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Crash Landings and Tebow Chants

Back to earth for Jets (steelers.com)

TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!And since the Jets love to spell;  T – E – B – O – W  TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW!

That didn’t take long did it? Perhaps the fervor hasn’t reached a point where billboards are going up in NYC urging Rex Ryan to start Mr. Tebow but after a ghastly performance from Mark Sanchez, and really the entire Jets team you can already feel the Tebow fans arising from their slumber ready to bring a hale of boos and Tebow chants down on MetLife Stadium.

Why you ask? Didn’t Mark Sanchez play phenomenally in week one? Wasn’t that proof that this was the year he would finally make that next step? Well sure if he hadn’t dropped out a 10-for-27, 138-yard effort against the Steelers in a 27-10 loss last weekend. Before anyone comes running to Sanchez’s defense with the excuse of it was in Pittsburgh or the Steelers are a great team. Yes it was in Pittsburgh but James Harrison wasn’t playing and even against a good team shouldn’t you be able to complete at least, I don’t know, 40 PERCENT OF YOUR PASSES?!

Well not the Sanchize. It’s back to the bottom of the barrel yet again. Obviously he’s not in the Rodgers/Brady conversation but he should at least be getting into Flacco/Ryan territory by now and neither Flacs or Matty Ice put up those kind of numbers against anyone.

Meanwhile Sanchez’s arch-nemesis (the one that isn’t called consistent quarterback play) Tim Tebow played in something like three

Most important 22 yards rushing all day. (newyorkjets.com)

snaps and finished with one rush for 22 yards. I don’t think Tebow is the answer. I don’t think the Jets are any betetr if Tebow starts but if Sanchez continues to have absolute duds like he did last week the calls for the Jesus of football are going to start to get louder and louder.

Sanchez deteriorating robbed Jets fans of getting to see the ascension of Stephen Hill, who could be the team’s next Keyshawn Johnson. The Georgia Tech alum (that’s right the same Georiga Tech as one Calvin Johnson) was targeted only twice and had zero catches while Santonio Holmes had 11 target (three catches, 28 yards, TD) and the immortal Jeremy Kerly had four targets and a pair of catches.  It’s like the Jets are allergic to offensive stars. When was the last time they really had one. It’s got to be Curtis Martin or Keyshawn right? Since C-Mart retired this squad has just been a conundrum inside of an enigma marinated in question marks offensively speaking. Hill could be the stand out guy they need but if Sanchez (or Tebow) is throwing to him he might not get the chance to show that.

The Shonn Greene as a feature back era is slowly losing ground as well. Greene has the perfect name to be  star for the Jets but put up only 23 yards on 11 carries in the loss to Pittsburgh. Greene had a 1,000-yard season last year but just barely (1,054 yards) and really how impressive is just getting to the 1,000-yard mark anymore? Greene will again have solid  numbers this season if only because he gets all the carries.

Missing Darrelle Revis certainly hurt the Jets on offense against Pittsburgh. Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace, one of which would have been covered by Revis Island, both got open far too often in the game, especially deep. Brown finished with seven catches for 79 yards and Wallace had five receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown.

Garrett McIntyre had a (surprisingly) nice game against Pittsburgh with two sacks, the first of his career, of Big Ben. McIntyre was just one of a number of guys in the front seven that played well as the Jets swarmed especially against the run limiting the Steelers to just 66 yards on 28 carries. That’s just 2.4-yards-per-carry. It’s like they were going against Shonn Greene.

Revis is still in doubt for Sunday’s game against Miami but come on the Dolphins are awful and if the rest of the secondary can’t stop Ryan Tannehill it might not matter when or if Revis Island comes back.

Sanchez will get the start this week and Rex Ryan has been understandably mute on how much usage Tim Tebow will get and has downright denied that he will start. Sanchez will get some breathing room this week though thanks to a bad Dolphins squad but after that the schedule toughens up over the next four weeks (vs. SF, vs. HOU, vs. IND, @NE) and those Tebow chants could get louder with it.


Should the JEts consider using Tebow more often? Is Sanchez as good as week one or as bad as week two? Somewhere in between? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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Prognostication Is My Bussiness: Week 2 in the 2012 NFL

Thank goodness for the New England Patriots. If it weren’t for the hall of fame tandem of Mr. Brady and Coach Belichick both Phil and I would have totally struck out on the opening weekend. Buffal Oh No! I was nervous about that pick going into the game and they showed us why. Rex Ryan may actually know what he’s doing? And leave it to the New York Football Giants to be the first team in history to lose a slam dunk home opener post Superbowl championship. It’s always interesting here in the northeast where we shrug off losses like these and keep our sights set on the playoffs.

