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Crash Landings and Tebow Chants

Back to earth for Jets (steelers.com)

TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!And since the Jets love to spell;  T – E – B – O – W  TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW!

That didn’t take long did it? Perhaps the fervor hasn’t reached a point where billboards are going up in NYC urging Rex Ryan to start Mr. Tebow but after a ghastly performance from Mark Sanchez, and really the entire Jets team you can already feel the Tebow fans arising from their slumber ready to bring a hale of boos and Tebow chants down on MetLife Stadium.

Why you ask? Didn’t Mark Sanchez play phenomenally in week one? Wasn’t that proof that this was the year he would finally make that next step? Well sure if he hadn’t dropped out a 10-for-27, 138-yard effort against the Steelers in a 27-10 loss last weekend. Before anyone comes running to Sanchez’s defense with the excuse of it was in Pittsburgh or the Steelers are a great team. Yes it was in Pittsburgh but James Harrison wasn’t playing and even against a good team shouldn’t you be able to complete at least, I don’t know, 40 PERCENT OF YOUR PASSES?!

Well not the Sanchize. It’s back to the bottom of the barrel yet again. Obviously he’s not in the Rodgers/Brady conversation but he should at least be getting into Flacco/Ryan territory by now and neither Flacs or Matty Ice put up those kind of numbers against anyone.

Meanwhile Sanchez’s arch-nemesis (the one that isn’t called consistent quarterback play) Tim Tebow played in something like three

Most important 22 yards rushing all day. (newyorkjets.com)

snaps and finished with one rush for 22 yards. I don’t think Tebow is the answer. I don’t think the Jets are any betetr if Tebow starts but if Sanchez continues to have absolute duds like he did last week the calls for the Jesus of football are going to start to get louder and louder.

Sanchez deteriorating robbed Jets fans of getting to see the ascension of Stephen Hill, who could be the team’s next Keyshawn Johnson. The Georgia Tech alum (that’s right the same Georiga Tech as one Calvin Johnson) was targeted only twice and had zero catches while Santonio Holmes had 11 target (three catches, 28 yards, TD) and the immortal Jeremy Kerly had four targets and a pair of catches.  It’s like the Jets are allergic to offensive stars. When was the last time they really had one. It’s got to be Curtis Martin or Keyshawn right? Since C-Mart retired this squad has just been a conundrum inside of an enigma marinated in question marks offensively speaking. Hill could be the stand out guy they need but if Sanchez (or Tebow) is throwing to him he might not get the chance to show that.

The Shonn Greene as a feature back era is slowly losing ground as well. Greene has the perfect name to be  star for the Jets but put up only 23 yards on 11 carries in the loss to Pittsburgh. Greene had a 1,000-yard season last year but just barely (1,054 yards) and really how impressive is just getting to the 1,000-yard mark anymore? Greene will again have solid  numbers this season if only because he gets all the carries.

Missing Darrelle Revis certainly hurt the Jets on offense against Pittsburgh. Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace, one of which would have been covered by Revis Island, both got open far too often in the game, especially deep. Brown finished with seven catches for 79 yards and Wallace had five receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown.

Garrett McIntyre had a (surprisingly) nice game against Pittsburgh with two sacks, the first of his career, of Big Ben. McIntyre was just one of a number of guys in the front seven that played well as the Jets swarmed especially against the run limiting the Steelers to just 66 yards on 28 carries. That’s just 2.4-yards-per-carry. It’s like they were going against Shonn Greene.

Revis is still in doubt for Sunday’s game against Miami but come on the Dolphins are awful and if the rest of the secondary can’t stop Ryan Tannehill it might not matter when or if Revis Island comes back.

Sanchez will get the start this week and Rex Ryan has been understandably mute on how much usage Tim Tebow will get and has downright denied that he will start. Sanchez will get some breathing room this week though thanks to a bad Dolphins squad but after that the schedule toughens up over the next four weeks (vs. SF, vs. HOU, vs. IND, @NE) and those Tebow chants could get louder with it.


Should the JEts consider using Tebow more often? Is Sanchez as good as week one or as bad as week two? Somewhere in between? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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Like a Boss Week 14

It has been quite a while since three SeeYouInOctober teams have all won in the same week. With the G-Men on a four game skid and the Bills on a six game skid, we were tempted to rename the award to the Like a Patriot award. The Jets have put together some good team wins, but without a Boss-like player. It’s tough to argue with the record-setting season Gronk has put together and the Pats are rolling. Phil has gotten his fair share of gushing in this segment, but with an incredible comeback on national TV and the Jets demolishing the Chiefs, perhaps New York can make a comeback.

