believed in a “good loss,” now I’m not so sure. “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing,” said legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi and right now the giants have dropped four straight. That’s a hard habit to break.


Did we learn something new about the Giants yesterday? Can they make the playoffs? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a message.


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