@ New York Giants -7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Have to believe the G-Men will rebound this weekend. They can’t start the season 0-2 at home and with an extra three days of rest and preparation, they will come out hungry. I think this Tampa team is much closer to the 10-6 team of two years ago rather than their putrid four wins last season, but this is a really bad spot for them. Victor Cruz dropped a few sure catches last week so you have to be worried about a sophomore slump. HOWEVA, he dropped a couple in the opener at Washington last season and was written off as fans clamored for Steve Smith. How’d that work out? Big Blue will be fine.

@ New England Patriots -13.5 Arizona Cardinals

Oh it is so tempting to say that no NFL team can win by two touchdowns. HOWEVA, these New England Patriots don’t play by those rules. The Cardinals are still trying to figure out who they are and who their quarterback is for that matter, but the Pats know exactly who they are. They are the Superbowl runner-ups (zing). That makes them angry and I almost feel bad for the teams on their schedule. With a revamped defense and an improved running game they will dominate the line of scrimmage, time of possession and, most importantly, the scoreboard.

@ Buffalo Bills -3 Kansas City Chiefs

I may not claim to know very much about the NFL, but I do know that good teams bounce back at home and you should never put too much stock in any individual game. HOWEVA, I didn’t like what I saw at all from the Bills last week. I don’t think they’re a good team, so the first rule doesn’t apply and they looked small compared to the Jets, which doesn’t get better. This KC team remembers what happened last year and after seeing what happened last week they are licking their chops. It’s going to be a rough couple weeks for the Bills, but give it a few weeks for CJ Spiller to really establish himself and for the coaching staff to put together a better game plan. Just not this week.

@ Pittsburgh Steelers -5 New York Jets

Do you think the 2012 Steelers are a good team? I’m really not sold. They are aging defensively and have some serious issues on the offensive line. In many ways they remind me of the New York Giants, but I don’t have a vested interest in their success, so I have my doubts. HOWEVA, I really did like what I saw from the Jets week one and it wasn’t the ground and pound. It was the uptempo short throws with a balanced running attack to set up play action. The defensive front line was unimpressive, but nobody can bring down Big Ben. If Revis plays, I think the Jets can win it. Either way it’s a field goal difference.


Think I got them right? Let me know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave a comment.

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The Jets Aren’t Who We Thought They Were

Jeremy Kerley and Mark Sanchez had big days in the Jets opener. (newyorkjets.com)

New York Jets 48 Buffalo Bills 28

In a battle of two teams with completely opposite expectations it’s safe to say this may have been one of the more surprising outcomes in the opening weekend of the 2012 season. Obviously this isn’t RGIII beating the Saints, but when a team that only mustered one touchdown in the preseason wins in week one 48-28, people are going to stand up and take notice. How did that happen?

The most obvious answer is Ryan Fitzpatrick is the mediocre quarterback we thought he was before his magical first six games last season. He was late on a throw that was picked off by Darelle Revis and didn’t look crisp as he labored to heave the ball to his intended targets. It was a combination of poor decision making and lack of accuracy which led to three interceptions. It was truly a Fitztragic day for the Harvard man as he struggled to complete 56% of his passes. There seemed to be a huge discrepancy in talent as the Jets secondary blanketed the receivers.

Gang Green came out and looked sharp from the second series. Sanchez made one stupid play in the first series as he attempted to flip the ball to a receiver

This was probably an interception. (buffalobills.com)

who wasn’t even looking on a broken play. I said in my prediction that this play would decide the game and against a good team it will, which is why I can’t feel confident about this squad as a true contender. There were also a few can’t miss throws to receivers that Sanchez missed. Other than that it was an impressive first day for Tony Sparano who called an uptempo game with sprinkles of the wildcat and Tim Tebow. There were lots of three step drops and play action calls that made the offensive line look like a brick wall. It was a sharp contrast from the turnstile they resembled in the preseason.

While the football season is one-tenth the length of baseball’s 162 game marathon, it is still a long journey. I’m not going to say too much about what this performance means after week one because I’ve been wrong enough already. What we do know is that the Jets aren’t the dumpster fire we thought they were and the Bills aren’t going to vie for the AFC East this season. The truth for both teams is somewhere in between and over the coming weeks we will discover who they truly are and I can’t wait.


Are the Jets really that good? Did Buffalo’s playoff hopes die with one loss? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Meet the Jets-ons

You can’t me interaction between these two isn’t entirely awkward. (Photo courtesy newyorkjets.com)

His boy McElroy!

After a long off season in which you couldn’t escape coverage of the worst team that plays football in New Jersey but still claims New York the Jets will finally step onto a field this weekend. In case ESPN hasn’t completely turned you off of Gang Green (and for just about everyone that isn’t named ‘Fireman Ed’ that point has already been reached) you can now watch them every Sunday. Then you can watch ESPN agonize over them as if a team that didn’t make the playoffs last season is the biggest news-maker in the league.