Shonn Greene-Under Rex Ryan the Jets have become known for their Ground and pound approach of wearing teams out with the running game and shutting down opposing offenses. On the current winning streak Gang Green has returned to that strategy and it has paid off big time. In this week’s match up with the Kansas City Chefs I mean Chiefs, running back Shonn Greene reportedly told QB Mark Sanchez before the game, “Don’t mess it up and I’ll take home this week’s Like a Boss award.” Greene picked up 129 yards on the ground gaining 5.4 per attempt and added 58 yards receiving in addition to the touchdown. With Sanchez posting his typical pedestrian numbers there’s no doubt who is the CEO and who is VP on this team.

Rob Gronkowski- With the Patriots high flying offense and SeeYouInOctober best 10 wins it’s not surprising that the Pats have taken home this coveted award so many times. Tom Brady is second only to Drew Brees in yards this season and on pace to pick up 5,000 while Wes Welker leads all receivers with 1339 yards. However, that doesn’t mean that Wee Wes is the boss of this offense. The second year tight end famous for the Gronk Smash (or in layman’s term when he spikes the ball to celebrate a touchdown) set a record for most TDs by a tight end in a single season with 16 as he hauled in two against the Skins. The dude was busy on Sunday with 6 grabs for 160 yards in addition to the two scores, which also set a franchise record for most consecutive games with a touchdown (6). In an offense with Tom Brady and the league’s leading receiver can the tight end really be the boss? Yes.

Jason Pierre Paul– You down with JPP? Yeah you know me. The Giants defensive end has proved to be a monster for offensive linemen and more than earned his spot on SeeYouInOctober’s Scariest Players in the NFL. (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/the-scariest-players-in-the-nfl/) Sunday Night against the Cowboys with first place in the division and the Giants’ season on the line the former basketball player used his long arms, strength and agility to make Tony Romo’s game a nightmare. On the Cowboy’s first possession JPP picked up his first sack of the game and two points for his team on the safety. He would collect another sack and lead the team with eight tackles on the night, but what sealed this week’s nomination? JPP jumped over the rest of the line stretched out his arms and blocked the game tying field goal from kicker Dan Bailey. Don’t think he played like a boss? I bet Romo would disagree.

 And the award goes to…

Rob Gronkowski!!! While our New York candidates had great games, they weren’t quite record setting. The Pats tight end has proved week in and week out that he can score on and off the field. Because he continually picks up Like a Boss awards. Why how else has he scored? Bibi Jones? Never heard of her… Oh now I see… Getting back to football! The Pats needed a great offensive game as their defense continued to struggle and Gronk made the Skins wish they had never made it a close game as he shattered their hearts with two resounding Gronk Spikes.

Think we got it wrong? Let us know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Jets Finally Flying

It makes sense that Shonn Greene should be the best player on the offense of Gang Green.

It may have taken the majority of the season but it looks like the New York Jets have finally figured out who they are and how to use that to win football games. With a 37-10 beat down over Kansas City on Sunday the Jets extended their winning streak and pushed their record to 8-5, which would be good enough for a Wild Card berth if the playoffs began tomorrow. Considering they seemed done and destined to go 8-8 three weeks ago, the Jets have certainly showed they can still win.

How have they done that? By getting away from the notion that their offense is something to be reckoned with. Although The Jets put up 37 points in yesterdays win they managed only 314 yards. However the defense dominated the Chiefs (not too hard since the quarterback they were facing hasn’t played a good game since he was tossing footballs against Rutgers but still) holding them to only 221 total yards. Throughout the game it never really looked like the Chiefs could ever get any momentum. They would come out, run three plays and then the Jets would be back ready to receive the punt. That’s what happens when you go two for 12 on third down. The Jets never let Palko rest sacking him five times and keeping his completion percentage low. Fifty percent is a great field goal percentage in basketball but unfortunately the NBA doesn’t begin for another two weeks. The Chiefs have been up and down for most of

A litte turbulence through the first half but the Jets are starting to fly.

the year and yesterday another AFC East team slammed them down in brutal finality.

