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Crash Landings and Tebow Chants

Back to earth for Jets (steelers.com)

TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!And since the Jets love to spell;  T – E – B – O – W  TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW!

That didn’t take long did it? Perhaps the fervor hasn’t reached a point where billboards are going up in NYC urging Rex Ryan to start Mr. Tebow but after a ghastly performance from Mark Sanchez, and really the entire Jets team you can already feel the Tebow fans arising from their slumber ready to bring a hale of boos and Tebow chants down on MetLife Stadium.

Why you ask? Didn’t Mark Sanchez play phenomenally in week one? Wasn’t that proof that this was the year he would finally make that next step? Well sure if he hadn’t dropped out a 10-for-27, 138-yard effort against the Steelers in a 27-10 loss last weekend. Before anyone comes running to Sanchez’s defense with the excuse of it was in Pittsburgh or the Steelers are a great team. Yes it was in Pittsburgh but James Harrison wasn’t playing and even against a good team shouldn’t you be able to complete at least, I don’t know, 40 PERCENT OF YOUR PASSES?!

Well not the Sanchize. It’s back to the bottom of the barrel yet again. Obviously he’s not in the Rodgers/Brady conversation but he should at least be getting into Flacco/Ryan territory by now and neither Flacs or Matty Ice put up those kind of numbers against anyone.

Meanwhile Sanchez’s arch-nemesis (the one that isn’t called consistent quarterback play) Tim Tebow played in something like three

Most important 22 yards rushing all day. (newyorkjets.com)

snaps and finished with one rush for 22 yards. I don’t think Tebow is the answer. I don’t think the Jets are any betetr if Tebow starts but if Sanchez continues to have absolute duds like he did last week the calls for the Jesus of football are going to start to get louder and louder.

Sanchez deteriorating robbed Jets fans of getting to see the ascension of Stephen Hill, who could be the team’s next Keyshawn Johnson. The Georgia Tech alum (that’s right the same Georiga Tech as one Calvin Johnson) was targeted only twice and had zero catches while Santonio Holmes had 11 target (three catches, 28 yards, TD) and the immortal Jeremy Kerly had four targets and a pair of catches.  It’s like the Jets are allergic to offensive stars. When was the last time they really had one. It’s got to be Curtis Martin or Keyshawn right? Since C-Mart retired this squad has just been a conundrum inside of an enigma marinated in question marks offensively speaking. Hill could be the stand out guy they need but if Sanchez (or Tebow) is throwing to him he might not get the chance to show that.

The Shonn Greene as a feature back era is slowly losing ground as well. Greene has the perfect name to be  star for the Jets but put up only 23 yards on 11 carries in the loss to Pittsburgh. Greene had a 1,000-yard season last year but just barely (1,054 yards) and really how impressive is just getting to the 1,000-yard mark anymore? Greene will again have solid  numbers this season if only because he gets all the carries.

Missing Darrelle Revis certainly hurt the Jets on offense against Pittsburgh. Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace, one of which would have been covered by Revis Island, both got open far too often in the game, especially deep. Brown finished with seven catches for 79 yards and Wallace had five receptions for 74 yards and a touchdown.

Garrett McIntyre had a (surprisingly) nice game against Pittsburgh with two sacks, the first of his career, of Big Ben. McIntyre was just one of a number of guys in the front seven that played well as the Jets swarmed especially against the run limiting the Steelers to just 66 yards on 28 carries. That’s just 2.4-yards-per-carry. It’s like they were going against Shonn Greene.

Revis is still in doubt for Sunday’s game against Miami but come on the Dolphins are awful and if the rest of the secondary can’t stop Ryan Tannehill it might not matter when or if Revis Island comes back.

Sanchez will get the start this week and Rex Ryan has been understandably mute on how much usage Tim Tebow will get and has downright denied that he will start. Sanchez will get some breathing room this week though thanks to a bad Dolphins squad but after that the schedule toughens up over the next four weeks (vs. SF, vs. HOU, vs. IND, @NE) and those Tebow chants could get louder with it.


Should the JEts consider using Tebow more often? Is Sanchez as good as week one or as bad as week two? Somewhere in between? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.