There is some good news though. Fact: The Jets have never won a Super Bowl in a season when Rex Ryan guaranteed an NFL Championship.  Fact: Rex Ryan did not guarantee a Super Bowl victory this season.  But  like all teams the Jets still  have some pressing issues facing them this season.

1. Is this team too much of a circus to really compete?

The Jets front office watched the team implode last season after back-to-back AFC title game appearances due to anomosity in the locker room and the budding of a number of huge egos. Fingers were pointed all over the place and I’m not sure what was more newsworthy during the season; Mark Sanchez’s ability as a quarterback or what cast member of Gossip Girl he was going home with.

So what did the brainiacs upstairs decide? Let’s bring in one of the most polarizing, attention-grabbing figures in the league and add it to our already tumultuous team. Oh and did we mention he is a quarterback that can’t throw?

Well with the addition of Tim Tebow the Jets again grabbed headlines for all the wrong reasons. To be honest it has to be insulting as a Jets fan. Instead of improving the team the Jets went out and brought in a needless distraction. Sure, Sanchez isn’t great but he certainly resembles an NFL quarterback better than Tebow. So all off-season the supposed QB of the future (Sanchez) has had to deal with a firing squad of questions about his relationship with Tebow and whether or not he’s afraid of Tebow taking his spot. That’s how you instill confidence in your starter! And just last week Rex Ryan sent his players to leadership training. This is a week before the season. Isn’t it a little late for some motivational speaker at the local Marriot to instill a good team mentality?

The short answer to this question is therefore yes.

2. What week does Tim Tebow make his first start?

To clarify I mean at quarterback. Not punt coverage, wildcat-runner, long-snapper or official pre-game prayer sayer. Mark Sanchez

Thanks to ESPN I would prefer to watch more coverage of LeBron than Tebow. (Photo courtesy newyorkjets.com

desperately needs to take the next step and become a top-10 quarterback and he needs to do it now. His 2011 season (56.7 completion percentage, 3,474 yards, 26 TDs, 18 INTs) was the best of his three-year career but in comparison to the elite QBs it was nowhere near where he should be in his third year as a full-time starter. Jets fans have already begun to turn on the Sanchize and with Tebow in the wings it’s only a matter of time before the fans started chanting Tebow instead of booing.

With that said is Tebow the answer? No. The man led some inspiring drives last season after his defense held opponents to 13 points seemingly every game. He can’t consistently complete passes and just doesn’t play the position at the level needed in the NFL. Put him back on Florida and sure he’d be winning Heismans but on an NFL team he barely looks competent. Oh and if you think he’s turned the corner or some other BS just look how he played in the preseason.

Still if (and most people think when) Sanchez can’t get it done Tebow will undoubtedly be called upon to save the season. In the first five weeks of the season Sanchez plays three elite defenses in Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Houston. I say the Jets are 1-4 at around that point and the pressure mounts. Then in seven when the Jets get slammed on the road against the hated Patriots, Sanchez will get benched. So if all you want to do is watch Tebow run in the rain and such tune in week eight against Miami.

3. Who will step on offense?

When the Jets were actually doing well a few years back the offense was built on running the ball and letting Sanchez just serve as a good game-manager, much like what San Francisco did last season. So then last season the Jets decided to change that entirely and begin passing more often. Just look at the numbers. In 2010 the Jets ran the ball 534 times for 2,374 yards and in 2011 rushed 443 times for 1,692 yards. And it’s not as if those attempts just disappeared because of fewer plays or something. They just went to the passing game which is anchored by a QB with a career completion percentage hovering in the mid fifties.

Um, what? You have all that success so you’re decision is to completely change things up?

In the preseason the offense looked even worse as it tried to find an identity. It couldn’t score a touchdown with Sanchez or Tebow, instead having to wait until Greg McElroy led them down the field to find the endzone. Also alarming is that Plaxico Burress, a favorite redzone target last season, is no longer on the team and LaDanian Tomlinson also left.

The obvious answer here is Sanchez but the Jets need a lot out of Shonn Greene and Santonio Holmes as well. Holmes is now the team’s best receiver and Greene needs to be the feature back he has been advertised as for the past few seasons. Also watch for rookie Stephen Hill. He’s a tall, athletic receiver from Georgia Tech. You know like that Calvin Johnson fellow out in Detroit.

4. How hot is Rex Ryan’s seat?

Sexy Rexy is looking even better this season thanks to a big weight loss regimen. But is it possible that Ryan is losing weight at such an

Looking good Rex. Your team…eh not so much. (Photo courtesy newyorkjets.com)

alarming rate because he is being sweated out by the increasing temperature of his coaching chair? Probably not but you get the idea.