The Jets defense did have a negative on the day losing starting safety Jim Leonhard to a knee injury for the year. Leonhard had an interception in the game and has often been credited with being a vital part of the Jets defense but it didn’t seem to affect them too much yesterday.

On the offensive side the Jets continued their epiphany that Mark Sanchez is not someone who is going to throw the offense on his back and rack up the yards and points. The Sanchize was returned to his previous position of game manager. Sanchez threw two touchdowns , a four yard pass to Santonio Holmes and a 19 yard screen pass to LaDanian Tomlinson. That’s what Sanchez needs to do, rely on the weapons he has around him. Other than the touchdown passes Sanchez had a mediocre game going 13 for 21 and 181 yards. Those stats don’t leap off the page, but they don’t have to. One weapon that went off and looks to be reclaiming the feature back role with authority was Shonn Greene. Greene basically was the offense yesterday touching the ball 27 times for 187 yards ( 129 rushing, 58 receiving) and a touchdown. Greene ran hard and the Chiefs were never able to bring him down on the first hit.

This team sounds very similar to some other Jets teams from the past. You know the ones that went to the AFC title game two years in a row? The team that went on the road and knocked off Indy and New England last year? The Jets were suffering from an identity crisis in the beginning of the year thinking they could start chucking the ball around the field and forgetting the run. That didn’t work but going back to basics looks like it is.


Think the Jets have things figured out? Are they a playoff contender again? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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Slow Starters Finish Fine

Sanchez and the Jets are lining 'em up and knockin' 'em down.

New York Jets 34 Washington Redskins 19

As the third quarter of the regular season came to a close the New York Jets got an easy road layup as they took on the terrible Washington Red Skins and pulled away in the final minutes 34-19.

In typical Jets fashion this season the defense was dominant, outside of the ‘Skins first two possessions, and waited for the offense to catch up. Behind some explosive plays from Fred Davis and rookie Roy Helu running the ball, Washington took a three point lead into the half. In the second half Rex Grossman and company had a difficult time moving the ball on the Jets defense. The nail  in the coffin came when former Buffalo Bill bust Aaron Maybin sacked Grossman forcing a fumble that led to a touchdown.

The past two weeks the Jets have rallied behind Mark Sanchez for consecutive fourth quarter comebacks. Gang Green scored three touchdowns including two from this week’s Like a Boss nominee Shonn Greene. (https://seeyouinoctober.wordpress.com/2011/12/05/like-a-boss-week-13/) The rebirth of the running game has allowed Gang Green to return to the ground and pound they were so famous for and allowed Sanchez to make higher percentage throws while still giving him the freedom to make the big plays. In Jet victories Sanchez has 16 touchdowns with only four picks and a completion percentage just below 60. The yardage and completion percentage may not put him on any leader boards, but there is more than one way to win a football game. When it counts the most is when Sanchez shines brightest with his highest QB rating coming in the fourth quarter and an 8-1 TD to INT ratio. He hasn’t made the big mistake (unless it was taking an ill-advised timeout) and is keeping the Jets afloat.

The most exciting thing about this team is probably their schedule in the fourth quarter. The defense has come around and is playing much better than their

Sick catch from Holmes. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

early season woes, but still lack a true shutdown performance outside of the week two contest with Jacksonville. The offense is completely impotent in the first three quarters, but finishes strong. Their final four games come against the Chiefs, Eagles, Giants and Dolphins. Out of those four, the .500 Giants have the best record. The way Rex and his boys are playing right now they look like a team that can defeat inferior opponents. While catching New England seems unlikely with their cupcake schedule, the wildcard is very possible.

The Jets seem to get more comfortable when their backs are against the wall and with improved play all around they may be peaking at the right time. Super Bowl aspirations may seem far fetched, but the first step towards fulfilling Rex’s annual guarantee is to make it to the dance. All the top teams in the AFC have embarrassing losses, so it is tough to pick a clear cut favorite, but the Jets certainly aren’t even in the discussion. However, I don’t think that teams will want to play them. The offensive line is much better than before and with the ground game clicking they will be able to control the clock and keep potent offenses like that of New England off the field.


Wasn’t this week’s game pretty boring? Are you feeling more confident about the Jets than before? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a message.

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Like A Boss- Week 13

The Giants and Bills both came so close but with both falling in close ones yet again the Jets and Patriots will face off for this weeks Like A Boss award. For the record if the Giants had taken down the still undefeated Packers I’m not sure how anyone could have taken the award from the G-Men. As it is the Patriots and Jets will continue their rivalry in the Like A Boss award rankings, since the Patriots have made it clear that the Jets are no longer competing for the AFC East title with them.