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The First Like A Boss Award of 2012

One of our most popular features has finally returned as week one of the NFL season wrapped up last night. Each week we select a player or players from the Giants, Jets, Bills and Patriots who were the most boss-like men on the field. This award recognizes the man who went out on Sunday and took charge of the game like a boss. This week the Giants and Bills were received a solid beat down, but the Jets and Pats looked to be in mid-season form.

Here are this week’s nominees for the prestigious LAB.

1- Jeremy Kerley: In the off-season it was Antonio Cromarti who came out and boasted that he was the second best receiver on this Jets roster and many wondered if he was right. You know who didn’t even consider it to be true? Jeremy Kerley, who went out on Sunday and had a monster first half. Kerley nabbed all six passes that came his way including an arrant throw from Sanchez and a touchdown. However, four catches and one TD does not make a man a boss. Oh he took a Brian Moorman punt to the house? Yup that’s how a boss handles his business.

2- Stephen Hill: What? Another Jets receiver not named Santonio or Cromarti? To be fair Cromarti did have a receiving touchdown, but it was thrown by Ryan Fitzpatrick. The 6’4″ 215 lbs. receiver out of Georgia Tech made an impact fitting of his stature in his first NFL game. Hill led Gang Green with five catches, 89 yards and, most importantly, two scores. He looked like those kids who started shaving in sixth grade, but are still on the same field as the kids who still haven’t even hit a growth spurt. He treated the middle of the field like his office and the Bills secondary were interns fetching him coffee.

3- Stevan Ridley: That can’t be right. The Patriots don’t have a running game. Or do they? Last year New England found themselves in entirely too many close games for a team that averaged 32 points per game, but with Ridley’s 125 clock-eating yards, this year could be different. The second year man averaged six yards a carry and punched in touchdown that almost made fans forget about Gronk’s misfired spike. Almost. Ridley commanded the ground game in a way Pats fans haven’t seen since Curtis Martin left for the Jets and many wondered if they would ever see again.

4- Chandler Jones: It is rare to see a rookie step onto the field and make an immediate impact the way Chandler Jones did on Sunday. His numbers weren’t spectacular. It was sure to be the first of many days with five tackles and one bone crushing sack, but that’s what makes it so important. It was the first. With a defense as bad as the Patriots was last season it was important for their draft picks to come in and make an immediate impact and it was palpable on Sunday. Along with Dont’a Hightower, Jones went out to show that this defense can take charge of a game.

And the award goes to…

Jeremy Kerely!!! The Jets receiver got Gang Green on the board in the first quarter and after Stephen Hill put them up by two scores, Kerley went for the jugular and scored on a second quarter punt return. He turned all the plays he was involved in into positive yards and points and in the second half he told the team, “You guys can take it from here.” Just like a boss he gets things started then delegates the work to his subordinates.


Think we got it wrong? Let us know via our twitter (@seeuinoctober) or leave us a comment.

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NFL Draft Grades: New York Jets

Stephen Hill got drafted by the Jets. What is he so excited about? (Frank Franklin II/AP)

The Jets really couldn’t have drafted anybody that would have caused more uproar in the Big Apple than the trade for Tim Tebow outside of trading the entire franchise for the second overall pick and taking RG3.  Still the Jets brought in new blood in a variety of positions to help take a team that seems a few steps back from title contention closer to that point.

Editor’s Note: I am an unapologetic New England Patriots fan and have no love for the Jets but I will try to be as unbiased as I can be about these picks. Can’t promise there won’t be any jabs but I’ll try to keep them more Cotto than Mayweather.

First Round- Pick No. 16- Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina

Well it wouldn’t be the Jets if they weren’t adding someone to their team that had some issues on and off the field and with their first pick they certainly did that. Honestly when I saw that the Jets had drafted Coples I laughed. This draft had a ton of talent, especially on the defensive side of the ball and the Jets took the one with more red flags than a meeting of the Communist Party.

During his time at North Carolina Coples was a bit of a off-field distraction last season and even on the field had times where he looked like he was taking plays off causing his senior year to be nowhere near where it was projected. So a team that imploded last year because of locker room dissension is adding another guy that has quit on his team before? Not a great sign.

What is a good sign is Coples skill. He clearly has what it takes to be a dominant NFL defensive end with a great wingspan, good size and a great burst. If he buys in to the Jets scheme and be kept motivated he’ll end up being a great pick.