After a pair of AFC championship games and tons of off-the-cuff remarks Ryan was everyone’s darling. Then suddenly the team he ran went 8-8 and looked dismal last season. Now one bad year doesn’t mean he should be fired but Ryan has been blowing a lot of smoke during his time with the Jets and although making it close to a Super Bowl is nice if the team keeps headed downward it won’t matter. Ryan doesn’t seem to think his job is in jeopardy anytime soon but another bad season will certainly not help.

So I would say on a scale of Nick Saban to Bobby Valentine I’d say Rex is leaning more towards the BoSox skipper.

5. How will the Jets ultimately fare this season?

It is probably been a bit overblown how bad the Jets will be this season. They did go 8-8 a year ago and that included some tight games and an 0-3 last three weeks. But the Jets schedule is pretty tough and two teams  in the division (New England and Buffalo) both got better in the off-season meaning a whole lot would have to go right for this team to make it to the playoffs. Gut instinct says not enough will. E-I-G-H-T Eight Eight Eight wins.


How do you think the Jets will do this season? Have I been too harsh? Not harsh enough? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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The Backup Plan

Tebow doesn't take a snap and he has billboards supporting him. Sanchez gets to two AFC Championships and is fighting for his job.

If there is a God, he isn’t a Jets fan. He might not even be a Tebow fan. From listening to sports talk radio and reading various publications it sounds like most people agree that trading for the former Heisman winner was at the very least questionable. So far the quarterback has held more press conferences than he had completions all last season.

This off-season the biggest issues for Gang Green were shoring up the offensive line, getting a possession receiver and figuring out how to get the running game going again. The official story out of Jets camp is that Tim Tebow will be Mark Sanchez’s backup and will run part of new offensive coordinator Tony Sporano’s wildcat system. I don’t want to beat a dead Bronco but this is a first round draft pick, starting quarterback and playoff game winner who does not even want to ride the pine behind a middle-of-the-road quarterback like Kyle Orton. Sanchez isn’t as bad as his reputation and in business as in life you have to pick one thing and ride it out. Once drafting that QB who you think will be the future of the franchise, it’s time to get a strong offensive line, decent back and solid receiving core. Too many QBs not enough receivers.

Some felt that bringing someone in would light a fire under Sanchez to work harder, but that is why Drew Stanton was signed. I’ve heard many talk about how a professional athlete shouldn’t worry about hurt feelings and should work for the pay check and pride. Really? The reason why players like Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are elite is because they are rare. Not every athlete has that drive, but many have the talent. Eli Manning has had to deal with the doubters throughout his career, but the coaching staff and front office stuck by him and now he has developed into an elite quarterback and probably a hall of famer. It is time for the Jets to make their bed and sleep in it.

I will allow the Jets sometime to work it out. Yesterday in Tebow’s press conference he made it clear that he is so gracious and excited to be a Jet. Abundantly clear. If you were playing a drinking game with the word “excited” and all variations you would have gone through a 30 rack. He talked about trying to expand his role and work hard to improve, but his role will already be above and beyond that of a backup. He will do more than hold the clipboard according to Ryan and GM  Mike Tannenbaum who say Tebow may get up to 20 snaps a game. It is possible that they will win a few games with the surprise factor next season and that is all that really matters. However if this blows up in their face I won’t hesitate to say I told you so. I’m still carrying a grudge since I picked them for the Super Bowl.


Can the Tebow thing work? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Live By the Loud Mouth, Die By the Loud Mouth

The only thing bigger than Sexy Rexy's mouth is his gut, ego, love of feet...

Even with the Jets out of the playoffs after a disappointing season the soap opera that is Gang Green is still churning out weekly episodes. On the latest edition of “As the Jets Burn” anonymous players come out to rip quarterback Mark Sanchez and offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer leaves the team or is forced out. This one may have been more juicy than last week when the fourth string quarterback got the ball rolling.

While several players were quoted in the New York Daily News article, the complaints can be summed up by the following statement: “We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice,” said one player. “He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.” Players believe Sanchez lacks the work ethic necessary to become an elite NFL quarterback and feel that is hurting the team. The media would lead you to believe that Sanchez had a horrible season, but the numbers don’t really back that up. He had a mediocre year and showed some improvement especially considering the offensive line, which has been best in the league, wasn’t as good and the running game was a shell of the previous season. In order for a team to go 8-8 there has to be deficiencies at multiple positions.