Here are this weeks nominations:

1. Shonn Greene- With LaDanian Tomlinson continuing to put up pathetic numbers (1 rush 5 yards) the Jets have begun to rely on Greene even more. Greene ran the ball 22 times on Sunday for 88 yards. No one else on the team had more than one rush. Well the man with the weirdest spelling of Sean I have ever seen was definitely successful running all over the Redskins when it counts, near the end zone. Greene ran for three touchdowns on the day sparking the Jets offense to a 34-19 victory.

2. Rob Gronkowski- To be honest Gronkowski put up a pretty average game for him this week. Unfortunately for the rest of the league Gronk’s average is better than most people’s superlative. Gronk continues to put together one of the best season by a tight end in recent memory and perhaps ever. Gronk caught five balls for 64 yards and caught two touchdowns. He didn’t stop there though also collecting a rushing touchdown. That puts his total at 13 for the season which is a record for a single season for tight ends. All this kid knows how to do is score points

Honorable mention- It might not be an actual nomination but Wes Welker continued his phenomenal season with an 11 catch and 110 yard performance. If he had a nose for the end zone like Gronk maybe he might have grabbed the nom. I have a feeling Welker will be asking Tom Brady to get it to him more in the red zone as we all know how coveted the LAB award is.

And the award goes to…

Rob Gronkowski!!!! He piles up the points and piles up the imaginary hardware as well. In a week in which Shonn Greene scored three touchdowns Gronkowski still stood out more by matcheing him in total touchdowns and in doing so setting an NFL record. Gronk also showed that he isn’t impressed by rushing touchdowns racking one up himself. At some point we may have to just change this awards name to the Like A Gronk award.

Who do you think played Like A Boss this week? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.


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Mid-Season Report: New York Jets

Sanchez doing what he does best (other than turn the ball over) hand the ball off.

New York Jets (5-3)

For weeks the Jets have been claiming they were not panicking. Even after dropping to three in a row and falling to 2-3 and behind not only the Patriots but the Bills as well. Nope no panic. We are still a Super Bowl contender. People laughed. Obituaries for the season were written and  it was looking like Rex Ryans Super Bowl prediction would blow up in his face early this year.

However as the Jets reach the halfway mark of the season they have got to be the happiest 5-3 team in the league. After systematically destroying Buffalo 27-11 on Sunday the Jets are now at 5-3, tied at least by record with the New England Patriots. What a coincidence as the Jets will welcome, or at least pretend to, the Patriots this Sunday night to Metlife Stadium. A win in that game puts the Jets on a fast track towards a playoff berth and a possible AFC East title. Not too bad for a team that was dead to rights just a few weeks back.

The Jets have crawled back to contention by getting back to what has made them successful in the past, which is of course the defense. Aftr giving up 30 plus points during their three game losing streak the Jets have clamped down and allowed scores of 6, 21 and 11. The 21 points came against the Chargers (who despite their recent troubles have been one of the best offenses in the league). The 11 against the Bills is actually a lot more than it seemed watching the game. The Bills got a garbage touchdown at the end of the game when the Jets

Starting 2-3? All part of the plan.

had pretty much packed it in and begun deciding on what ways to trash the Patriots in the coming week. The pass defense has been solid (7th in the league) but not just because of Darelle Revis. Revis has been good this year but somewhat overhyped. He only allowed Bills receiver Stevie Johnson to catch three balls last week, but got burned on a 52 yard reception. He gave up 109 yards to Brandon Marshall when the Dolphin put in one of the contractors of the Marlins new stadium, I mean Matt Moore in to play quarterback. Revis also got torched by Wes Welker in the Jets previous match up with the Patriots, for 134 yards. But this is a digression as obviously the pass defense is doing something right.

A return to the running game on offense is something that many fans and pundits called for from the Jets and they were right. In the Jets current three game win streak the Jets have amassed 392 yards, and had 100 rushing yards as a team in each game. Something they did only twice in their previous five games. (And even then it was just scraping into triple digits with totals of 100 and 101). And the Jets definitely need an effective running game with the quarterback they have.