Grade: B. This grade would be much higher if not for the whole Haynesworth-ian feel he gives me.

Round Two- Pick No. 11- Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech

It wasn’t just the Patriots who traded up in this draft, although doing so in the second round isn’t something that will grab headlines as much. The Jets addressed their desperate need to get weapons for the passing game with this pick. With Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress the Jets had solid receivers but like most of the team guys became guys that battled in the locker room and caused so many of the problems that infected the Jets locker room, especially Holmes.

Hill was not the first receiver I thought the Jets would take but he is a pretty solid pick. He played in a system in college in which there was not a whole lot of passing but still managed some impressive receiving numbers. He is blazing fast (4.36 40-yard dash) and a heapload of size (6’4) and athleticism to be a deep threat.  Jets fans have to be hoping for him to fall in like another Yellow Jacket receiver that now goes by the name of a character from Transformers.

Grade: A. One of the better receivers not named Blackmon in the draft for a team that desperately needs passing weapons.

Round Three- Pick No. 14- Demario Davis, OLB, Arkansas State

Red Flags. Red Flags Everywhere. Will Coples warrant a first-round selection? (Mel Evans/AP)

Who says everyone that’s drafted has to be from a BCS powerhouse? Obviously this pick is based on the skills Davis has not on the competition he played against. No offense Sun Belt Conference enthusiasts but the SB is certainly not the SEC. Still Davis is a solid linebacker who fits in better at the 4-3but can definitely fit in the Jets 3-4 scheme rushing off the edge as he has a lot of speed and athleticism.  His speed will also make him valuable in pass defense as he may be able to keep up with good receiving tight ends. Hmm I wonder what team that might be directed towards?

Grade: C+/B-. I like this guy on paper but as the saying goes winning on paper is different than winning on the field.

Round Six- Pick No. 17- Josh Bush, FS, Wake Forest

The Tebow trade made the Jets give up picks in the middle rounds meaning the Jets were forced to look for value later in the draft than usual. They did compile picks (five) in the last two rounds and will hope some of those picks can  turn into something more.

I don’t think Bush is one of those guys. He has versatility (switched from cornerback to safety last year) and plays the ball well but he just doesn’t do anything especially well. I see his ceiling as a solid backup safety that can make some plays on special teams as well.

Grade: C+. Definite value pick, will contribute but never be more than a decent player.

Round Six- Pick No. 32- Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor

Really liked this pick, as much as I hate giving the Jets credit.  New York needs better running with LT gone and Shonn Green never turning into the every down back they thought he would. Ganaway played in the high-powered offense that propelled RG# to the Heisman and scored 21 touchdowns while rushing for over 1,500 yards last season. Also anyone that watched the Alamo Bowl against Washington knows how explosive he can be as he ran for 200 yards and scored 5 touchdowns overshadowing his Heisman Trophy winning teammate.

Grade: A. Getting a guy with Ganaway’s explosive upside here is a great deal.

Round Six- Pick No. 33- Robert T. Griffin, OG, Baylor

Wasn’t much of a wait for that next pick huh?Who better to bring in to improve a weakened offensive line that a guy that blocked for a Heisman Trophy winner and for the running back you just took? Griffin was a Second-Team All-Big 12 selection during 2011 and is a pretty nice blocker. Good value this late in the draft.

Grade: B.

Round Seven- Pick No. 242- Antonio Allen, SS, South Carolina

At this late in the draft if Allen can come in and contribute on special teams it’s a good pick. He played a safety/linebacker mashup in college so that is something the Jets will love as they continue to try to figure out ways to stop the Patriots explosive tight ends. Good blitzer which also fits with the Jets defensive strategy.

Grade: B+

Round Seven- Pick No. 244- Jordan White, WR, Western Michigan

I’m sure White is a nice kid but I don’t see much of a future for him. Getting taken this late in the draft, out of a small school even on a team that needs receiving depth I still just don’t see him making an impact on the offense in the next few years or really ever. (Be sure to remember this and rub my face in my error if I’m wrong).

Grade: C.


How did the Jets draft? Concerns about Coples? Excited for Hill? Let us know on Twitter (@seeuinoctober) or in the comments.





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