These quotes coming from the players were created out of frustration. The frustration of missing the playoffs for the first time under the young Sanchez and the frustration of yet again failing to realize the expectations placed upon themselves. Many former players and those in the media have come out saying that it is cowardly to make statements such as these anonymously. On Mike and Mike this morning they even parodied Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” with “If you said it then you shoulda put your name on it.” I believe they shouldn’t have said anything in the first place to reporters. We all have frustrations and need to let off some steam from time to time, but we know who we can tell and who not to tell. That’s like finding out your best friend is cheating on his girlfriend and you have to tell somebody so you tell your girlfriend, who is friends with his girlfriend. That is going to come back to you. I don’t have as big of a problem with the anonymity as most people. They needed Sanchez to hear it and unless he is vacationing on the Moon, he did. When training camp comes along all wounds will be healed and the team will once again set out to win a guaranteed Super Bowl.

The offense will have to carry on next season without Brian Schottenheimer, who was formally announced as being no longer with the team today. It is unclear

Yeah Sparano! Smart hire?

as to whether he was fired or left on his own volition, but this is a move everyone saw coming. The fact that Rex Ryan came out and gave his conditional support for Schottenheimer was puzzling and now seems to be as reliable as anything else the trash talking coach says. Ryan said his offensive coordinator would return unless he landed a head coaching gig knowing he had interviewed with Jacksonville and was considered a top candidate. When Mike Mularkey was announced as the Jaguar’s head coach the Jets and Rex had to go back on their word. Now it looks like Schottenhiemer will seek refuge in the college ranks on the staff of Nick Saban as his offensive coordinator.

So who do the Jets bring in to replace Schottenheimer? Well it wouldn’t be the Gang Green way to bring in a no name kind of guy with a good history as a quarterback guru to groom Sanchez. Instead they have hired Tony Sparano, the recently fired Dolphins head coach. The running attack, which helped buoy Sanchez, was stymied last season and that is one of Sparano’s specialties. Not only does Sparano fit schematically as the Jets look to move away from the pass happy Schottenheimer, he also brings a different personality to the team. Coming from the Bill Parcells coaching tree, Sparano is much more business like and no-nonsense than the circus atmosphere brought with Rex Ryan.

There are also rumors that former Chiefs coach Todd Haley will join Ryan’s staff. This would be another home run for the Jets. Haley is known for working with quarterbacks and would prove as a great mentor for Sanchez. He also brings more of a stoic presence coming from the Bill Belichick coaching tree. Some suggest that this approach may prove to be “too many cooks in the kitchen,” but Haley’s staff in Kansas City included two former head coaches in Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis and Sparano wasn’t even a coordinator before Parcells hired him in Miami. This approach would likely only last for a season as both men will at least get interviews for vacant head coaching positions, but it could help the Jets rebound from the dumpster fire that was this season.


Should players bash teammates in the media anonymously or should they own up to it? Smart move bringing in Sparano and possibly Haley? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Next Season is Never Guaranteed

It was a disappointing end for Gang Green. (Seth Wenig/AP)

For the third straight season Rex Ryan has failed to deliver on his infamous “Super Bowl Guarantee.” At least in his first two seasons the outspoken coach came close to the top of the mountain with Gang Green reaching consecutive AFC Championship games. Finishing 8-8 this season was a bitter disappointment for a franchise that believed themselves to be on the verge of greatness.

Now it appears that the boastful ways of Sexy Rexy and the Gang are coming undone at the seams. There are questions about the viability of the offense with Mark Sanchez as quarterback. Looking at his numbers it doesn’t seem like Sanchez should receive all of the blame. Sure he wasn’t “elite,” but the very definition of the word excludes the vast majority from that distinction. The Jets transitioned their offense to more of a passing offense, and they played from behind in games, forcing Sanchez to throw more than ever before. His completion percentage as well as touchdown to interception ratio improved, but this was the year he was supposed to take a leap forward. Sanchez didn’t have nearly as much help in previous years with poor offensive line play and a diminished running game and an aging wide receiving core.

On the Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio, Colin does a segment reviewing his predictions from the previous week and addresses both what he got right and what he got wrong. Where Erik was wrong: 1. I picked the Jets to win the Super Bowl, but they failed to make the playoffs. 2. I thought Plaxico Burress would be a huge pick up for the Jets and he was eh. Burress caught eight touchdowns this season, one better than his predecessor Braylon Edwards, but only had 45 catches to Edwards’ 53 and fell 300 yards short of Edwards. This season more pressure was put on Plax because of the previously mentioned deficiencies as well as the poor production from Santonio Holmes. The wide receiver managed less receptions and yards despite playing his first full season with the Jets after losing four games last year to suspension. Now the man who made the flying Jet touchdown celebration famous looks as if he may have kamikazed the locker room.