Alas it seems the Sanchize is not taking that next step that most great quarterbacks make in their third or fourth year. Sanchez continues to be a turnover or two a game player, and even in his best games has been little more than an effective game manager. His numbers are fine (1775 yards, 13 TDs and 7 INTs) but his completion percentage is far too low (57.5) for him to even be considered in the echelon of good quarterback let alone elite. Serviceable is probably the best word to describe him.

Sanchez’s struggles are not out of lack of talent in who he is throwing to. Plaxico Burress has really stepped uo and given the Jets a real shot in the arm.(Couldn’t resist). He has consistently made impressive catches, in big moments and in the red zone but has been very hit or miss going from games where he pulls down a number of key receptions (like against Buffalo) to games where he barely gets involved (like his one reception performance against Miami). Dustin Keller continues to be Sanchez’s safety blanket as he leads the team in receptions (29) and it doesn’t hurt to have Santonio Holmes who has been less spectacular but like Sanchez has been serviceable.

That really is what describes the Jets offense; serviceable. It can score points and keep you in games but it’s never going to win them on it’s own. When the defense stumbled in the beginning of the season that was exposed but now that the defense is picking up the slack the offense can go back to doing enough to win while the defense actually does the winning.

The Jets next four games are at home against New England (this is great for the Jets as they are 4-0 at home), at Denver (Tebow may be 2-1 as a starter this season but somehow I don’t see the Jets crumbling against him), versus Buffalo (we already saw what they did to them away from New Jersey) and finally on the road against a Redskins team that isn’t good, they just overachieved the first few weeks. The Patriots game is the only one that really poses much of a threat to the Jets, if how they’ve played recently is an indication of how they’ll play the rest of the season. The Jets very well may ride into the last quarter of the season with eight or nine wins. Just like Rex drew it up.


Are the Jets the favorite to win the AFC East now? Which team is the real Jets? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter (@seeuinoctober).

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Oh No Buffalo!

Hoorah! Sione Pouha helped keep the Bills offense in check. (AP Photo/Gary Wiepert)

New York Jets 27 Buffalo Bills 11

The Buffalo Bills went into Sunday’s game tied with the Patriots at 5-2 atop the AFC looking to get another win against a divisional rival as the welcomed the Jets to the “Whiteout” at Ralph Wilson Stadium, but fell flat losing at home for the first time this season.

The Bills have been winning this season by despite a lack of talent at skill positions and a mediocre defense that lives and dies on turnovers. The key for this team has been ball security insuring that their offense gets as many chances to score while keeping opponents off the field and they couldn’t get it done against the Jets. Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie were hard at work making Ryan Fitzpatrick’s day difficult. None of the plays Chan Gailey and company drew up could create any separation or rhythm for this offense. Fred Jackson only caught three passes and produced 82 yards on 18 carries and coughed up the football for the first time this season. Their play on the field was not reflective of their 5-2 record. Despite all the struggles, Buffalo came out for the second half only down a field goal.

For the Jets, their defense came to play, but their offense hurt itself. This should have been a comfortable wire to wire victory, but penalties and a red zone

After a slow first half the Jet offense was high flying. (AP Photo/Derek Gee)

interception from Sanchez in the first half prevented Gang Green from scoring. When they came out in the second half they were ready to play. Now it was the Bills turn to make mistakes including a pass interference penalty leading to a Santonio Holmes score. Mark Sanchez one of his best games of the season going 20/28 for 230 yards with a touchdown and a pick. The ground game was working for the Jets as they picked up 126 yards led by Shonn Greene, who picked up 76 yards on the day. LaDanian Tomlinson added a short touchdown as part of the 17 point third quarter for Gang Green. In the fourth quarter John Conner (Not the guy from Terminator) ran in a score that effectively ended the Bills slim hopes for a miracle comeback.

If the Bills had won, the AFC East would have been easy to figure out. The Jets would have been two games back and with the Pats losing to the Giants, the Bills had sole possession of first place in their grasp. Furthermore, Buffalo would have held the tiebreaker over both teams. Instead we have a three way tie of teams at 5-3. For the Bills this loss comes at a tough point in their schedule as they begin a three game road trip next week against the Cowboys before heading to South Beach. The schedule for the Jets isn’t any easier. Next week they host a Patriots team that lost consecutive games and will be looking for a bounce back game before a trip to Denver for a Sunday night match up with Tim Tebow and the Broncos.