In the final game of the season Holmes could be seen arguing with teammates in the huddle then left the game to sit on the sideline by himself appearing

Hey! Santonio! The ball is the other way!!!

extremely disinterested in the game. After the game tempers flared and Ryan got emotional when addressing the team. This rag-tag bunch is used to playing the bully and the underdog, but this year the bully got punched in the mouth. Now the talking heads are forced to discuss whether or not the Jets should get rid of Holmes despite the potential salary cap ramifications. Several teammates have come out in Holmes’ defense including Jericho Cotchery, but the loudest voice came from back-up quarterback Greg McElroy who called the Jets “selfish.” He questioned the dedication and heart of the team and has placed Gang Green in the forefront of football discussions despite the fact that they are all at home watching TV and no longer playing.

The best part about the entire controversy is that it takes at least a little airtime away from the Tim Tebow love fest that has taken over ESPN. I think the Jets should keep Holmes despite this incident. Last season he was the only playmaker on the team and still looks as though he has a good relationship with Sanchez. Holmes is potentially a big time threat on the outsides that no other Jet can match and giving that up will hurt the offense. Besides he wasn’t the only Jet behaving badly post game. Earlier in the season coach Ryan was seen flipping the bird to a Patriot fan and after Sunday’s loss he had some tough questions to answer.

1. The guarantees. With the Jets falling short yet again, only in far more embarrassing fashion, Sexy Rexy had to put his foot in his mouth (although he probably doesn’t mind doing that). He responded to critics saying he always aims to achieve success at the highest level and those who don’t are “losers.” I will defend Ryan on the guarantees in a similar manner in which I defended Eli Manning preseason. When asked if he was an “elite” quarterback in the class of Tom Brady and brother Peyton, Eli said that he believes he is and the controversy began. What do you want the leader of your football team to say? I like the confidence of both men. When pressed they both stood their ground and firmly stated their belief in themselves and their abilities, which is something people can rally behind.

2. The Sanchize. Rex was asked about the rumors that the Jets may be interested in Peyton Manning if perhaps, you know hypothetically he becomes available

Should Schottenheimer be fired? Maybe somebody else will just hire him so Rex doesn't have to break up with him. (Kathy Willens/AP)

. Rex’s answer here was not so good. He said that if he could draft a quarterback he would take Manning over Sanchez. No shit. Pardon my French I really don’t swear much off the blog and never on the blog, but come on Rex! The question wasn’t whether Manning was better than Sanchez or if he was a hall of famer or not, it was if you would want the team to take him. Correct response: Absolutely not. We are happy with Sanchez and believe he will only get better. If Manning becomes available he is an incredible talent and a hall of fame player, but he isn’t a Jet. If they did end up getting him oh well nobody really believes what Ryan says anyway. Maybe he could have guaranteed the Jets won’t go after the QB in the off season.

The Jets are less of a football team and more of a soap opera and Rex wouldn’t have it any other way. Ryan gave a vote of confidence to offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who many believe is to blame for the problems with the offense, saying unless he is offered a head coaching job (Schottenheimer has interviewed for the opening in Jacksonville) Ryan will retain his O-coordinator. This is sure to be an exciting off season, but I find it refreshing to have an honest head coach breaking up the mundane interviews of Bill Belichick who can’t give a straight answer about what he ate for breakfast.


What is the most important off season move for the Jets? Let us know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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New York is Feeling Blue (In a Good Way)

Sanchez was in trouble all day against the Giants pass rush. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

New York Giants 29 New York Jets 14

The battle for supremacy in the Meadowlands looked less like a battle and more like sibling rivalry as the Giants emerged victorious over the Jets 29-14. The Giants showed the running game they had been lacking all season with 115 yards combined from Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and DJ Ware. It was a true team win as there wasn’t one player who dominated the game start to finish. The running game added two touchdowns to the 100 plus yard performance while Victor Cruz carried the receiving core with a record setting 99 yard score on a catch and run and the defense looked sacktastic putting Mark Sanchez on the ground 5 times.

It was the good Giants team that showed up for this game as they practiced better ball security than the Jets with only one turnover coming off a tipped pass. Sanchez was the beneficiary of the tuck rule on a would be sack from Jason Pierre Paul with a fumble recovery from Justin Tuck, but even with that erased the Jets QB still turned the ball over three times throwing two picks and putting another one on the ground. Sanchez also hurled up a surefire interception that was dropped by safety Deon Grant, who looked more like a center fielder settling under a routine pop fly than a DB.  As previously mentioned the stat line for the G-Men was not spectacular as Eli Manning only completed nine passes on the day. Even Tim Tebow thinks a QB should at least get double digit completions. However, with Bradshaw looking back to form and the offensive line improved with center David Baas back in the mix, Manning didn’t need to carry the team.

The reemergence of the pass rush was the most promising sign from the Giants victory led, as usual, by JPP who picked up two sacks. Chris Canty gave Big Blue two points on a safety and Tuck picked up only his fourth sack of the season and first in three games. The Jets running game was kept in check for the most part as Gang Green only managed 105 yards on 25 carries and one touchdown from Sanchez. Corey Webster and Kenny Philips picked off Sanchez for the two interceptions making it two weeks in a row that Webster made an interception after a month long drought.

The Jets were also devastated by penalties committing 10 infractions for 95 yards. One such penalty, a push off called on Plaxico Burres, wiped out a touchdown and a late hit penalty called on Aaron Maybin gave the G-Men an additional 15 yards after a 17 yard pick up from Ware. Outside of one horrible delay of game penalty where Manning was still trying to get the play off after the flags had been thrown and whistles had been blown, the Giants showed discipline that would make Tom Coughlin smile. This blog has been driving the “Giants Suck Fire Coughlin” bandwagon for weeks now in part because the things that Coughlin gets praised for, such as discipline, seem to be more myth, perception and theory than fact. With Rex Ryan’s team nobody expects discipline because he doesn’t claim to instill it in his team, but Coughlin is the most disciplined coach in the league, yet his teams are routinely penalized.

Ryan showed a serious lack of discipline, judgment and intelligence after the loss when he allegedly approached Jacobs, used an expletive and said, “Wait till we win the Super Bowl.” Added Jacobs: “And I told him I’ll punch him in the face,” according to an article on ESPN New York. In his post game interview with Sal Palantonio, Jacobs didn’t mince words about his opinions of Ryan and even made mention of the sideline incident between Buddy Ryan and Kevin Gilbride.

Fans have to be excited about the fire they see from this Giants team. The difference between the good Giants team and the bad Giants team is the level of intensity. Next week they will put their season on the line yet again with a winner-take-all divisional-match up with the Dallas Cowboys and Tuck has already come out with more Cowboy hate. The biggest difference between the Giants and Cowboys is, outside of their two games with Philadelphia, the Cowboys haven’t gotten blown out. The Giants have put up some real clunkers where it looked as though their hearts weren’t in it. With the division on the line and a trip to the playoffs, it is hard to believe they  will come out flat, but it wouldn’t be surprising. One thing they do very well that the Cowboys do poorly is finish games, which has to give the G-Men a slight edge.

For Gang Green, they have handed the keys to their playoff future to the Cincinnati Bengals. If Andy Dalton and the Bengals win, they’re in and knock the Jets out of the playoffs for the first time in Ryan’s tenure with the team. Cincinnati has a tough game with the Ravens as Baltimore has their eye on the number three spot ahead of the Steelers as the two teams could flip flop if Baltimore doesn’t take care of business. It is very likely the Bengals will get beat, but the Jets also would benefit with loses from the Titans and Raiders. I think. Figuring out the NFL playoff scenarios is about as easy as a Rubik’s cube: Every move has some sort of implication on the final outcome and there are plenty of people who can do it, I’m just not one of them.


Who has a better shot of making the playoffs: Jets or Giants? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Flight Cancelled

Boy do I suck at guarantees.

Just when the Jets were creeping back into everyone’s rear view mirrors the wheels came off in Philadelphia. The Jets didn’t just lose on the road they were completely decimated by an equally inept team. The Eagles beat the Jets 45-19 Sunday, and for those keeping score at home this was the same Eagles team that the Jets divisional rival New England Patriots put a 38-20 licking on a few weeks back. In a game in which the other team puts up a score that looks more akin to a low scoring college basketball game there really aren’t many positives but rather a bunch of negatives.

First the Jets didn’t take care of the ball well at all. In the first half it was if the Jets didn’t want the ball coughing the ball up to the Eagles three times in the half on their way to four total on the day. Those three first half turnovers all turned into Eagles touchdowns including a 47 yard touchdown return on a fumble by Santonio Holmes on the Jets sixth play of the game. Thats one of the major problems the Jets have faced, a lack of discipline at times. The truly great teams don’t give the ball away often and capitalize when they force the other team to turn the ball over. (By the way the Eagles also had four turnovers but the Jets didn’t seem to want to capitalize on that.) When’s the last time the Packers turned the ball over four times? How about the Patriots? See what I’m getting at?

Last week it seemed like the Jets defense had finally found it’s identity and was making strides towards becoming the unit that was the strength of two AFC runner ups. Not this week. The Eagles looked like the team they were supposed to be coming into the season putting up 420 total yards and 45 points. (The last time the Jets gave up that many points was a long, cold night in New England a year ago). The pass defene did a good job on the receiving core but let tight end Brent Celek cruise over them. They gave up a 73 yard reception to Celek. 73 yards! The secondary is clearly already missing Jim Leonhard.