Buffalo has a chance for revenge when they travel to the Meadowlands at the end of the month for a rematch with the Jets, who are right in the playoff hunt after a disappointing start.


Buffalo fans how worried are you after this loss to a divisional rival? Gang Green is this the turning point? Let us know what you think via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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The Big Talker Takes Down the Underacheiver

Redemption: Plaxico Breaks Out in a Big Way (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

New York Jets 27 San Diego Chargers 21

Through the media, the two coaches provided entertaining banter leading up to this week seven match up of AFC playoff hopefuls, and they delivered an entertaining game. The result was the second straight victory for Rex Ryan and his gang of bullies.

This was the game Jets fans have been waiting for as Shonn Greene finally broke loose for 112 yards on 20 carries and helped Gang Green win the time of possession battle by more than five minutes. After the first half things looked bleak. The Jets were down 21-10 after having committed two turnovers, including one fumble/interception that was run back for a touchdown and a red zone interception thrown by Mark Sanchez. The Chargers even had the momentum as Mike Tolbert punched in a one yard touchdown with a minute left in the half. In fact the most impressive play from the Jets was a nicely thrown ball from Sanchez to Santonio Holmes, who laid out to make a great catch for what would have been a touchdown. The play was called back because of a holding penalty on center Nick Mangold, but it was good for six style points and a probable top 10 on Sports Center.

The team that came out in the second half was the team that all the prognosticators, including this one, expected to see all year. They moved the ball effectively

Ground and Pound (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

with on the ground and when they got in the red zone Sanchez had only one target: Plaxico Burress. The 6’5″ wide out hauled in three touchdown passes all under 5 yards. The Chargers got outscored 17-0 in the second half as the Jets defense tightened up and picked up two key turnovers. Darelle Revis picked off a tipped ball that Mike Francesa thinks was the most flagrant pass interference committed this season. Rivers’ second INT came as the Bolts were driving looking for an answer score down only by a field goal. Looking for Vincent Jackson, Rivers found Kyle Wilson, who undercut the route.

Mistakes hurt the Chargers in this game as they committed 13 penalties for 95 yards. They allowed the Jets to extend drives giving up four first downs on penalties and Quentin Jammer was flagged for pass interference, but to be fair even Francesa didn’t think that was a penalty and will devote half of his 1o hour show tomorrow to the topic, as the Jets drove for their final score.

This was a big victory for the Jets over one of the AFC’s perennial contenders as they continue to get on track after their three game skid. Going into the bye week they have to feel good about the output of the ground game and the lock down defense of the second half. With that formula they can win a lot of games. After the bye they have two divisional tests with the Bills and Pats in consecutive weeks. If the Jets want to win the AFC East or even see the postseason they are going to have to earn it.


Do you have renewed faith in Rex and his guarantees? Let us know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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Revenge in Foxborough. Letdown in Gotham.

Wes Welker vacationing on Revis Island.

Over the river and through the woods to Belichicks house we go. This week the Gang Green from the Big Apple traveled from the metropolis of New York (Okay East Rutherford but close enough), up into the wilderness of Northeast Massachusetts, along 95 to Gillette Stadium for another installment of what has become one of the more heated rivalries in football of late.

It had been a long time coming but the Patriots were able to get some semblance of pay back for the loss in the AFC Divisional round to the hated Jets last season. The Patriots won in somewhat convincing fashion by a score of 30-21, the fifth time they have scored 30 points this season making them the only team to do so in each of the first five weeks.

The Patriots made the adjustments to the game plan that lost them the game last time the Jets walked into Gillette while the Jets looked as if they thought putting together the same offense and defense of a year ago would suffice.

Last year the Patriots struggled on offensive against the Jets for a number of reasons. They went with far too many empty backfield, shotgun sets and dared the Jets talented secondary to stop them, which they did. The Patriots were without Aaron Hernandez last season which took away a valuable deep threat that allowed the Jets defense to blitz hard and cover underneath without fear. The Patriots shied away from the run game. In this week five matchups the Patriots reversed those errors.

The Patriots stayed committed to the run game throughout the day leading to BenJarvus Green-Ellis to run for a career high 136 yards and punch in two scores. Every time the Law Firm touched the ball it seemed that he would pick up eight or so yards leaving the Jets defense reeling. The Patriots also lined Brady up under center more, which along with an effective run game opened up passing lanes leading Brady to put together a fine game completing 24 of 33 passes for 321 yards and a score. The “interception” he threw occurred on the last play of the first half in which Brady hit Aaron Hernandez in the hands in the end zone only to watch it pop into the air and into the arms of Antonio Cromartie.

Defenders probably have an easier time pronouncing BJGE name than tackling him.

All week the one issue of intrigue was how Darelle Revis was going to cover Wes Welker and shut him down. Well I must have missed that during the game as Welker caught five balls for 124 yards including scorching the Island on a 73 yard pass play on a seam route. We all know that the seam route is the most difficult to read. First the receiver starts running straight and well that’s it.

The Patriots defense which has been the glaringly obvious fault with the team managed to finally play a good game. Although doing so against a Jets offense that has barely figured out how to snap the ball isn’t super impressive they still heled the Jets to only 255 totals yards and managed to force eight three and outs.

The Jets did manage to get moving back in the direction of what has made them successful as they had a great deal of efficiency in the ground game especially from Shonn Green who ran for a season high 83 yards. Mark Sanchez managed to go an entire game without turning the ball over which is a small victory in itself, although I don’t believe Rex Ryan believes in moral victories, just imaginary ones like the three Super Bowls they’ve won.

The Jets defense despite getting scorched on the ground and not doing enough to stop the Patriots through the air did manage to throw some good coverage and blitzing schemes at Brady and did a good job keeping the pressure on him bringing No. 12 down for sacks 4 times.

The Jets also looked much better on special teams especially in the return game where they seem to have found a replacement for Leon Washington in the form of Joe McKnight who averaged almost 40 yards a return including an 88 yarder that set up a Jets touchdown.

It’s difficult to win on the road especially when that road leads to Foxborough but the Jets generally never really looked like they were in this game. The Patriots controlled it from start to finish with a balanced offensive attack and an effective defense. The Patriots learned from their mistakes last time they played the Jets and made the changes they needed while the Jets seemed to be stuck playing the same game they won last season.

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First Quarter Recap- New York Jets

New York Jets (2-2)

What the tuck? That's a fumble! (Larry French/Getty Images)

Ravens-34 Jets-17

I’ve got Jets stock! Very good price! Whose buying on the Jets? Bought a big share and it is priced to sell! While last night’s game was a purely defensive spectacle, at least the Ravens scored one offensive touchdown. The Baltimore defense forced four turnovers resulting in 24 points and that alone was enough to defeat Gang Green. Last night the center-quarterback exchange is always something you have to hold your breath for with probowl center Nick Mangold being out with an ankle injury. Offensive line play is something that teams have to build over time and every team in the league would love to have the Jets’ offensive line with Mangold. Without it, the Eagles would still take it, but not many other teams. The running game is still non-existent and I don’t think we can blame the play callers when they aren’t getting any push on the line.

Last night, despite the loss, was a good night of the defense. Holding the Ravens to 267 yards and forcing three turnovers it was a bounce back performance. Joe Flacco looked flustered and the running game was largely stifled. It was a historically bad performance for offensive production, but I will give credit to the defense rather than blame the offense for the Ravens and for the Jets, outside of the center position, were out muscled by Baltimore. Last year’s bullies, who lived on ground and pound, look like the kid who still picks his nose in the third grade the way they’ve gotten pushed around the last two weeks.

Right now I’m penciling the Jets in at a 6 on the panic meter. This early in the season it would be an overreaction to put them any higher, but there are serious

Revis isn't panicking. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

concerns here on both lines. They are feeling confident that Mangold may be able to go next week as they square off with the New England Patriots, but even with Mangold for the first two weeks, the running game isn’t there. I have to put this primarily on the players who aren’t giving Sanchez the protection to make the big plays and aren’t making holes for Shonn Greene. Defensively they are in the bottom five in the league against the run including giving up a league worst 6 touchdowns on the ground. The secondary, featuring the oasis that is Revis Island, has shut down the passing attack giving up the second fewest yards and fewest touchdowns through the air.

How They’ll Do in the Second Quarter

These next four weeks will be a true test of the Jets’ spirit as a team. Next week they travel to New England to take on the Patriots in a heated divisional rivalry game. The following weeks they play at home against the Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers before their bye week. The game with the Fish has potential to be a trap game and the chargers have looked good all four weeks including their loss to the Pats. After this stretch if I have any Jets stock left I may have to sell it as they go into week nine potentially with a losing record of 3-4.


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