I'm Santonio Holmes and all that matters is that I get to do my touchdown dances.

The offense was forced to abandon the run game which had looked back on track in previous weeks early on. When you’re down by six billion points in the first three minutes running the ball tends to be less appealing. This forced the Jets to rely on Mark Sanchez, who has had a decent season but as has been proved time and time again he just isn’t someone who is going to throw a team on his back. Sanchez threw two picks on the game (to be fair one wasn’t his fault) and only got 150 yards through the air. Sanchez also got injured in the game which was part of the reason for his eh day. Although on the play he came out he looked to be holding his arm although it didn’t look like anyone hit it but it did lead to an appearance by 108 year old Mark Brunell.

All that aside, these are flaws that are frustrating to fans but when your team isn’t that great things like this happen. The most egregious poor performance had to have been by Santonio Holmes. Holmes fumbled the ball that led to the 47 yard touchdown return, dropped a ball that floated into Asante Samuel’s hands for an Eagles interception and over all played a crap game. However when Santonio caught a touchdown pass (one of his amazing total of four catches for a whole 40 yards) Mr. Holmes felt like he needed to let everyone know how good he was and how much better the Jets were than the team beating by 18 points. Holmes mocked the Eagles and got a 15 yard taunting penalty tacked on. Really Santonio? You single handedly are responsible for two turnovers that led to 14 Eagles points and you catch a touchdown and feel like you are special. Just sit down and shut up. Celebrate when you’re winning. This is just like the Jets though and it’s no wonder he’s a captain on this team. Just making noise, celebrating the accomplishments they haven’t actually made and yelling to anyone who will listen how great they are.

The Jets can still make the playoffs and probably will but this team isn’t even close to a Super Bowl contender. Normally I would end that sentence with right now implying they can still figure it out this season but when you lose by 20 plus to a fringe playoff contender with tow weeks left you just aren’t a contender.


Am I being too harsh on the Jets are they really contenders still? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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Slow Starters Finish Fine

Sanchez and the Jets are lining 'em up and knockin' 'em down.

New York Jets 34 Washington Redskins 19

As the third quarter of the regular season came to a close the New York Jets got an easy road layup as they took on the terrible Washington Red Skins and pulled away in the final minutes 34-19.

In typical Jets fashion this season the defense was dominant, outside of the ‘Skins first two possessions, and waited for the offense to catch up. Behind some explosive plays from Fred Davis and rookie Roy Helu running the ball, Washington took a three point lead into the half. In the second half Rex Grossman and company had a difficult time moving the ball on the Jets defense. The nail  in the coffin came when former Buffalo Bill bust Aaron Maybin sacked Grossman forcing a fumble that led to a touchdown.

The past two weeks the Jets have rallied behind Mark Sanchez for consecutive fourth quarter comebacks. Gang Green scored three touchdowns including two from this week’s Like a Boss nominee Shonn Greene. (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/like-a-boss-week-13/) The rebirth of the running game has allowed Gang Green to return to the ground and pound they were so famous for and allowed Sanchez to make higher percentage throws while still giving him the freedom to make the big plays. In Jet victories Sanchez has 16 touchdowns with only four picks and a completion percentage just below 60. The yardage and completion percentage may not put him on any leader boards, but there is more than one way to win a football game. When it counts the most is when Sanchez shines brightest with his highest QB rating coming in the fourth quarter and an 8-1 TD to INT ratio. He hasn’t made the big mistake (unless it was taking an ill-advised timeout) and is keeping the Jets afloat.

The most exciting thing about this team is probably their schedule in the fourth quarter. The defense has come around and is playing much better than their

Sick catch from Holmes. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

early season woes, but still lack a true shutdown performance outside of the week two contest with Jacksonville. The offense is completely impotent in the first three quarters, but finishes strong. Their final four games come against the Chiefs, Eagles, Giants and Dolphins. Out of those four, the .500 Giants have the best record. The way Rex and his boys are playing right now they look like a team that can defeat inferior opponents. While catching New England seems unlikely with their cupcake schedule, the wildcard is very possible.

The Jets seem to get more comfortable when their backs are against the wall and with improved play all around they may be peaking at the right time. Super Bowl aspirations may seem far fetched, but the first step towards fulfilling Rex’s annual guarantee is to make it to the dance. All the top teams in the AFC have embarrassing losses, so it is tough to pick a clear cut favorite, but the Jets certainly aren’t even in the discussion. However, I don’t think that teams will want to play them. The offensive line is much better than before and with the ground game clicking they will be able to control the clock and keep potent offenses like that of New England off the field.


Wasn’t this week’s game pretty boring? Are you feeling more confident about the Jets than before? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a message.

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